Dream Fuck  

1playfulgal 39F
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4/28/2005 7:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Dream Fuck

If you had the chance to fuck one famous person, who would it be?

CrazyCoolBiFem 39F
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4/28/2005 8:07 pm

Angelina Jolie~ I know that she is a lot of peoples fantasy but come on~ It's Angelina Jolie! Yumm..........


rm_lkndllsgrl 37F
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4/28/2005 8:19 pm

I definatly agree with that, even though I aint in to women. But her lips. Come on!! They are beautiful, as is the rest of her. I would really like to do Brad Pitt. He is another obvious pick, but he is georgous, and he has a sexy body, and mouth as well. I am sure he is a very sensual lover, never letting any part of your body go untouched.


Synn74 42F
1206 posts
4/28/2005 9:40 pm

Kenny Chesney... he slipped past me once long ago a date was offered and I was a no show.. who knew he would be the man he is today..*sigh*

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

rm_iforza8 36M

4/28/2005 9:58 pm

hrm, tough one...probably Natalie Portman. Something about her just does it for me...maybe it's that innocent look.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
2501 posts
4/29/2005 7:43 am

Maybe I'm just stupid, But I can't imagine too many "stars" that would be good in bed. I'm sure there are some, but I think many would be more about what you can do for them and not really be into you. If there is a star out there who can prove me wrong....SHOW ME!!! Maybe some of you "bad gurl" stars could change my mind. I am open to change!

bigred4499 60M
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7/25/2005 8:28 am

Not even Close DIANE LANE Very Sexy Woman

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
7/26/2005 11:18 am


Not an obvious choice...but a good one...

bowbone 42M

8/22/2005 2:37 pm

Well, aren't you famous at least on AAF now?

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
8/22/2005 11:14 pm


hmmm...in a way i guess...you win that is the best answer...

kisses and...

bowbone 42M

8/23/2005 2:57 pm

Ooops, of course I meant choice! I couldn't think of any better one than you.
Hm, by the way...what did I win?
How about maybe an invitation to your network?

bowbone 42M

8/24/2005 1:11 pm


1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
9/1/2005 11:10 pm


Ofcourse...how could i have been so rude...

here it is babe

seeing how we are so far apart...thats all you get...


bowbone 42M

9/2/2005 11:19 am

Awww, how sweet! Thanks, Beauty.
Hm yeah, a big distance...but who knows...and I want more
especially that "and..."

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
9/6/2005 11:19 pm


I thought that you would be able to fill in that blank appropriatley...

I hope you enjoyed the pics...

muuuah (that was a kiss btw)

bowbone 42M

9/9/2005 1:47 pm

Ooooooh, I can! You can bet that I can!!!
But to be honest...abslutely 100% honest...I didn't enjoyed the pics...
And now I get a muuuah...please can anyone asure me that I'm not already dead and in heaven?
I owe you a muuuah...

1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
9/11/2005 7:41 pm


thanks for brightening an otherwise dreary day here...in the land of playful...

kisses...and hugs...for being a sweetheart

bowbone 42M

9/30/2005 2:51 pm

My pleasure, beauty! As always!
Where are ya hiding lately? I hope all is okay and you're doing fine.
Miss you - cos you're my dream fuck!
This pic's just driving me crazy!
My tongue would love to worship your godess body...
Well some other parts of me might would join on that.

bowbone 42M

10/2/2005 11:54 am


1playfulgal 39F
1828 posts
10/17/2005 10:29 pm


i misssed you to...

i'm back for a while...

thanks for the smile...


bowbone 42M

10/18/2005 7:48 am

Oh baby, is this our private blog-room now?
Our secret lil spot? lol
Hm, we could also use my (yet) unused blog.
I have missed you alot too!!! Great to see you back...even if it's just a while! Hopefully all is fine and well with you!
I know I'm repeating myself, but it's my pleasure - as always!
Making you smile is really a pleasure, tho I bet not as much as some other hot things that always come to my mind when I see that damn hot sexy pic of your super hot body!!!!!
Kisses back to you (and you can choose where you want to get them! PLZ say something like lips(all!), tummy, nipples...you get the picture? lol)

bowbone 42M

10/19/2005 8:56 am

Hey hottie, I've just seen you beeing on!!! Think this was the first time that we both have been at the same time.
How bout some IMC or do you have a private chat room? wink, wink
And do you now my e-mail?
Oh, and most important: (wherever you like em!)

bowbone 42M

10/20/2005 3:42 pm

Wooohooo, guess which hot sexy beauty looked at my profile again?
Hey, I just remember that you mentioned a while back that you think about getting a tattoo of Freya.
I just wonder if you're maybe Wiccan, cos in your profile you didn't answered which religion you have.
Hm, speaking of religion...you know the one of my hands, lips, dick and tongue?
The all are pagans and would like to worship your goddess-body!!!

bowbone 42M

11/30/2005 5:57 pm

Happy Birthday, baby!!!
(its already the 1st here

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