Moth to A Flame  

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6/13/2006 10:49 pm

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Moth to A Flame

So what is it that draws people to their spouse or girl fiend after they have cheated on them, left them for someone else,or just plain shit on them time after time?

A couple are married with 2 kids. The wife decides she has had enough leaves the husband for another man. They get divorced,she stays with her new man he is heart broken pulls himself back tighter she continues to manipulate the man, he dates a little year, year and a half goes by he finds a new love gets engaged is happy planning a new future.

Ex-wife gets engaged then calls and says I will call it all off if you take me back.

The idiot does (and not for the kids sake)what the hell is wrong with people how stupid can you be.

Is love Blind? or Does lust simply skew our vision of others

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