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My erotica
Welcome to my "Wonderland," said the spider to the fly but I'd like to trap your mind, body and soul with stories woven from my mind, body and soul! Are they real, true, make believe, funny, kinky, erotic? You decide and
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Goodbye girl
Posted:Sep 9, 2012 8:22 am
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2012 6:52 pm

I love the titles of my blogs! Either I make them up, they're the title of a song or a movie. All, obviously, are related to what is happening in my life, whether real or made up. I love Neil Simon movies. His characters were described as "complicated" but I don't believe that. I think his movies were before their time, so-to-speak. They were at a time before the social fabric was being torn outwardly; before we started to see it through the eyes of the social media network because "broda" I could tell you some shit about incest, physical and mental abuse, alcoholism and happening right in my own home!

I also love Tennessee Williams. His characters were very real and very raw. The women in his plays had their flaws, making them very human but their flaws also gave them their strength, making them strong role models for anyone watching! That someone watching was me, as a kid. As I've stated before, I watched a lot of those old movies as a kid and can honestly tell you Joan Crawford, Betty Davis, Dorothy Dandridge and Liz Taylor were role models. Don't get me started on the men! I was in love with Cary Grant, Tyrone Power and Robert Taylor.

I wouldn't say I was a romantic. I just know that any escape from the reality I was living at that time, I was taking! I was a smart kid and sociable and popular but on my terms just like now. Meaning, when I'm alone at home, it's my space, my sanctuary. When I'm out and about, I belong to people and I feel it's my duty to be kind and open and share of myself. Kindness doesn't kill in the sense that it's ok to smile at someone, talk to a stranger, be friendly, etc...

I watched old movies and listened to old music with my father. While my friends listened to the "latest," I was listening to The Four Tops, The Dramatics, The Manhattans, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, The Isley Brothers, Bill Withers and this list could go on and on. When I was suppose to be asleep, so my parents thought after yelling upstairs and me lying about it, I would be laying in bed with the radio, listening to the Eagles, Elton John, Ambrosia, The Doors, Peter Frampton and this list could go on and on! I would also go with my grandmother on many shopping trips to the goodwill and find old records- 33, 45 and play them on my Barbie record player. I did all this alone for the most part.

I was really good at putting on plays and being the director too! Yes, I was a bossy little bitch! We'd play house, church, school, etc... anything that was fun and an escape for them too, I suppose! We look back on those things and we laugh, some blame, still. I suppose one could. Hell, we all could but no one comes with a manual. People do the best they can with what they have, well most and I'll give anyone the benefit of the doubt to a certain extent! lol

I said I liked to talk, lol! Now with all that being said...I have been on this site for a while and I've had some fun and interesting times, very! What happened the other night and really not just that night but other events too, has lead me to some serious talks with myself! I heard a quote which sums it up: "all the conveniences but none of the difficulties!" That's what some people want, meaning just the sex and that's ok for some but I'm not looking for just a wet ass! There's too much involved for me to just be able to do that anyway, as a woman! I don't see the benefits or the fun when there's no one to share that with, other than some knucklehead or someone else's knucklehead!. As someone who claims to be so strong, I feel pretty weak and let down and like I've let other women down by selling short my sexuality! Of course, not in a monetary sense but in the sense that I know I'm worth sooo much more!

It goes beyond my looks. My mother already made sure you weren't to tell me I was pretty but smart! I still prefer that so when I'm told, you get the usual joke from me and that gets steamed rolled fast, out of habit!. "Pretty is as pretty does!" I'm worth so much more because for those few minutes of pleasure, in most cases or some, I have a life time of knowledge that you don't ask about! I write, I speak well, I'm a good mom, I draw, I make things to wear, I cuss better than a manI'm one of the funniest people you'll ever meet, and the kindest but you'll never find out because you only care about my good good! And do I get in return? Your 5-10 minutes, if that! How nice and you probably think you're god's (pardon the lower case, for this site, I think not!)gift! You bragged, you flirted, you hounded, you chased, you even bullied but your delivery didn't live up! Whoa, I better reel it in...

All of that to say, I'll stick to my stories, thank you! Good lord I can rant!
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Posted:Sep 8, 2012 9:29 am
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2012 6:51 am

Humoresque or (the humor of it)
Which means a short, lively piece of music piece and lively it was, to say the least! There's no need to quote Kipling again because unless I hand out scripts and say stick to the lines I've written, everyone, including myself, just does what comes naturally, act human! 

We met, with hesitation on my part. I actually tried to cancel because after considering my ideal situation, I figured this was not it. Also, I've been talking to someone all week who seems to be a better fit. Someone single, doesn't live too close, isn't going to be clingy, etc...
The day of our date came and I was determined to cancel. I said I couldn't meet at that time and maybe we could just reschedule but of course I had no plans to. He did not give me an out! He asked what time could I make it? After giving off a big sigh, I typed back 9p! Of course, we have to decide where because I've changed the script up. He suggests we take it back to the beginning; where it all began! He'll bring the alcohol and I'll bring the pussy, lol! Oh, he'll be bringing his wife too! He did ask if I would mind. 

When I'm texting, I type the way I speak. For some reason, an odd one, I think it keeps and makes the conversation more lively and also so you get what the fuck I'm really saying! I want you in my moment with me! So when he asked, I typed back, "um, lol, ok" I said "I'll feel weird but sure" I mean what was I going to say? "I thank your wife for letting me fuck your fine ass but no she can't come to the club!" or "your wife loaned me your cock but, um, no!" Ok, can we say awkward! 

As I get ready, I'm not sure if I'm nervous but before I go, I have to always do this whole prep thing that's an inconvenience! I decide to wear everything but the white shorts. I opt for a pair of jean shorts instead and stick to my dark, grey backless shirt and my 5" two grey T-strap peep toes. I feel like a black Daisy Mae! 

On the way, I call my girl! I need an ear to listen and to tell me why this isn't good but this bitch is at the nail shop and all I get are uh huh's and yea's! I ask if she can talk, are you home, where the fuck is you bitch? By the time, I get through "talking to myself," I'm there anyway! He greets me at the door! {Damn} Yes, he is fine and if ever there was a doubt, it went out the door with the panty's! I thought he was Italian, when in fact, he's Brazilian. We lock my stuff up and grab drinks and I greet my friends I haven't seen since May. I meet his wife, again! Unfortunately, her date didn't show. 

We make small talk, dance and socialize with others. That's the best part, to me! Others may disagree and say it's the fucking but since I generally don't every time I go... My "picture" friend was there! Lol I do believe he likes eating pussy more than food and trust me, he likes all flavors! Although, the pussy is calorie free it just comes with other weight issues like drama, bullshit, etc... We sit and hold hands, flirt and kiss some then decide to go somewhere to "talk."

