my trip to europe  

1playfulgal 39F
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10/19/2005 11:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

my trip to europe

I was there 12 years ago but it still seems like yesterday...It was a highschool band trip...there was 45 of us and we were over there for 3 weeks...

The best trip of my life...

My favourite place that i went by far was was so different from anything that i had ever experienced...

Gazing upon the bridge of sighs for the first time after having read so much about it...left tears in my beautiful...yet such a history...

We stayed in a little town not too far away...we got to experience the rich italian was an experience of a life time...I would love to go back there someday and see it all over again with more mature and experienced eyes...

Do you have a favourite trip you care to share?

rm_antoine1one 38M
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10/20/2005 12:04 am

i had a very nice experience in portugal.
i was hitch hiking up to the north of porto.and it was a very hot summer (scorching).i dident speak very good portugees,at least they
understud where i wanted to about midday i got picked up by
an english speaking man who told me about a nude beach not to far
away.sins it was so hot i desided to go.

i was lying on the beach when i see a shadow through my sun
glases.when i took them off i was looking up at a very hot about
23/24 year old girl.she sat down beside me ,i dident understand
mutch but i did understand that she was interested in me and
she was giving off very horny body movements.well to make a long
story short ,she took me by the hand and took me behined a cliff
of some sort where in the back there was some buttiful white sand.
she was topless so all she had to do was slip her bikini bottom the time her bikini got to her feet my cock was rock hard.
it dident take her to long to get it in her hands and give it a
cuple strokes.she was nicely suprised by my size (about8.5 to 9inch).i couldent beleave this was happening to me but i went
right on rubbing her we got in the sand fucked for about
40min and went back to the beach.

we ended up giving it to each other for a week strait in her
familly home.(the perents dident seem to mind).after a week i
left to go to spain,but that was by far the bigest rush of sex
that i had in the hole trip.

i am now 27 and have bin in montreal for 3 years now.might
be time to go back to europe soon.

handleif any femmals are interested in feeling the heat
that she felt you can e-mail me at AdultFriendFinder
i promis you will cum.

rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/20/2005 1:34 am

playfulgal I visited Venice many, many years ago (in fact, rather depressingly, before you were born). I remember it even now.

My favourite trip is usually my next one, but looking back I guess one of my favourites was a weekend in Paris with my girlfriend at the time. We went across for a long weekend, it rained the whole time we were there but it really didn't matter. We were happy to wander around in the rain, dropping into cafe's now and then to dry out a bit. It is a beautiful city, even in the rain. It was probably the most romantic weekend we spent together.

AlbertPrince 57M

10/20/2005 5:14 am

I got so excited when I read the title of this post. I thought you were coming to visit me

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rm_willie8one2 70M
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10/20/2005 7:01 am

I have many favorite trips as my job required me to travel around the world, I know it’s a tough thing but someone has to do it, but I think among my favorites is the ones to Australia. Been to Sidney, nice big city, Melbourne, also a nice big city, Brisbane, great place, the Gold Coast, you find out fast about that name as you need gold, The Great Barrier Reef, nice beaches and many clothing optional and then there’s Perth and near by Swanbourne beach, Wow, you don’t need clothing on there and the things to look at are fine.

I have also visited the UK (Scotland and England), France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Portugal in Europe. Also been to New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Canada and I can say I had a great time in all of them and met many good people over the 20 years I traveled until we went to video teleconferencing for visits to our plants for projects and problems they had. I almost forgot the USA and have had many company paid trips along with my own travels to all but Idaho, North Dakota, Maine, Alaska and Arizona of the states, so much to see and life is so short. With all the travel it is hard to pick out a favorite as each place I went I always found interesting places and people and I always like to see the customs of the locals and all the interesting things out there. Many of the people in my company that traveled as I did would just sit in the hotel or the bar and complain about nothing to do. I would find things to do and then enjoy. I remember one time 4 of us were in Paris for 3 days on our own. I took the guys out on the Paris Metro (subway) to see the sights and by the time we got to the Eifel Tower they decided to go back to the hotel. I went on to walk from the Arc de Triomphe to the Musee du Louvre and visiting many places along the way. In the evenings I went to The Crazy Horse Saloon, Folies Bergere and Moulin Rouge. I never understood why so many of the people I traveled with could only think of sitting in a bar and getting drunk or trying to find a prostitute when I found that if you just went out and enjoyed the people and were friendly with them all the free sex you wanted was out there and I never got any STD’s which is more than some of the people I traveled with can say. Of course then as now I am choosy as to who I will have sex with. I even have people in my home town tell me there is nothing to do. I tell them it’s only because they do not look for something as it is out there.

