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11/8/2005 4:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well ive always had heaps of guys around me,
to flirt with, to be interested in, to do stuff if i wanted, to fuck with their minds, to play games...

So how do i stick with one guy??

Read the bit below it'll help you understand me>>>>>>.

The once was a girl,
Beautiful long blonde hair,
Gittery green yellow eyes,
She stood at 5'9,
And to all that knew her is was an angel..

This little girl knew from a early age she was different to others,
She would get pleasure out of learning from mind games,
That she would lose people over her ways,
But she loved it more then anyone in the world,
She was the prince of mind games..

But she met prince charming,
Or maybe a wolf in sheeps clothing,
She wasnt sure but she loved him so much,
His words would make her tingle and wish he was hers,
But for she didnt know if he was prince charming or someone that could being her world crashing down..

The Princess couldn't tell,
He was either the real deal or as good as her at mind games,
But she wished they were not the same,
He seemed to good to be true and the princess was scared,
So she left him before he left her..

B'coz if he left her she would cry and be so sad,
And her tears of saddness would trun into maddness,
She would never get over the defeat,
Or the hurt of letting someone in,
So she goes on playing her game,
Never knowing what love is,
But love is lust all the same..


Basically im scared of letting ppl in,
I dont know if i can be with one person (boyfriend) i don't mean cheating i mean i feel i have to test them to see if they would cheat,
and when i'm bored i talk to guys (i only have one friend thats a girl the rest are all guys)
i like teasing guys, i like flirting, i dont know what to do...

I want to be with one person and not need to test, play with guys heads, to play mind games..
but thats all i know, ive been doing it since i was like 15yr old.....


WarriorPigeon 36M
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4/20/2006 11:55 pm

You know,
in a strange strange way I understand what you mean...

sometimes u just need somebody to hang with without deciding what should come out of it.

natural progression does make things easier,

and abut the flirting and being the way u are...i.e. not letting anyone in...
its normal, trust me...once bitten, twice shy...but things change if the time and people are right...

rm_Avon772000 41M
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9/6/2006 8:53 pm

Well, young lady, i've had almost nothing but stable relatively long-term relationships most of my dating life. All different types of women. There is nothing wrong with teasing the opposite sex. Thats part of how we communicate. You must GIVE IN if you care about the other half. And they MUST TOO. Stop fearing. I am course single after my last LTR. All the problems come from fear. if it's not working out - say so. If you feel it is - say so. Let me add the obvious: The best, most intimate, most exploritory sex comes from a truthful relationship. The BEST. Little flings never reach it. Even the hot one's. Make it a ritual. Dating ritual. The right one may still be out there. Be up front.

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