We find an open room and immediately I try to get the radio going. It isn't coming on even though the clock works so I make a switch with another. It's super cold so I get in the bed- dressed at first. My bra is off already by a smart assed friend who's slipped it off through my backless shirt! We begin making out a little. He takes off his clothes and takes off my shorts. Once under the blankets, which we've snatched off the other bed too, we start kissing and rubbing our bodies together, hell maybe for warmth! Lol I notice his lips are really soft and he's a great kisser too! My heels are still on but getting caught on the blankets so off they come. As I bend over to take them off, he leans over and raises my shirt and starts kissing my neck down my back. I'm a little nervous so it feels like forever before they come off. I pause to let the touch sink in because it feels good to have his hands massaging my shoulders while his lips massage my spine. I climb back in the bed and we resume our kissing. He comes out of his underwear, I leave my on. I bought these really sexy, lacy, crotchless panty's that I don't want to waste! 

He spreads my legs and lies between them. He lifts my shirt and smooshes my breasts together and plays with them. He starts licking and sucking my nipples as I run my fingers through his dark, black hair. I purr like a little kitten and bring my legs up, wrapping them around his waist. I can feel his hard cock under my ass. He moves to the side of me and one hand lands on my breast where he pulls on my nipple and the other towards my pussy where he enters me! He begins to finger my pussy. He goes deeper then faster then harder! He does this for a few minutes as I writhe with pleasure, squeezing my pussy muscles tight around his finger.  He continues and offers me his cock at the same time. Mmm, I open up and taste what's seeped out first- So sweet on my tongue. My head bobs up and down on his cock, getting a work out because I'm ready for him to fuck me but not wanting to stop this. Whew, I need two 

He pulls my hips towards him and enters me. Mmm and he does feel good! He's really thick and a good length. When I fuck them back, I know it's good! He places one leg on his shoulder and we continue. I can feel his thick cock in my ass, almost. My legs come down and he kisses me while grinding my pussy. We continue our fucking and my legs go up and I start grinding his cock. He slips out and legs come down! Lol He goes back in and we continue until he, obviously, can't "stands no more!" He comes (cums) and comes (cums) hard! 

We lie there and talk afterwards. We laugh and talk music. I explain that I tried to get out of this and why. Actually, a different turn of events confirmed why this wouldn't work anyway. Although, the Mrs. plans fell through and she ended up where we were, she found solace with a very good looking BBC! After we were done, I even suggested we look for her, not that I was really concerned for her because meeting her again and sober, I wasn't impressed, to say the least. I've met plenty of couples in this lifestyle and each have their own set of rules. I can tell new couples, from old ones, the "real lifestylers," from the ones that dabble, the ones that have full trust from the ones that are insecure! I think in this situation when you mix alcohol into the's wasn't a question of jealousy, it was a matter of not enough attention. I told my friend all of a sudden she was the "look at me, I'm the Sandra Dee bitch!" I'm not sure if men pick up on this like women do but when alcohol is added, it's not pretty and I'll leave it at that. It didn't rear it's head and roar like a lion but it wasn't that subtle either. Before I knew all of this, I planned our next date- a night of BDSM and out of respect, invited the heads better half! Got any good excuses! 

*lol, (spellchecked) and done on iPhone, as usual but not proofread!
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When Honey met...
Posted:Sep 5, 2012 3:11 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2012 9:21 am

Mr. I, again! Ok, so my heads, still and I've tried laying down and exercising. So, I think I'll write "a what if." We're meeting, again, Friday and the before's and after's are always interesting. The shit you plan and the shit that happens... What's that saying: "never the twain shall meet," (Kipling). Meaning two things that are so different, they'll never happen and I hope like hell that makes sense! Welcome to my life and I could give you some fucked scenarios! Hello, you just read one, lol!

This how it would go in my head, shoved up there with the "cockwebs," old stories, etc...: right after hot flash and vomit (soo sexy, lol)

I start getting ready. I've decided what to wear and hop in the shower, making sure I lather my pussy well because as I've stated, I haven't shaved. I'm not "hairy," It's a little longer than stubble but long enough so as not to scratch him. It's actually soft, hell I'm surprised! I shave inward, in the inner parts of my thighs so it doesn't stick out of my thongs. Now comes the part I really hate- my ass! Trying to part and shave with one hand and not cut is tricky but the trick is to squat in the shower so your cheeks are spread , lol! The shit you find on the internet, right?!

After showering, moisture is a must for my soft skin and keeping it that way. I need to smell good! I mix baby oil with regular lotion then apply from my toota to my roota. Then I wear just perfumed lotion, never perfume due to migraines! I finish dressing- white shorts, halter and my Jessica Simpson 5" heels. I choose my grey T-straps. I throw on turquoise jewelry to match and I curl my hair and finish up in the bathroom and I'm out!

I usually don't wear make-up and I don't make an exception in his case. I put on mascara and lip gloss and I figure he gets the real me. Besides, he really didI get there first, so I think and Mr. I is already waiting. He dressed in a pair of nice, dark jeans and a T-shirt- one of those kind with the cross/bling on them. We say hello and greet each other with a kiss and head into the place Mr. I has designated.

Once inside we make small talk. We're enjoying each others company and decide to take it further, hmm...

We follow one another to a suite around the corner and check in. Once inside, I'm more nervous than I thought I would be. Well, "Mr. Prepared" is just that; he's brought something for the nerves. Was he expecting this scenario? No matter because we're here and it's happening now. He pours us something to drink and we make a toast and laugh. He comes closer and I don't pull away from. I don't close my eyes right away, as we kiss. I do, however, as our tongues meet. As we're kissing, I'm reaching for the table and almost miss with my glass. He kisses "ok" but the greatest! I figure he isn't my man and not gonna be so this isn't a teaching moment. He grabs my hand and wants to lead me to the bed. I can tell he's married because I feel rushed! In my head, I'm sighing and getting pissed! Now I'm thinking, I'm going to get fucked and screwed all in the same night which won't be a first!

My blog earlier when I said I had sex once since May, I lied! Well, actually I didn't lie, I forgot! I should have said 2 or 3 but when someone lasts less than five minutes or can't get it up, I can't consider that sex, so...

I let him take off my halter and go for my breasts. I'm going to stand here and see what he can do. People, you do not want to see this in person, lol! It's like I'm taking a stance saying ok help yourself but you better bring it or I'm out! lol If I take the time to get up, get dressed for you, you better do something! I'm just saying! I think he senses this and the look on my face and it's on!

The shirt doesn't come off but is used as a choker on my neck! He massages my breasts, hard and starts to nibble on them too! I find myself moaning loud from the pleasure and the pain. As he alternates from one breast to the other, he bunches up the shirt in the back of my neck and pulls a little just enough to choke me but just enough to feel good! My eyes roll in the back of my head while my hands go through his hair. He tells me not to touch him. I'm caught off guard by his response and my eyes open rather quickly! He jerks just a little more on my shirt and just for a split second, just, I think this motherfucker better not stretch out my halter! While pulling, tugging a little more, he puts his hand down my pants. Now, I'm wishing I had shaved because I'm ashamed and feel I could Die! Miss Bitch here has the tables turned on her.

He starts to rub my huge pussy lips and they are! Then he slowly inches one finger towards my pussy opening. I part my legs, slightly and slyly! Yes, I'm a ho but I can't be obvious! I think he inserted more but my sensations are all over the place or maybe I can't breath hell, I don't know, lol! He loosens his grip on my shirt and unbuttons my shorts- I haven't gotten to elastic yet! I slip out of those and my panty's. He places me on my knees, after he unzips his jeans and grabs a bunch of my hair. I take his cock into my mouth.

