5 or 6 Weird Things  

1hotrod4u2lik 54M
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4/5/2006 6:05 pm
5 or 6 Weird Things

Okay I was tagged so here are my weird things.

1. I can raise my eyebrow just like Mr. Spock or for you younger people like the Rock.
2. I have more hair on my body than most fur bearing animals and I like it that way.
3. Every Datsun I've owned was orange. 5 of them.
4. I don't have a PhD but I'm called the Doctor sometimes.
5. I've been known to wear a helmut for more than just racing.

As for number six: I'm way to busy for this.

Plus I don't have time to tag other people that haven't been tagged already. Now if they had a little symbol that indicated tagged or not I'd be happy to play.

Thanks to the ladies that clued me into the tagged business. I do appreciate the communication from anyone. I just get a little grumpy since I work 24/7/365.

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