Have you ever shaved a woman?  

1playfulgal 39F
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6/9/2005 11:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Have you ever shaved a woman?

An ex of mine loved shaving my pussy...and i must admit i loved it too...its hard for us to shave and get all the spots...and its kinda neat having the experience of someone doing it for you...plus its like a pussy massage...

Tell me have you ever shaved a women?

Women have you ever shaved your man?

rm_pgthkck4u 47M
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6/9/2005 1:38 pm

I used to shave my wifes pussy all the time. She to liked haveing someone else do it for her, as well as the nice cleaning i used to give it afterwards with my tounge .

chowbox2004 43M
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6/9/2005 2:23 pm

Yes I have playful. I love it! That way I get to make it just the way I like it, spotless! Its easy for us guys, because everything is up front and in the open, but it can be tricky for a woman to get it all on her own. The last time I shaved a woman, I rinsed her off, then gave her a long, hot tongue bath. It is so electric on freshly shaven skin, your sences are tingling.

rm_adzemann 69M

6/9/2005 3:43 pm

Yes - have shaved a few ladies. Not exactly what I expected. It was sensual, but not particularly sexual for me. She appreciated the thoroughness - manly because she couldn't reach all the spots. Afterwards, I always insist on a taste test and meet no resistance. I always eat her to completion, but seldom mounted her - saving that for "later" - during or after the party.

It was "part of the journey," not the end of the road.

patsam69 51M/51F

6/9/2005 5:11 pm

everytime my husband shaves me...I wind up bleeding! LOL...maybe we should practice more.

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6/9/2005 8:45 pm

I would be so afraid of nicking her. However if someone wants me shaven, the first offer I would make is whether she wants to do it herself.

AltumHunksUnite 53M

6/9/2005 10:01 pm

I've done that once, and also shaven my woman's legs. But I gotta tell ya, I had more fun shaving the legs. She was fine at shaving/waxing the bikini area on her own, but every now and then, I had to go down there and inspect.

Let me drive. I like the view

1playfulgal 39F
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6/10/2005 8:55 am

pgthkck4u and chowbox2004 seems to be an excellent starting point for foreplay...very sensual and exciting for me

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
6/10/2005 8:57 am

adzemann you put it perfectly...that is it exactly

patsam69 practice makes perfect...i am also getting better at shaving myself...first few times it was a nightmare...

maxvision301 53M
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6/10/2005 10:27 am

yes two weeks ago I have shaved my colleague claudia in office on the desk (with the help of my colleague Christian). Oh my god!!!!! I think that has been the most wonderful action that I have done.

redswallow777 48M
6810 posts
6/10/2005 2:51 pm

Nope....woe is me. But would love to try it....and then to check out my work with my tongue....ahhh yes. I am great at doing my mate's hair coloring....I think it is time to branch out.

crazy426 45M
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6/10/2005 6:52 pm

677 i have shaved awoman several times and found it 2 be quite erotic and arousing and it led 2 sum really great sex.

comeandgetm2 54M
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6/10/2005 7:56 pm

Shaved a colleague of mine at a conference recently! WOW!!

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
6/10/2005 11:04 pm

maxvision301 wow where can i get a job like that...sounds like fun...

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
6/10/2005 11:06 pm

comeandgetm2 if only all conferences turned out like that they would probably get a much higher turnout...

dragonladd2 56M

6/11/2005 4:40 am

check out my pic...love to keep it smooth and clean shaven,and yes i love bathing,washing and shavn the pussy i am about to eat...

3 posts
6/11/2005 4:46 am

I love a nice smoooth shaven puss! I've actually shaved several...

There's nothing I enjoy more than giving a woman a massage from head to toe, pamper her.... maybe even exfoliate her feet. Then carry her to an awaiting bath or shower to shave her sweet pussy and slowly wash her entire body. Dry her from head to toe with a soft town, wrap her in it and carry her to the bed to taste her smooth wet pussy and lick her anus... just typing this makes me wanna go shave my cock and balls in anticipation.

I just need to find another sweet pussy to shave... any takers?

rm_jayR63 59F
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6/11/2005 1:17 pm

Ihave my dog shaved in the summer. He thinks he looks good.

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
6/11/2005 7:00 pm

Cuie4U damn you have a cute ass...wish i could take you up on your offer but you live too damn far away...

gatsby59 58M
2 posts
6/11/2005 8:55 pm

Thank God yes! I was a little nervous at first; so many sweet and tender spots that I was worried I'd nick. But it turned into one of the most erotic, heated experiences....I loved it and couldn't keep my mouth away and damn did she steer my head! Became a very regular ritual, one that I look forward to now with every lover.

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
6/13/2005 1:05 pm

gatsby59 i've only had one man ever shave me but i do look forward to a similar experience with another man...

hungryone1959 57M

6/14/2005 9:41 am

I,ve done It quite a few times and It,s an incredible turn-on!!!It also makes for better oral sex as you can kiss and lick all around and it must be more sensitive for the girl!I,ve kept myself clean shaven over 16 years now because it makes me more sensitive and my lover can lick me all over-very stimulating!!!!

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
6/14/2005 12:43 pm

hungryone1959 shaved is the best not only on a woman but on a man as well...i love licking men's balls...but i will not if they are hairy...

rm_RAWMEAT46 70M
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6/26/2005 8:47 pm

Yes I have shaved my ladies pussy a number of times. Putting a warm towel over it and then applying shaving cream. As you slowly remove the hair from time to time you rub your finger up and down the lips lingering on the clit, dipping your finger right inside . This prolongs the action and has her hot and ready for my throbbing cock after I finish

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
6/27/2005 10:37 am

RAWMEAT46 that sounds like a fun and exciting experience...the man that has shaved me was not quite as creative about it...i think that he was too worried about cutting me...

rm_socalfunnn 66M
56 posts
7/11/2005 11:03 pm

my old girlfriend and i would shave each other. One winter she let it grow out. then on Valentines Day she came over she had me sit as she did a strip dance ending it with her just in her Bright Red Thong and heels. When she removed her thong I saw she had trimed her hair in the shape of a heart and dyed it Red. What a turn on.

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/23/2005 7:24 am


that is soooo adroably sweet...

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