I start to suck on his cock and moan and make "slurpy" noises. lol I guess because I love sucking cock! I rub his cock on my lips and wet it really good. I go up and down the shaft. While holding him, my tongue twirls his head and all I hear is OMG! I look up and think he fall back and the only thing keeping him upright is me holding his dick in my mouth! I take off his shoes and then I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off with his underwear. I also pulled off his shirt. Thinking I had gained control, I was wrong!

I wasn't done but someone must not be able to hold off...
He tells me to get up at the head of the bed and slaps my ass, hard and without hesitation, I do! He climbs behind me and doesn't enter me right away but grabs my ass and starts to kiss it. He parts my ass cheeks and I feel his wet, moist tongue going up and down. Mmm, I give him all my ass by spreading my legs for him. He takes both thumbs and spreads my pussy lips and I feel his tongue go from my ass to my pussy. I wiggle and swerve my hips to his rhythm. My body feels so tingly and so fucking good and I'm ready for him to enter me!

"Never the twain shall meet," (Kipling)
Life's illusion's
Posted:Sep 5, 2012 11:15 am
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2012 1:20 pm

I wasn't sure what to name this and then I was listening to an old Joni Mitchell song. Some of the lyrics- I really don't know life at all... I'm trying to get through this with a migraine I've had for had for, I think 3 or 4 days now. I'm still able to function but they make me "bitchier!" The worse was Monday and I actually drove to a friend's and took pictures and drank, very little because it's about an hours drive to his home. It's funny because I don't keep many platonic friends that are male and I'm getting butt ass naked in front of them or letting them put a cupcake in my cooty pooty and snapping shots, they all want to fuck me. I think he does but most become so unbearable...

Usually, you'll find me with gay guys, lol! Or at a gay club or something. I don't have time to try to get picked up, besides, I'm the aggressor, except in the bedroom. I don't need or want some broken down fool in my face because he's bought a drink (or not)!

Well, this story and the last that I tell you will be true or not because you motherfuckers will just do some guess work, again, takes off from that story about the guy from the other website. Shit, I can't remember the story name... It's the one that left off "surely it can't be" or something to that effect! Well, since I try to answer all my comments, you might have guessed, it wasn't the one I wanted it to be! And for you romantics, you know it never is! It never is! He was fine too and don't get me wrong, the other two are too! Mr. BBC and so is Mr. Italian.

Actually, it was Mr. I, Mr. Italian! They were a very attractive couple that swing. Swinging means different things to different people but it's the obvious. I say that because someone trying to hook-up with me and being a smart ass tried to "school me!" I could care less or care more, it's all people sharing and fucking! I don't call myself a swinger because I don't have a partner to share and I'm not good with sharing so fuck himWhen I was with my ex, we went to parties and I'll admit it, we played with men only-bitches were out! I'm not a jealous woman but I'm not bi, not curious but that's just me. I'll also be the first to say that when I'm drinking, it's different. It's almost like saying "when in Rome!" It doesn't turn me on but if it turns on the man I'm with and pleases him but mind you ladies- above the waist only, please! lol

We exchanged numbers, only because I know that his wife is ok with it. It's not my ideal situation but hell, I've already fucked the man so my rules really don't apply or do they, hmm... this is one to ponder because this is not one I've thought out or come up against or wanted. Frankly, I leave that shit after I leave the club. Usually, I wash it off in the shower! In the meantime, I did hear from my platonic friend, Mr. BBC and he's invited me to a hotel party. I've actually only been to one and it was a another Mr. BBC friend that knew of and a white couple whose wife loves BBC and he loves to watch. My friend told the husband he had an attractive friend (not my words) and asked if he'd be interested in meeting me and he said yes. They exchanged pictures and set everything up! It was scary but after I got there and had a glass of wine and relaxed, I enjoyed myself. I know my friend did! The noises they made...I felt bad for the husband-at first He has wanted to see me since but my friend continues to "cock-block" by not giving us direct numbers and he also tries to pimp me out for his "couples" hook-up's! lol I took one for his team already,like a trooper and like I said, he blocks every time!

This party was with two white husbands and their wives and an extra white female and they invited four BBC's and he wanted me to go. For one, to entertain the husbands. Secondly, to entertain him. I wanted to go so badly but I had been out dancing the night before, just clubbing with a girlfriend. Oh and I had a date from here! lol Someone I met for just drinks though- minds out of the gutter, for now (I took my girlfriend)!

Another reason I didn't go is because that's a whole lot of cock! That's like a mini gang bang! lol My pussy really wasn't ready or in the mood for that and honestly the last time I had that much BBC (2) was at a swinger's club in the ATL back in MAY, when I took that pic of me in that little white shirt, I was passing off as dress, I had just left the club and came creeping into my son's place at 6am! I left that club with bite marks (glad I had a tetanus), bruises and my pussy was sore, so I was hesitant when he asked, hell yes! A girl needs rest, aspirin and prep time for that much cock! It was Mr. BBC that introduced me to Mr. I and I didn't know until last night that Mr. BBC had been with Mr. I's wife. My head hurts too bad to think anything of it, besides it's the world I've chosen to be in, so-to-speak! Or has it chosen me...

We've talked all week and finally decide to meet for dinner and drinks. I actually love Italian men. I love men period that take control and make plans and don't ask me shit! I love that "just do it" man! There is nothing worse than that wishy washy, pussy ass man that makes the woman decide everything! A real woman knows a real man too! He tells me the time and place and just like a kitten, purring, I simply say "ok!"

we text up to the meeting. It's crazy because we talk about that night! We talk about how we were both drunk and I have to explain that I'm usually more composed and I'm never like that and he's like you seemed to beHe says, yea he was too! He told me he thought I was sexy and his wife likes women and she is very selective but she liked me! uh oh... lol and no, no (jk) I told him that it was just a crazy and different night!

He's seen my body, to say the least but I'm still stressed! I've picked up weight since then which is so fucking easy for me! Ugh, sexy, I'm not feeling but while I'm standing in my closet, I'm thinking what will make the eyes pop- his! I decide on white shorts and a turquoise color halter and of course, five inch heels. I wear my hair up, no I think I'll it down because I definitely want it pulled, lol!

It's been a while since I've shaved, shaved. I decided to stopped shaving and this is something new for me. I shave only ,my underarms, legs and the outer part of my groin and my ass. I stopped shaving my groin area because I'm not really working, just when I feel like it and I'm not having sex (once since May, is not having sex). I normally shave for hygiene purposes but I stopped for about month. I don't think I will because, really, I'm not planning to sleep with him, really, and hmm, sometimes I do shit just because! Maybe that's where I do shit to see what the other person will do...
I'll let you know when I know!

