"Take it like a man..."  

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3/3/2006 1:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"Take it like a man..."

I had a caller last night, who didn't want the sweet and "innocent" school girl fantasy. He wanted "Miss Dawn".

"Miss Dawn" is a cock teasing bitch. She is a Domme in training, which is why she is not known as "Mistress", and is much too young to be known as Ma'am (something my Trainer pointed out to me) so she is simply known as "Miss Dawn".

As Miss Dawn, I am the one that decides weather or not you please ME enough. If you have, I MAY decide to let you cum, if not... well then, I WILL punish you.

In MY presence you are known simply as my "panty boy slut" and you have NO rights to any pleasure unless I grant it to you.

If I tell you to take a dildo up your ass, the only thing that is allowed to come from your mouth is, "Yes Miss Dawn, which one pleases You most?" As you hold out my quite extensive collection of BIG beautiful fake cocks. Not a one of them is under 8 inches. I know how your virgin ass aches to be filled... and it will be, when ever I deem it neccessary.

It is your mission to make me happy, and MY happiness means everything to you, so much so, that you are willing to do ANYTHING it takes to please Me, and you will, trust Me, you will.

And for those of you who wonder, "Is that really her picture?" You better believe it buddy. Eat your heart out, and when you are ready to relinquish complete control to ME, then you call ME.

And you WILL find Me at uslovebabes.com

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