arrrrgh not a great blogger!!!  

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10/30/2005 3:23 am

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arrrrgh not a great blogger!!!

hehehe too busy doing to blogg..but sometimes it's fun to note down some experiences. I met up with a great woman yesterday for example. we'd chatted on here for a while- and we thought hey why not meet for a coffee- so we did.

Coffee place in Covent garden....quite quiet for a a darker area at the back- very intimate- the atmosphere heavy with anticipation..

She's nice- not great looking but she makes me laugh. Quite curvy, black..dressed in tight jeans and a loose top.... the weather's still oddly warm here, so no need for warm sweaters yet..nice yummy we drank our coffees sitting close.....there was an obvious physical attraction- we chatted for a while........hahahaa chatted and touched.....and since we'd been talking on line about what we might do. She said all the guys she'd met from there were all talk- and how it woudl be nice to actually meet one who wasn't- so we grabbed a cab and went off east to her place.

When we got in the the taxi we immediately started kissing- full on the lips .evry very sensuous kisses-s the cabbie drove us through the deserted city. It's amazing how deserted the business area of London is at the weekends. We touched and kissed.......getting hornier as we went..I got the taxi to stop on the way and got a bottle of Moet........

Eventually we got to her flat....I sat on the sofa while she went and got some glasses. I popped the cork off and poured some delicious champagne into the glasses. She said she'd been stressed out at work so she asked me to massage her neck. She sat between my legs and I started rubbing gently up and down.running my fingers through her crinkly hair. Enjoying the texture. I love black women...hehehee and white ones too... She leaned back and pressed her head against my bulging shorts...hard
but I refused to be distracted from my massaging up and down her back.... then the front...reaching down under her vest top and feeling the swelling breasts, touching the nips.The outer rings of the nipps went crinly adn frim the tips became hard like rasberries.
She could no longer stand it, so she turned round, pulled me up to my feet, pulled off my shorts, grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth sucking hard. she rubbed her tits up and down as she did this so could feel the nipps stiffening through the material.
God she gave great head.....but she slipped her had inside her shorts as she licked and bit me, wanking herslf gently.

We continued doing that for ages, until she had me REAAALLLLLY hard then she got up slipped off her shorts and bent over to show me her curvey arse. mmmm and black as ebony.

I couldnt resist it, and as I walked over she reached into a basket by her bed and chucked me a condom....."FUCK ME NOOOOWWWWW!!!!", she said, "I neeed it now baby".

I slipped the condom out of its wrapper, and, tweeking the teat end with my thumb and forefinger, unfurled it along the shaft of my dick.

" COME ON......HUUUURRRRRRRY!" she shouted,and as she did so I rubbed it up and down her crack before i eased it in. She was VERY wet so it went in really easliy and I got a goood rythmn going, as she moaned loudly with every thrust deeper and deeeper.

doggy style over the favourite position for maxin,um penetration.
She moaned very loudly and i coould feel her tensing for an orgasm which had been building from the moment we ahd met earlier that day on the beach..she yelled so loudly I thought the neighbours would complain, but just as she was on the edge she insisted that I put some fingers in her pussy alongside my cock, which I did, and it was very special indeed
ramming them in and out with my cock enjoying their touch as much as she was since I could pinch the sides of it while I fucked her, and touch her clit withmy thumb
we both then ahd a great orgasm, and I managed to pull it out and get the condom off in time to shooot over her tits.

God that was a memorable afternoon, and we came at least four more times, once with me fisting her with my cock up her arse....that was really amazing.

rainqueen04 55F
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6/9/2006 11:09 am

sounds like a good time was had by all those are the fun meets aren't they????

1hardhotrod4u 47M
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6/17/2006 6:54 am

they sure are...and they'd been EXTRA fun with u rainqueen

rm_angie_g 48F
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8/6/2007 6:48 am


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