Definitely not rereading!(I lied, going on 5 with no glasses and the phone in bed!)
Some weekend comedy!
Posted:Sep 1, 2012 9:21 am
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2012 4:19 am

When my friends and I get together we always talk about things we've done and haven't done. I feel I'm a little behind on the things I've haven't done, so to speak because, sexually, I just started coming "out" lately. I've always been able to please and consider myself a good lover, very good but I just have not tried a lot of things or been daring. I've never been naked outside until last year. I gave my first "driving" bj last year. I mean the list could go on. Actually, this site has corrupted me! lol
Well, someone mentioned something about masturbating, my expertise, in a public place! Oh, hell to the no! I didn't have to think it because I voice my opinions! First of all, I think if you get that hot and horny, you need some ice, some help or you need to go home! Frankly, it's not something I've ever, ever thought about until...People say stuff to me and I can be so one-sided and close minded but later if I dwell on it, I think hmm...
I went to a lingerie shop a while ago and sometimes they throw in free gifts. One of the free gifts was a small lipstick like vibrator. I never use those things. When I masturbate, I actually don't have to touch myself to have an orgasm and my OCD won't allow me to put my fingers inside myself ever! Call it crazy but I find it gross and I don't me on me! lol I have found a way to just move my muscles so that I can come (cum) without the mess! I still have to clean up after wards but, I'm just saying...
I slip this into my pocket and I'm off to work! The day goes on and I reach in my pocket every so often to make sure it's still there and not fallen out! Bam, I'm doing it but I'm not really horny so I have to think of something really, really perverse to get me going! My boss is a fat fuck so I think of him and I fucking and me riding him but I kind of laugh out loud, nah! That ain't gonna work! I pull out my phone and pull up some porn. I go to categories and search for gang bang! I need something that is going to get a rise out of me right now. I definitely make sure my phone is on silent, volume down.
The bathrooms are single bathrooms fortunately and unfortunately! Good for now and bad for other times. I make sure I take my spray can of Lysol with me- fuck the ozone layer! I sprayed and sprayed well! I pulled my bullet out and turned it on. I knew it would work because I loaded it with new batteries. I turned the water on hoping it would also help drown out the little buzzing noise. I started and the porn help some but the nervousness was too much! After a few minutes, there was a pounding at the door! My phone almost went into the toilet but the killer was the bullet!
I have a nervous bladder and when I'm stressed, I pee-a lot! I started and couldn't stopped! I peed all over my hand and forgot the bullet which was "zrommped" up by my pussy muscles and still buzzing! I yelled, half in fright and half in anger, who the hell is it, as if I were home! They just said, oh! I'm not sure how long I was in there but anyone who knows me anyway, knows I have a bathroom ritual! I won't tell it here but the first thing I do is turn on the water so running water is nothing new! Well, I can't find, can't get this running, buzzing thing out of me! Now, I'm panicked and I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I'm worried about infection first then having to run to the ER with this! Yes, in my profession, I know they talk! I do not want to put my fingers up in me but I am a frantic fool! lol Not to mention I sound like a fucking bee! It would feel good, I suppose, if it were under, shall we say, more beneficial circumstances! I think, to myself of course, if I strain I may have another problem...
I clean myself up, making sure I clean my area up. I exit the bathroom rather quickly! I also gather my things, telling my co-workers I feel rather flushed, sweaty and ill and I just got sick. Someone makes a pregnancy joke and I blush as if that could be possible. I tell them to tell our manager I need to get checked out and I may be at the ER. I know I'm not truthful on that- this bitch is going home to find some tongs! I keep moving and talking because I'm a buzzing fool and the sensation is driving me crazy. I'm paranoid- can they hear it (like the Tell Tale Heart)? I can feel it so much I wanna laugh too because it's kind of ticklish! Oh brother, I just want to get home!
On the drive home, I drive pretty fast! This one strip has a speed of 30 but I usually drive about 40-45. Sometimes a cop sits and wait and sometimes they don't! Sometimes, they flash their lights, giving you a break and sometimes they just do what they have to do! Well today was my lucky day! Usually, they just give me a warning because I leave my work related stuff on the seat and it sparks a conversation because of the respect and I respect them and hell, let's face it, I love a man in uniform too! He asks me if I knew the limit and where I was going in a such a hurry! I don't think I can tell anyone this story but I also can't afford the points on license. I also know this community is small and that camera is rolling! Um, I think I'll take my chance with the points! While I'm waiting, I sweat even more! He gives me a warning and I'm off, again.
At this point I'm ready to cry and take all my friends off Facebook, out of my phone and everything! I get home, strip and strain! Finally...
An affair to remember
Posted:Aug 30, 2012 6:19 am
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2012 8:11 pm

