alreet! no moor of that depressing shit  

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2/22/2006 7:04 am

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alreet! no moor of that depressing shit

Tonight i finaly did what i have been needing to do but couldnt figure out for a while now... I went into a chatroom and pimped out my music a lil... which i shouldnt be so modest about doin (btw my recording name is **i edited it this time ** )

anyway I ran across a few people who made me feel very much at home musicaly... which almoast always depresses me cause i get into my "well why should I suceed when they have just as sellable of a sound if not more" mode... but tonight! it didnt, in fact the opposite happened...

you see it's been a long time since ive asked another dj to listen to my shit but tonight i just kinda stumbled on the situation and this guy was impressed and told me he totaly would play my shit out (which means it's good enough to be part of all the other music he plays) now to anyone who doesnt know the pressures of djing, this is actualy a huge deal... the fact of the matter is as a dj it is your responsibility to play the hottests most impressive music you can, and songs that might sell millions of records can sometimes get trashed if even slightly lame (for example: take kanye west's go, i cant even really remember the song except the one snip[ they played on a commercial on the radio a while back and would never ever be caught dead playing the song because it sounded like crap, even though kanye is an amazing artist) ok anyway enough overexplaining... the point is my shit apealed to a trained ear other then my own... of corse for all i know this person might not be nearly as established as he claims but im pretty sure the way his bitterness came across he's at least as deep into this junk as i am....

what the hell did you just say you asked? ok ill put it to ya in regular english.... ** giggles**

im so happy cause someone praised me for makeing a couple good songs!!!!!!!!

gosh... how did i let myself get so deep into my depression that i forgot to pimp out my music for feedback........

oh yeah, i remember... no one was listening for a while there! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

anywya hi peoples i hope you have a wonderful day and i know i will too (what little is left of it)

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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2/22/2006 9:06 pm

Hip Hip Hooray!

en nog 'n piep:


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1niceTgirl2try 35T
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2/23/2006 6:11 am

no doubt... i think... ** giggles **

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