1playfulgal 39F
7112 posts
5/7/2005 4:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


In my recent post about breast size someone commented that they didn't like the large nipples...fair enough my nipples aren't everyone's cup of tea...I do have rather large nipples they are about the same size around as my little finger...

Do you like large nipples or small?

Mike1667 55M
3 posts
5/7/2005 5:22 pm

Beautiful nipples as far as im concerned!

Like em chewable!

once_bitten_64 52M
1 post
5/7/2005 5:28 pm

Personally , I like big nipples , I love the feel of them in my mouth and the feel between my fingers.

deepdiver1949 67M
1 post
5/7/2005 5:49 pm

i do love big nipples they are great to suck on and you can nibble on them so fine

LQQKin4one4 61M
17 posts
5/7/2005 5:56 pm

Look very yummyyyyy to me, but might need to put my mouth on them and check em out!! Long and hard is good too!! Whooohooo !!!

pussyeaterxxx2 36M
25 posts
5/7/2005 5:56 pm

I personaly love larger nipples even if they are on smaller breast there's more to play with and easier to locate when you can't exactly redwgdsf they are if you know what i mean

wetabetta 55M

5/7/2005 6:22 pm

I personally like big nipples, I find they extraordinary and delightful to play with and I like to watch the womans expression of excitement.

I like the look of yours ...Yummmm!

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
1140 posts
5/7/2005 6:23 pm

I like all nipples!! They are all suckable and frankly I have never met a breast I didn't like period!!! LOL!!!!


kiwibloke2005 62M

5/7/2005 6:32 pm

Love large nipples, you can roll them around with your tongue while sucking, also great to get them standing all erect.....luv your piercing...

rm_intense1 44M
19 posts
5/7/2005 6:46 pm

oh who doesn;t like em large! I think its sexy as can be. the only thing sexier is a large clit!! maybe its just me, i'm obsessed with female bodies! Your tits look great to me! Thanks for sharing< i'd love to see more!

need_4more2 44M

5/7/2005 6:51 pm

nothing wrong with ur nipples, girl! They look like they'd be fun to play with! I just like nipples - the more the merrier!

lookingfors78 42M
1 post
5/7/2005 6:56 pm

i love to suck on large nipples

rm_jumper2939 73M
1 post
5/7/2005 6:58 pm

Normally, I like small nipples. Judging from the photo of your tit, you nipples look like they would deserve alot of attention. Very nice.

rm_Makeupur 56M

5/7/2005 7:13 pm

I don't know about large or small, but yours are just right!

mygmyg 59M

5/7/2005 7:23 pm

Love large nipples, they are so alluring, pressing through a shirt. Very erotic!!

As far as size goes...nipples are like dessert, there are very few that I would not like the second serving of!!!

whoknewyoutoo 52M

5/7/2005 7:37 pm

I love your nipples. All the better if they are responsive when aroused...

rm_seamus679 50M

5/7/2005 8:35 pm

well let me nibble on them a while and I'll give you my personal opinion....

loverman939 44M
5 posts
5/9/2005 1:37 pm

Who in their right mind WOULDN'T love big, suckable nipples like yours?? I guess they wouldn't be in a "Right" state of mind if they didn't. I love sucking on them and twisting them with my fingers. Yours look VERY suckable, so don't sweat it.

PerthPete 50M
124 posts
5/10/2005 4:47 am

Yum, yum, yum, large excitable nipples for me please. Huge turn on to see nipples excited and erect, and to suck on them, so be proud of them and enjoy the attention you and they will receive because you have them.

rm_pgthkck4u 47M
115 posts
5/11/2005 2:11 pm

I see nothing wrong with those nipples

I like them big or small.

rm_jcwhitingjr 46M

7/13/2005 1:11 pm

My favorites are the ones that when they get hard, you really notice them through a shirt. I don't know what it is, but I find it very hot to see a woman with nice nipples poking up in the fabric for everyone to see.

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/21/2005 6:14 pm


that describes my nipples to a T...I go braless nearly all the time and you just can't keep those suckers down...

wanakissuallover 57M
411 posts
7/25/2005 5:19 am

Slobber, Drool - desperately searching for a towel to wipe my face with (see my post in response to the aforementioned breast size blog of yours). Need i say Large, just like yours?

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/26/2005 11:33 am


why thankyou...i quite like them myself...

bowbone 42M

8/23/2005 10:08 am

Large are great!
Nipples are an erogenic zone so the bigger they are the bigger is that zone to pleasure the girl.
And the bigger they are the better you ca suck on them and squeeze them and nipple on them and...oh, I loose the line, lol.
I have to say that yours look just awesome, especially with that sexy chain on! ...\8

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
9/1/2005 11:27 pm


I love em to...but i guess i don't have much of a choice seeing as how they are attached...


bowbone 42M

9/5/2005 3:21 am

LOL I bet alot of girls would sell their souls to do not have that choice like you!

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
9/6/2005 11:41 pm


what a perfect day i picked to go through my old brightened an otherwise dreary day...

ciao babe

bowbone 42M

9/9/2005 1:36 pm

Awwwwww, now I'm even more happy that I posted that comment!

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
10/17/2005 11:10 pm


you my dear are one of my favourite friends here in blogland....

ah only if we lived on the same continent...


Paulhenri7 63M
5 posts
2/3/2007 5:58 am

Playful, ther is nothing hotter than a woman with no bra and big nipples just ripping out of her shirt. You have grogeous body and the sight of those nipples would make me hard on sight. Wear them with pride!

rm_miamimark39 48M

3/26/2007 7:50 pm

i love large nipps,they are more to play with and to me thats not a bad thing. i also like being told that girl is so turned on they feel like they are gonna burst.

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