So anyone that has read anything I write or hell, knows me in person knows I cry rarely or I'm ever down! I have two emotions: happy or pissed off, lol, for the most part. I can pick my shit up and keep it moving in a heart beat. Maybe that's my problem, I never bother to deal with shit and frankly, I don't care to. If there's drama, I don't want to bother with it because it won't be pretty. I'd just rather let shit go and call it a day, push it in a closet or something...don't try to analyze me that's why I pay the docs and throw away the scripts!
With that being said, I'm other sites, mainly because my friends told me to sign up! It's so we can keep in touch, they can inform me of parties, I can meet other guys and did I mention they're swinger's? I don't consider myself a swinger. I consider myself to be in an open relationship but it wasn't always that way. That's another blog by itself! I am a single female or one of the singles that get invited to parties that maybe would be an extra for the couples. However, since I'm very picky even in this venue, forum, I don't follow all the "ways" that everyone else would. Maybe that isn't worded right...
There's never, ever any pressure and usually at parties or anything I never "play," another damn term I've grown to loathe like NSA, FWB, cougar, yummy and playmate! We're adults people not in high school we don't have to cloak what the fuck we're doing! Yummy, really?! Now at the clubs that's a little different. The one here, I rarely played but I did, at times. Mostly when I took a friend not someone from the club. However (love this word), there's this couple that I met last year or the year before. He is very tall and lean and she's shorter and really thick. Both have a beautiful personality! Now I'm going to tell you about the power of the cock which Most of you know! It can make you do shit you said you'd never do because he is not bad looking but not my type but when I saw his cock...that's all I need to type! Bam! That motherfucker has to be the biggest I've ever taken! Ok, where was I-damn I lost my story...
OK, when we met, that was my first couple ever. I think she's bi but I'm not and she was cool with that because she brought, found a single guy and we all went to a room and did the do. It was different but I wanted her husband and she let me. The first time, she was like a cheerleader, while I rode him, she was behind me telling me to, "ride me!" That shit was so hot and especially when she grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed them up and down on his cock as I rode him! The cool thing about them, the funny thing and awkward thing, is if she has to pee and leave the room, the fucking halts until her return, lol! I absofuckinglutely love them!
Now back to my original story. Well, one night at the club, I went with my friend Mr. BBC, lol! We went as just friends and trust, the ladies Love him and I've seen why but not personally not yet. So, my friends are there and want to play but normally we play private in a private room. I have body issues and I'm shy about sex, yes I know you wouldn't think so but it's true! Not shy in the sense of can't fuck this way or that! Shy in the sense of others watching, seeing my body, ass and pussy in the air. I mean literally being close, guys standing and masterbating-live to you performing, kind of shy! I'm not an exhibitionst, simple as that! This night with the help of some liquid courage and my sexy outfit and my weight loss (I go up and down, right now fat bitch is up, don't look)I was ready to play in the "orgy room!" This is a room with one bed 21/2 couches and several comfy chairs, a tv playing porn and a fan.
Now in the midst of waiting for my party to get there, my friends from here and a few other sites are there to party. We're doing body shots, missing my naval, laughing joking! Now the club is hot, I've been dancing and I'm a little tipsy, I'm lying on the floor with my legs over the fan and somebody asks what I'm doing and I answer, slurring, I'm clearing out the "cockwebs" actually meaning cobwebs because it's been so long since I fucked!
My party comes in and I think I'm ready but I don't think I'm ready for the swarm that's come in to watch me and others "fuck!" There's a fellow career woman there whom I trust and ask what she's drinking? She say's something and it has a chaser but I can't understand and don't care and take both anyway and guzzle. Now I think I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Demille! Mr. BBC starts with the Mrs. and the Mr. and I start! I know I couldn't wait to gobble his huge cock! He's more than a mouth full and I tried to take all of him in! I do remember telling my friends to be quiet I was fucking, lol! It's funny because normally, I'm the one sitting, watching and directing or even joking and they're telling me to shut the fuck up! lol I remember him asking me if I wanted it in my ass and the room getting quiet and me saying I hadn't prepped and I had drank too much carrot juice and people laughing! I remember an old woman sitting on the bed watching, lol, on the bed! My friend told me his wife "ate me!" lol Well, whatever happened it felt good, I know that and Mr. BBC said it was like watching live porn, lol! I'm pretty sure because I'm very vocal. And That wasn't the end...
After, I took a shower not to just clean up but to sober. When I first arrive to pay or whatever, I spotted a guy in line. Yea, this bitch doesn't miss a beat! Yea, I found him but I was whisked away! lol My pussy was on a mission- someone else's , this time! Mr. BBC had found this attractive, Italian-looking couple! He was maybe 6', black hair. She was definitely attractive, thin, 5'6', blondish hair. By this time all the private rooms were taken so we went onto the balcony where a couple was already fucking! Well, they just looked awkward, to say the least! I think because I've watched so much porn and seen people fuck so many times, I'm not impressed by even the most attractive doing it (yawn)! I politely asked if we could watch when actually we just wanted to share the space! so the Mrs.I grabbed Mr. BBC and Mr. I and me started. Lol, Ok, I remember him being on top of me because Mrs. I grabbed my breasts then leaned over while being fucked by Mr. BBC and we started kissing while I was being fucked by her husband Mr. I! This bitch was not only attractive, blondish and thin but flexible, ok! lol We must have "hella" fucked because he mentioned rug burns which is ultimately why I wrote this story! Damn... but the night didn't end with them! My pussy was on overtime, to say the least! I went and showered, again! I don't even know how I ended it with him. I think he joined the wife and Mr. BBC! I found the guy I had eyed in the beginning when I first arrived. I brought him up to join all of us in the loft. Ordinarily and under "normal" circumstances, I respect others but as you can see and read this was far from normal- way, way...way
When I found him, he was with someone near the dance floor kissing! I walked up and joined and snatched! I think, no I know, I had to have him. Not In that way, necessarily but I wanted him. Not sure what happened to that couple but once we started, it wasn't just sex. He had just had a break up and so did I and it seemed we made love all night! I mean we did it for hours and kissed the whole time he was inside of me. It was incredible and it's funny but my friend Mr. BBC, who's an incredible one, even placed a blanket on both of us because we didn't actually stop until 4 or 5 that morning and didn't leave until after 8!
To get where I was going with my story, I was on another site talking to someone. Actually for several days now. lol He said what he was looking for and I did too! We haven't exchanged photos. He tried but since I'm not a paying member, I can't see them. He said that he goes to the club here and I said I used to but haven't since April because I got embarrassed, rather feel that I embarrassed myself the last time I went. I explained what happened and sent my email and logged off. My phone zinged that I got an email, I logged on and it was him. He asked if I was there with Mr. BBC and I said yes, should I crawl under the table now? Thinking, oh brother, does he know me or was he there that night or surely it can't be...

