Jo-anne a stranger  

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9/26/2005 3:54 am

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Jo-anne a stranger

you went when I was unable to understand,
you just decide one day to pack your bag then you ran,
did you ever think I wouldn't’t think about you,
that I would never ask questions, that I didn’t want to understand?

years pass and I don’t know who I am,
why I don’t have my own identity,
that people call me you,
why cant I just be me and not have you haunt me...

when I was little I would think about the only thing I loved would die,
and the thought of that made me cry,
but that person wasn’t you,
because you were a nobody to me my daddy was the knight in this story.

you blamed a 3 year old,
you say I chose my daddy and for that I lose you,
but for you will never have the right to call me your daughter,
for you will die knowing I don’t love you....

and now I know I never missed out,
that the other kids weren’t better off then me,
because unlike you I did have someone that cared,
someone that would wipe away my tears and comfort my fears...

hate is a strong word,
and you took dads kindness for granted,
he owned you nothing not a cent,
but maybe you just think the world loves you,

but I don’t,
I hate you,
kids would ask where you where.....
I said you were dead....

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