One of my unfulfilled fantasies  

1playfulgal 39F
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4/28/2005 7:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

One of my unfulfilled fantasies

Ok i know that there are some guys out there that are gonna cringe when they read this one...

One of my major fantasies that is unfulfilled it to fuck a guy in the ass with a strapon...none of the guys i have been with would even contemplate it...or wouldn't admit to wanting to try it...

Tell me are there any men out there that would let me bend them over and fuck them in the ass?

For those who are cringing what is it that makes you feel that way?

smileguyqc 53M

4/28/2005 8:04 pm

I've had a ladys finger in there, it was interesting at first but after a while was painful. It was nice that she was getting turned on and I'll let her do that again but something bigger, heck!!!

fukmesilly79 38M

4/28/2005 8:13 pm

ummm, sorry that makes me cringe. i feel violated even thinking about it.

find456kl 55M

4/28/2005 8:25 pm

I'd do it .. you would have to be gentle, maybe give me a reach around (hand job) while your doing it.

CrazyCoolBiFem 39F
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4/28/2005 8:31 pm

Not all men feel that way~ I think maybe you can find an open mond out there~ but it will be hard to find.

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
4/28/2005 8:36 pm

I would be very gentle...and i would not let your throbbing hard cock feel neglected

Nuve 35M
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4/29/2005 12:18 am

That sounds like a lot of fun tell me if you ever do it. Because I know I'd volunteer.

rm_paar4633 59M/45F
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4/29/2005 12:52 am


SWORD3x6 57M
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4/29/2005 2:42 am

Yes! You can. I like it long and slow... and deep!

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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4/29/2005 7:35 am

Of course there are men who would be willing. I think some men fear the pain, while others I think feel a bit homophobic. I'm not gay, but I certainly enjoy anal play and I don't in any way feel that makes me gay. Besides, My wife loves my ass, who am I to deny her!!!

festus1950 66M
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4/29/2005 12:36 pm

you can bend me over anytime baby, but just remember whats good for the goose is good for the gander

daver2k2 56M
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4/29/2005 1:59 pm

u can do me anytime ur woman enough.

assfucked35 48M

5/2/2005 9:21 am you might guess by my handle, I have experienced your fantasy. I enjoy having my ass penetrated by a beautiful woman wearing a strapon. If you ever get to Cincinnati, be sure to look me up and I will gladly let you fuck my ass!

rm_seamus679 50M

5/7/2005 8:32 pm

first... long and slow, then hard and fast! Are you ready?

casualconnection 54M

5/11/2005 8:39 pm

I had a girlfriend that talked me into that a few years ago. Teased me that she was going to stop opening her backdoor, unless I opened mine....
She lost interest after she talked me into it. I found that I was actually dissappointed. Like Led Zeppelin says, "Shame for me girl,....I want to be your backdoor man!"
So no adventuress has yet taken my virgin butt!

ExurbAnodeMilch 71M
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7/1/2005 4:59 pm

Saw Erica Boyer do it to guy in a porn film before she retired

rm_funnsocal 67M
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7/6/2005 10:24 pm

I have had a few woman do me with a strapon and it can be very intence. The first time was when I was 17 by a woman who was 37, married with a husband that only wanted sex in one position and one place,
The 2nd woman was when she said she would only do anal if I let her do it to me with her strap on so I would know what it felt like.
first she gave me a couple of enemas. Then had me bend over as she
lubed me up and her strapon very slowly she entered me it hure at first but then turned to plasure.
I think ever guy that wants a woman to try anal should let the woman do them so they know what it feels like. And to teach them what not to do and what to do to give there partner plasure.
I only wish I could find more woman that like using there dildos and strapons on a guy

rm_fintomoro 55M
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7/10/2005 5:46 am

i'd find the idea really exciting, but am not sure as to which point i would let you take me, but id be willingto try I think

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/10/2005 8:38 am


So tell us did it disgust you...or is it something that you would be open to experiencing?

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/10/2005 8:40 am


I knew there were men out there that would be into it...nice to know that i have a hope of someday fulfilling my fantasy...

aftnoondlite 63
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7/11/2005 9:35 am

I think you'd be supprised how many guys would jump at the chance to get fully rimmed and then fucked...

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/21/2005 7:35 am


I'd use lots of lube and break you in with small insertions'd love it...

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/21/2005 7:37 am


that surprises me that you would say that...i take it you are one of them...most of the guys i have been with were so homophobic that they believed that if you liked anal then that made you gay...

Stupid ideas...but...what can i say...stupid people

IveGotToHaveIt 47M

8/26/2005 12:20 pm

Interesting subject. I think many guys have thought about it, but for most I think it's a door they don't want to open. I've never done it, but in the right mood, with the right woman I'd be willing to give it a try. You sound like you'd be gentle.

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
9/1/2005 11:07 pm


now that is what i like to hear...

an open mind and a willingness to experiment..

cheers babe

jack66lost 50M
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10/2/2005 1:37 pm

I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm as hetero as you can get, but it has been a fantasy of mine for a while.

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
10/17/2005 10:26 pm


now thats what i like

an open mind

and an adventurous spirit

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
10/17/2005 10:28 pm


ah well

can't excpect it to be everyone's cup of tea

kisses and hugs

bowbone 42M

10/20/2005 3:59 pm

Can't say that this is something I really have to do...but
first, I want to fuck your ass, so it just would be kinda fair...
second, you almost fulfilled all of your phantasies so I'd take any chance to be involved in making one of yours true...
third, I doubt I could deny anything you want me to do...
fourth, I know I'd get a major "reward" for this by you...
so let's have some fun!!!

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