*this needs some bling, lol
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Some things are better left in the fantasy world or better yet, my head! In my head, my mind, I have an idea and they are my ideas, of what a man should be. They are my ideas of how a man should act, talk, walk and everything! Sometimes, I think I would make a better man than most! 
My thinking goes way back. When asked on the profile portion of my ideal man, I wasn't joking when I said he only exists in the movies! When I was a kid, I said I was going to marry one of those actors in the black and white films and I did because he looks like him, he took care of me just the way he was suppose to and that part of my life was "charmed" because from that, I grew spoiled! 
However, whatever takes place in the bedroom, there's a whole protocol outside the bedroom, for me! 
Yes, Mr. Seeing me (made up) came and Mr. Seeing me went! The day I picked him up from the airport, I had been to two schools getting two transcripts for a new school I'm trying to attend which I had taken an entrance exam for the previous day! Yeah, I had withdrawn from several schools, applied to another, passed the entrance exam and was excited but now nervous about this visit! Suffice to say I was a little stressed not to mention I suffer from migraines! After all the morning running around, I was developing one!
I had no expectations because that meant I had to think and thinking was not going to be on my agenda or in my head! I arrived early because that's my personality. I'm seriously one of those people that handles business and I expect others to be that way too! Something that will factor into why this didn't play out. There are times I could go the distance and there are times I do deliberately watch others to see if they're going to step up to the plate and fulfill their part. 
I sit down in the bar area and order then I strike up a conversation with the bartender about the shooting in New York at the Empire State building. Then the second bartender comes and somehow we strike up a conversation about family and taking them in, kicking them out-very personal things! That seems to be the way it is wherever I go. I talk to every and anybody and they talk to me. We talk  about the most personal things! I've had total strangers tell me I have the most friendly smile, face- this plays into where I'm going later too!
I get a text, "I'm here!" I text back, I'm sitting at the bar outside security." I'm thinking, does he ever he finds me, finally! He's tall, well over 6 feet, his skin is a little dark but he could use a tan, he has facial hair; he has a boyish quality about him for a man of 47. Normally, that doesn't bother me but this time when certain, um how to put this nicely, when the mentality goes along with it we go!
I know I'm way too picky and I don't know if I was being bitchy or if I was just tired from my headache or if I was being a picky bitch with a headache but I was pleased when I saw him. I was not when he ordered his drink and after because he didn't remove the straw and he kept "sloshing" the ice around and it was very noisy! First of all, it's a pet peeve of mine. Secondly, even at a bar, I hate when men drink from the straw or leave it in the drink! It just gets better! I nixed the original bar I was taking him to and decided to go with a Blues bar. I am not sure if he gets out at home but he seemed nervous and kept saying as long as we're together, I came to see you. Well, truth be told, he said that on many occasions, too many! I'm not opposed to intimacy but I also don't want to be "holed" up somewhere and feeling like I can't breathe-a conversation we had to have when he decided he was ready to leave! Ok, so while at the bar, he takes out his "shoes" that are these name brand and shows me that he's wearing those out! First, I don't care what name is on/in them, they're out of style! Secondly, he wears them with no strings and third, they need polished/cleaning or something! Actually, there's a fourth, throw the motherfuckers away! We sit and talk and everything is going ok but the physical chemistry is not quite there or did it just simply fly out the window already? We go have lunch at my favorite place and we have good conversation so I think a friendship is on the horizon, at best!
After lunch, I take him over to his suite which I decide to pay for. I figure for him flying to see me, it's the least I could do. I also packed a cooler full of alcohol with mixers. See, this is what I mean about being prepared. Plus, everyone knows about my ho bag! After we check in, I tell him I need to go home and take care of some things, take a nap and I'll be back. He wants me to nap there and that's possible but after he says he's forgotten his phone charger, like a child, my headache picks up and I need a real nap! At this point, I'm thinking what man knows he's leaving for a trip and forgets his license and almost misses his flight, forgets his phone charger and it gets better...I just need a nap! I try to pick my attitude up after my "nap," shower and much ASA! I don't think I'm truly well rested because my mind really never shut down.
 I think people have habits they aren't aware of but when you're getting on my nerves, I'm absofuckinglutely aware of every single one! When I went back to the room, my headache was kind of gone but still there! Not just literally but figuratively! I laid beside him to watch television and the entire time, well almost, he made that hocking noise! It felt like sandpaper on my skin! I also noticed the soap had not been opened! I did notice he "washed" his hands when he used the bathroom but unless the soap could somehow be absorbed through the paper, you know, just saying...I need a drink and bad and actually I needed several! 
I believe we tried to get Something started but Mr. Seeing me didn't have any condoms! I knew that too, somehow I had a feeling! Something said pick up a box but something also said don't get a box! Even my kids carry them! Could I/we leave to pick them up, sure but by then I was a little more than through! When a man offers to ask the front desk... I mean really?! I was a little more than put off by then!
I wanted to, sure, because he had a big ass cock! And for no other reason but then after I would feel, I don't know, empty or unfulfilled! The feelings I'd get from randoms or hook-ups! The reason I don't do them anymore. (ok, on rare, horny occasions) The reason I rarely venture out on dates and stop wasting time with simple, silly motherfuckers that can only get it up long enough, maybe five minutes, to give me a wet ass! If I had, it might have been real nice and not have felt that way but I was turned off by the whole day's events. As I mentioned, I have My ideas of men. Maybe they are too perfect and the bar is set too high that no man can attain and maybe not! (this was way, way...) It just went stale from the whole "no condom drama!" He decided he was hungry and wanted a "pie," (pizza). I thought everyone in the world knew that every drawer in every hotel has a book listing places to order food not the front desk. Plus, you don't have to walk to the front desk, they have a phone and you dial "0!" Really?! (did I have to type this?) I met the one person in America that doesn't know this! After this, I think I took a nap and got up, went home and tossed about the rest of the morning!
Later that morning, while packing the truck to get ready for our trip to the nudist camp, I called my friend. I always need a buffer because I know I am not rational, at times! I know I can be mean, at times. I know I can bully people, at times! At least I know these things and I try to work on them, at times! She tells me to give him a chance even though he doesn't sound all that sophisticated! We laugh and joke...  because here we are sitting in the Midwest and we have traveled, know how to communicate.
Anyway, I call the room, call the room because his phone is dead and no answer. Finally, he picks up his cell! He's walked to a place, not far for a phone charger! Several things, he could have taken a cab or waited until I got there to go buy one! This place wasn't far but it wasn't that close! 
So, I walk in, he's sitting at the desk and now the man has suddenly grown some balls or is the umbilical cord stretched to the limits! He tells me he's ready to go back home because he's not feeling like we made a connection. I say I don't think so either but I thought since you were already here and my truck is packed, we'd still go to the camp, as friends now that we put that on the table. I felt I could because we had great conversations over the phone. He said something about the condoms... I wasn't taking it there but why not? I told him, I have certain expectations for men and I didn't think he met them. I didn't think he was a very responsible man for one of 47. He said well I came to see you and it's not "about the sex!" I said well it must be because you want to leave so what time is your flight? He said doesn't that bother you that I want to leave? I said no not at all. I think he was bothered that I wasn't bothered! I said because if it isn't about the sex then you'd stay and go camping and just have fun with other people then. He said but I came to see you then I said but that sounds "suffocating!" I'm an outgoing person and you want to be this introvert. I could do the museum shit and stuff with just us but I'm not feeling that. So what time is your flight? If he was bluffing, it didn't work or backfired! Within 1/2 he was at the international city airport! 
We talked when he got back to his "comfort zone!" After i thought about it, he ran! He signed up for a weekend, couldn't cut the mustard and cut out. Was I rough, hmm, stay off my page if you can't handle it! I was definitely ready for fun after we both kind of loosened up. The bitch would have sloughed off with the clothes! I think, for me, had those balls that were bluffing at that moment, been displayed during the planning and preparation of his/our trip, it Might have gone a little better! I am soo used to taking charge and planning, it would be nice, for a change, if someone else did that! I like a challenge and also someone that doesn't need instructions-on almost everything! Don't read this and get me wrong, I still think we would have and could have enjoyed the rest of the visit but I also understand his feelings even though reading this it sounds as if I don't! Lol 
 I got home and received three texts: one guy wants a so-called ongoing relationship, the next wants to take care of me and my son, the other is just the sweetest and would do anything for me- in fact they all would but I couldn't; I wouldn't do it to them! They have no idea
Black Butterfly
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So I've been a little stressed lately because my classes are starting at two different schools. I was thinking, I'm not sure whether or not I want to stay in this damn profession but it feeds me and houses me. Plus, I'm not sure whether or not I even want to go to school. Why two? Well, at $1000 per credit hour at the private one and having to retake a course, I opted to retake that shit at a cheaper school, just in case! During the course of all this, I'll probably go back to work too- I miss shopping!! If I weren't so lazy, at times, I could be a bad bitch, well badder, lol. I have a lot of unused energy because I get bored. I sit around and think of shit I could do and I indulge like a teenager! I'm going for this double major but I'd really like to write but I can't eat paper! Maybe one day...
So this morning after a stressful yesterday of registering, canceling and re-registering and doing my last minute, trifling financial aid shit and thinking of going to a totally different school altogether, damn, I got up at six this morning and took a shower and went for a walk to work it out! I needed to clear my head and regroup! I don't think it's school, money or anything related to that! I'm not sure if others are like me but when I hear music, it brings things home for me! I love, love music and when I first hear a song, I'll play it 50 or more times! Well, Keisha Cole is my favorite artist and right now her new song out is, "Enough of no love." When I heard that, I had to download it! A few of my previous blogs are about my ex whom I'm still dealing with-long distance! Getting pics and a video of him and another person just last week would shake anyone but another man...
I've never tried to compete with anyone in his life for him and I never felt I had to. I'm not a jealous woman and I don't have to be because I can hold my own. Knowing that your man or someone is bi is fine but when you feel that person enjoys a man more than he enjoys someone he says he loves, hmm it's a feeling I can't even describe. Especially, when I've been there a little longer, gone the distance- literally and figuratively. I don't even know if I shed a tear. I was, however, ready to vomit! Not due to the nature of the sexuality but because, I can't even put my feelings into words! I watch gay porn so it's not that but because as I said it seemed more enjoyable than being with a woman-me! I can only write from my heart...We've played with men before but the playing alone, by himself and I knew but the long distance (you do you and I'll do me) and seeing it- completely different! And hearing the moans! I don't remember the moans when we were in the bed together and I know my shit is good! Lol, I'm not even gonna try to sell myself right now! There's no comparison in a cock and pussy...right?! I say Black Butterfly because I had enough Not just that but that wow! Finally, I had to let go- for real! And just fly solo and alone. Some people need to be cut off and out like cancer!
While I was out walking, I was thinking of the kind of person I'd want to greet me when I got back: He's happy to see me as I walk though the door. He doesn't care, he grabs me and kisses me passionately with minty breath and soft lips and lightly takes his hand up through the back of my head, through my hair. He takes the other and grabs my ass, massaging it. I push him away lightly and tell him that I'm sweaty and I need to shower and change. He follows me to the bathroom and helps me pull off my gym shoes and sweaty and soaked shorts and panty's. He starts to kiss me up my thighs, as he does, going up in between my legs which I gladly open for him! As his tongue finds my lips and parts them, I pull my tank and bra off. I feel a little self conscious but since it feels so good, I don't want him to stop. I rub on his head as he licks and sucks on my pussy. He comes up for air by placing his lips on my lips. I can taste and smell the sweaty, musky scent on his face and I take all of me in. He goes back down and I grind my hips to rhythm. He stands up and I remove his shorts and rub my palm on his cock and my thumb on his cock head. Th little bead of pre-cum that dripped onto my thumb, I take and suck off. I start with my tongue onto his head and twirl it around it then I take him into my mouth. I go in deeper an deeper. I know he like that gagging noise. I usually don't but I'm about pleasing so I make That noise. Once it's good and wet, I rub the saliva on like "lotion" or an "oil!" I tell him I'm going to run the shower. I bend over to start the water and he's right there too! I lean over the tub and he puts his head at the entrance to my pussy. I lean back, giving it all to him. He enters me. Hmm, I tell him to fuck me baby, please! He runs his hands over my back, up to my shoulders as his hard cock enters and comes out. I moan with pleasure, as I ride his hard cock. I try to position myself so that the rim of the tub doesn't hurt my ribs. I got a little padding but... His momentum picks up. I tell him not to cum! Hmm, no baby, not yet, I say. He parts my ass cheeks, wide, just the way I like and fucks me faster! He tells me he can't hold out. I tell him ok but we're finishing in the shower! I tell him to cum in me, I want to feel that warm, sticky in me and think of him later when he's running out of me! He does! Most of it goes in me, deep and some he saves so he can see right at my asshole which he wets! I tell him that we'll save that for in the shower!
Hmm, is that too much to ask for?!
Ah, the agony of fun!
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When I go places, as I've said in many stories, I go solo! I'm an adult so I can handle myself! I find that others can't, lol! Once I get to the campground and check in, I start pitching my tent. Now mind you, if I don't right away, I won't at all! I've got it down but I just need help standing it up! Afterwards, I stand at the back of my truck and my girlfriends husband pulls up on the golf cart and we exchange our hugs. I start changing into what I'll wear for the remainder of the night. If someone had said over a year ago I'd be comfortable getting naked, outside, during the day, in front of strangers, I would tell them they were crazy! So I change into my bikini bottoms and the smallest damn shrug I've ever seen, ever worn! Well hell, it was only small because it shrunk in the wash! It didn't cover not one titty, not one nipple- nothing! It basically was just a little fashion something...
And I put on some little thong sandals then I reached into a cooler and pulled out three and we headed for the pool.
When we arrived, they were already playing games. I missed a few: Ms. Best ass (I would have lost! Lol) My friend won and it's a nice one! I believe I could have placed high up for best tattoo! I did, however, get invited to play a game of charades with your body! You had to get naked in the pool and form letters with your body on teams and others had to guess your word! Our team won, so I arrived just in time to win and win some nice stuff! Afterwards, we rode around and grabbed more drinks. This weekend was the dirt bike racing thing! So, while we're out there, naked, on golf carts or walking or biking, people are also on the trails racing dirt bikes! Lol (I met the team, great guys but the one I seemed to really connect with drank a little too much, was a little too obnoxious but cute but went away very horny due to his immaturity, lol! I forgot to type this at the end and added during my sorry ass editing!) My grill would have come in handy had I used it but there was a seafood cook out! It was massive! There was plenty too! They offered shrimp- grilled, kabobed, fried shrimp, fetticini, prawns, crab legs, crawfish, jumbalaya, catfish, Mac n cheese, rice, dessert, fried spinach (yes and the shit was good!) Complete with soo much butter to dip the crablegs in! Also, my nipples! I told my girlfriends hubbie his LDL was gonna go up. Lol I was sticky mess to say the least... Then there was more drinking and riding on the golf cart. During the time in between the dance which starts at 9 and when the fun and drinking stops, most people take a nap or fuck! Well, I'm not masturbating there! My phone's battery ain't charged that much! And I'm not that horny! I took vodka and Jack with me but I started on these sorry ass coolers first so I'm not even buzzed, so I thought! Ha, this bitch is resourceful! I brought my skates! I guess I could have Nah, I'd rather skate! Around the huge leg is nothing but cement so I skated-half naked for about :45, then I finally wore myself out, wishing I wasn't so selective and "buzzed" dialed, once I got back to my tent then joined the rest and napped until it was time for the dance! Normally, I take something sexy to wear but this time I opted for something "costume-y" but I guess looking back, super sexy and very appropriate! I found out the theme for that night was "Rocky Horror Picture Show!" I wore a black, halter vest that tied in the back and a very, very short, black skirt with a train on the back that made me look like a black bride! I wore that outfit with 5" peeptoe heels with bows. I go take my shower which by now you really can't be shy because everything is unisex! You just go in, do your thing and that's that! I go to the dance, we dance! I dance with men. I dance with women! I dance on the pole! Yes, there's one there! It's nice having one here too, I get good practice It's kind of funny because in a way, it reminds me of high school. It's where the hook ups start! The men start picking the women, the couples start picking the couples, the couples start picking the females, the couples start picking the males! (they're just fucking greedy, lol) Well, then there is me... Lol
Last night was a meteor shower. It was georgous! (nice word) So, the after party was held out in the dunes. I was introduced to (I always am introduced...) two guys from the racing team, both very nice looking. The mood was right, the setting was perfect- under the stars, a huge bonfire! But I think I'll wait!(I met the team, great guys but the one I seemed to really connect with drank a little too much, was a little too obnoxious but cute but went away very horny due to his immaturity, lol!)

