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11/16/2005 6:58 pm

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giving Oral Sex

There is something about plunging my tongue between a womans legs that is just a huge turn on. I just love sliding my tongue back and forth, around and across a womans clit. Then moving down and pushing it in as far as it can go then back up to her clit. I love sliding my finger into her and sucking her clit at the same time. What really turns me on is the reaction by her when I do something like this. Hearing her let out a moan or feeling her open up her legs more and put her hands on my head and push down. What really makes this so enjoyable is when the woman has really trimmed herself up or even better she is clean shaven. Not only does that make it very nice to go to town it's such a turn on.

I'd like to hear from woman what they like best when a man goes down on her. I try to vary between motions on the clit and penetrating with my tongue or finger. Is there anything else? I'll vary depending on the mood and reaction from the lady...maybe a little rougher or maybe more gentle and drawing it out. I really enjoy teasing the woman, spend some time and just get her really turned on. Then when she's about ready to explode change to something else. What's really fun is to go down on her and get her going then when she's ready for my cock start going at it. Then as she starts getting close to cumming pull out and dive back in her but this time real slowly. We wouldn't want her to cum and not handle any more sex. Draw out teasting the clit. Sometimes this is a real good time to place some lube on the finger and maybe insert it anally. Then I'll be eating her out with my finger in her ass. By the time I'm done she's almost begging me to fuck her so she can cum. That's the fun part, getting her to that point and of course giving in and let her have it.

Typing all this is really making me horny...wish I had someone to tease right now. I look forward to hearing from you.

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