out of cash  

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3/9/2006 5:47 pm

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10/7/2007 7:49 pm

out of cash

cant go on... im about to be poor again.... i dont know what to do, i mean i could write one of the most agressive articles ever written but if it worked out anything like my music, chances are it would never get publised and i would never get paid. i mean the fact of the matter is, I cant write... but people need to know vegas has a wide range of slums who abuse people for their economical status or how much they cooperate with unspoken guidelines for being aloud to be treated like a human being

my car just got towed away... not because i didnt pay some bill, but because i cant get the fucker registered cause the asshole who sold it to me signed part of the car-title that only dealers are supposed to sign... now i am going to have to pay to get it out of towing, plus i will have to pay to get all kinds of other stuff that shouldnt be my responsibility and etc etc... oh anyway enough bitching

the point is i had more then a hundred grand less then a year ago, i threw almoast all of it into my career.... (ok well maybe half ha ha ha).... and now i wont be able to afford to pay to move if my apt is targeting me... i mean if they are trying to kick me out of this place without being caught for it... (they do it all the time, if you ask to get repairs done in your apt, they just kick you out)

fuck the world!

nevermind, disreguard this message now that you are done reading it unread it! ha ha ha h ah ha ha

um... anyway i may have a chance to take over the world some day... but for now the world has taken me over

poboy_aj 63M

3/12/2006 5:01 pm

I took over the world once ... gave it back ... too much stress ... now I live a plebian life down on the bayou ... but I am happier for it ... consider this post unread!!!! ....

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