*Don't ever try this in the dark on your Iphone when you can't see! My OCD is kicking in, I've edited this five fucking times!!
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My so called life
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I'm lying here, yes lying, in bed waiting to hit the road for my trip to the nudist camp. It's not that sunny out today, at least not right now! I've been out already having taken the vehicle to get an oil change. I've got both coolers packed. One is loaded with soda, water and of course alcohol. The other with my hamburger, chips, buns, etc... Lol, I'm going to try to use the grill. If not, the pizza delivery guys will definitely see my titties today! I wanted to wear shorts with my bikini underneath but I'll wear my new Ralph Lauren large pony polo with my white, wide bottom leg sweats and Bandolino thongs that have stones to match the polo! Even when I'm getting naked, I have to make this, look good When I go, I'd prefer not to go alone but alas, I haven't yet found that One! That one I can go to parties with, clubs with and until then, I'm not settling! I'll continue to go solo, run from the single guys, lol, run from the "crows," hide from the couples whose husbands may want a quickie, lol! Omg, my so called life and it is what it is and I'm actually enjoying every bit of it! Every single time I laugh with friends, by myself. Every time I'm frightened, I get excited or Every time I get angry or sad or mad- these things make me regroup and refocus! I realize that I've got it better than some and I really should not have any complaints. My life could be worse as others when we look to our left or right! I have my health above all. My kids have their health. My grandkids have their health! And no matter what, the things I've been through make me, shape me into a better, stronger person, woman! so called life! I don't have this thing down, down even at 46. I'm still a work in progress! Most of us only get one chance! I've only got this life and I plan to live it "until the wheels fall off!"