Sorry to get so long on your blog but it got me thinking about all the things and places I have visited, most I would not have experienced if it were not for my work and to think I got paid for doing this.

bowbone 42M

10/20/2005 7:50 am

I have been in Venice once too...long ago. WHY OH WHY DIDN'T WE MET???
My favorite trip for sure will be a trip to you!!!
But so far it was a trip across Wales. Beautiful rough landscape...

rm_Panurge54 65M

10/20/2005 10:04 am

I had a few precious days in Florence ... it was in March and the Lemon bushes were still sheltered in the porches of the villas. I waited for a 'bus and their scent came to me. The girl waiting at the stop seemed also to smell of citrus ... she was full ofsensuous promis and made my breath catch. It was packed inside and I held onto the rail. She leaned forward eye to eye with me and a Mona Lisa smile played about her lips. She moved an inch and her warm coat warmed my hand - and her mons veneris behind the coat warmed my hand and my heart and thrilled me to the core ... the ride was three stops only - but each movement of the 'bus and each pull on the brakes ... the ride amongs other passengers who knew nothing of this will last me a lifetime. Thanks for sharing your Venetian holiday! *Wink* Panurge54

rm_anacortes 74M
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10/20/2005 5:24 pm

I have lots of trips.. I love to travel..

Sacred lovers who like to travel.. drop me a line or hit my blog if you have a problem getting thru..


hotiowastud2 53M

10/20/2005 8:10 pm

Oh, I'd have to say the Rocky Mountains, but like you I was younger and would like to experience outdoor adult fun in a cabin, or camping. Second would have to be a little german town in Missouri call Hermann. Wine country, hills and yes I've been able to take my wife there and it's very romantic...

rm_77BlazinHot 39M

10/21/2005 9:40 pm

My favorite trip was, suprisinly, also with school. I was 16 and my german class had an exchange type program with a school in germany. (students from the German school would come to the US for a mnth or so, and later a month or so later we would go to germany). Well we got to travel for a few weeks, and well it was Germany, good beer, cheep prices, and I could by it legally. Also nudity was allowed in most public parks and beaches... though it was rare to find anyony naked that you wanted to see naked.

rm_fatechaser 41M
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10/24/2005 11:51 pm

My favorite place I have ever been was Florence. It was just a couple years ago where I met with my love on an air force base in southern Italy. Southern Italy is over populated but still an interesting and older culture. We spent a couple of days finishing up things she had to do and then we took a car and drove up to Florence with out any type of plan other then find a place to stay, explore to our hearts content, and spend a lot of time in each others arms. We found a little bed and breakfast about a half hour out side of Florence that was in itself a taste and experience of a very old country. Florence its self was a profound experience in its beauty, art and culture. I would recomend it too all.

n8musik 47M

11/14/2005 7:18 am

I lived in Berlin, germany for 2 years in the early 90's. I sopke the language and have a german name, so it was easy for me to blend in with germans. I have to say I've never missed a home more. I still dream of going back someday, but with kids and a life to support here it'll have to stay a dream for a long time to come....

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans....

abolt3006 41M

11/29/2005 11:30 am

My German Sex Vixen - A true story.

I visited Freiburg in the Black Forrest of Germany about 5 years ago. It was great and I met so many wonderful people there. At breakfast one morning a German beauty sat near me and we could not stop looking at eachother. She was so tall, sandy brown hair like me and brown eyes too. She was thin and graceful. She and I chatted and then went hiking up this mountain - we started flirting like crazy and then I kissed her. She was very into it and all the while I wanted to lose my mind from sex fantasies. I suggested we make love right there in the forrest but she said no. I was crushed and we had a long walk back to the hotel. When we got there though we had some dinner, I paid, and we flirted more. She and I went to the room and she showered - no biggie. Then I did too and what do you know we were naked AND had condoms so she was more agreeable for some frisky fun. I mounted her missionary style and had to be gentle gentle as she was very tight. She was not shaved but au natural down there which I did not dig but did not mind either since her pusssy felt so goooood. We fucked and fucked that way till I was tired of missionary push ups. We then went to doggy style, my favorite and my talent, and I drove it balls deep into her over and over again - I was so keyed up. Her ass and hips in my hand felt awesome and I commanded her like a rag doll. When I unloaded in her my knees ached and were so raw and her pussy was pretty sore but we must have fucked for an hour - I did not want it to end. Call me selfish. Then we slept and the next morning we hit it again. We stayed traveling together for about a week and we shagged about 3X a day. I don't mind saying she is one of the best I ever had. And I was exhausted near death at the end of that week. Young folk just do not have limits and push themselves to their maximum sexual limits. Ahhh good times.

Ladies, if you'd like to make our own experience then my handle is abolt3006 or email me at abolt3006 at yahoo dot com.

rm_surfababe 30F

12/4/2005 10:32 pm

Mmmmmm but did you go to any nude beaches or improve your sex education much while you were away?

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