*Not sure why I'm I (must have been watching something and felt like writing)
Last few weeks of summer
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It's hard to believe but the summer is almost over. Also hard to believe I start classes at several different schools. I keep asking myself what the fuck am I doing and why! I already have a life and career. I guess like a lot of other people, I'm searching and I'm not happy in more ways than one...I suppose I have to start somewhere.
The last few weeks will begin with this weekend. I'm just about packed for my usual trek up to camp! This time I'm taking a gas grill! lol Wish me luck with this because I don't grill at home, let alone cook! I can mind you, I just don't. My first class begins, I think the week after then I'm full-time after that-yuck! I would say that definitely cuts into my freedom and fun! Before my full-time classes start though, I am getting a visit from Mr. Big Apple. So, I'm hoping to end the summer with a smile on my face!
Welcome to OA
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There's coffee and donuts in the corner on the table over there-help yourselves, please! Hi my name is Honey and welcome to the meeting! No last names please. If you'd like to speak, just raise your hands. Ok, so I'll go first. First of all, I'd like to apologize to my fellow brothers and sisters on line whom I may have offended. There are times when I may have called you a bitch, a cunt (my fave), a prick, cocksucker or motherfucker (another fave) or dickhead. You probably deserved it, at the time! However, there are no excuses. I may call you that in the future, if I fall off the wagon. I'm not perfect and when I feel I'm being picked on or bullied, it's a wrap! I'm coming out swinging and that's all she wrote. In the future, I'll try to do better. Now that doesn't mean I'll be a push over Now some of you are just mean by nature! I, usually, try to make others laugh but my humor gets lost in translation, like a lot does when one is reading something and translating what others have written! I make no apologies for my humor. It is what it is! Don't come to my page/profile or email me bullshit, talking shit! It's honestly not meant to be hurtful, that's not on my agenda but to put a smile on someones face. Maybe not yours but...Being mean is not healthy for your heart, complexion, looks and I plan on looking good for a long time! (jk) There is also no need to be a smart ass unless it's meant to be funny and the other person is laughing too! If he/she is not laughing with you but you have everyone laughing at them, what does that say about your character? And if it seems I've done that before, that was never my intent! I will not disrespect you and I would expect the same, please! Next!
Big Apple, continuing... (part II)
Posted:Aug 6, 2012 2:27 pm
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Now I'm standing here, completely exposed! I don't think it matters because he's so embroiled in what he's doing and literally loving it! Now there are those that love eating pussy and those that simply just do it to please to the woman. Just as there are women that suck cock to please men and those that actually love it! I'm the latter bitch. Of course when you love something you do it welland I couldn't wait to reciprocate. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get the chance though. Once he came up, a brief thought entered my head but only briefly! "I'm glad I'm not into women with that thick mustache on him and only my scent is sitting there!" (I really need some Ritalin because my mind goes all over the place!)He pulls me over to the table in our suite and tells me to put one leg up on it and I do. He then takes his cock and rubs it between both of my pussy lips. I come in and out to meet him. He then slips the head of his cock into my pussy but only the head. He reaches behind my head and kisses me, long and passionately. His lips are nice and thick but not full. Our tongues reach out to meet each other and taste each other. I can smell the scent of Flowerbomb mixed with my sweat on his face. As his cock head is fucking me, of which I want more, his hands control my hips, never letting them rock more than he wants me to. I try to ride a little more and inch up a little more, but his hands that were gripping and grasping my ass come forward and push my pelvis back, controlling the situation.
Next he tells me to get on my knees and I do. He puts his cock up to my mouth. I take it in but only what he wants me to have. (controlling mofo) I start to suck on his cock and it must be good because when he starts to fuck my mouth his speed picks up. Ha, he goes to grab hair but my hair is pinned so he grabs my ponytail! Now I'm forced to remove my pins anyway. (so much for trying to look cute) He grabs my hair and in goes his cock and the mouth fucking resumes. I don't mind because as I said, I love it! Is it a fetish for men to see their cock sticking out the side of a woman's mouth/jaw?! After several minutes, he decides we're ready to fuck. He tells me to lie back up in the bed, he would like to fuck the shit out of me. I laugh and say I would too! I lie down and he crawls on top and spreads my legs like I'm a gymnast or 18 or something! Somehow though, one leg went behind him (stayed down) and the other over his shoulder. He is no small man but when he entered me it felt so good. I relaxed my pelvic muscles as best I could to be able to take all of him in! See, after our initial talks, I allowed the "sex talk!" He had me so stirred up on the phone, I couldn't wait for him to fuck me! I knew I'd be nervous, scared but I also knew that someone was coming so far to me and really we're adults and let's face it- we're fucking the whole time! With every thrust into me, I pushed up my pelvis to him. I wanted to make sure he went with a smile. As we fucked this way, his hands massaged my breasts. At one point he leaned down to suck on my nipples but I didn't let him long. I'm always afraid someone will get carried away and bite them by mistake! He leaned in and kissed me again. I moaned as he did! Next he took his finger while still fucking me and started fucking my ass with it. I wasn't surprised because he said he was and I said I liked it. When he did, he started fucking really, really fast! I was actually surprised he didn't come but no... After a little while of that he told me to wet his cock- I obliged him! I sucked his cock or rather he fucked my mouth. He practically flipped me over next. He pushed his thick cock into my, now sore, pussy. I say push because it had gotten really swollen from all the fingering, licking, sucking and fucking- basically the wear, tear and mutilation from a little over an hour, so far! He started slow then picked up his momentum! Once he realized I was fucking him too, he kind of stopped and let me ride him. I'm very vocal so of course they're are a lot of fuck me baby's in there somewhere! I think the last one got to him because he started coming! (cumming) When I sense that, I definitely pick up and squeeze and wrap my pussy muscles tighter around that cock! If they're silent during, they start talking then! If this is the first day, I can only imagine the rest of the visit!

Of course, this is only in my head but I have a way of making things come true!
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