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6/19/2006 6:48 pm

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Sounds Greek to Me

Greek myths involve themes of love, desire, and passion; some examples are the story of Eros and Psyche, the tale of Echo and Narcissus, and the numerous affairs of Zeus!

"Clytie was a water-nymph and in love with Helios, the god of the Sun, who basically ignored her. Ahhhh, yes, it’s the story of how opposites attract. So Clytie pined away, sitting all day long upon the cold ground like a silly, obsessed woman. She cried for nine days, couldn’t eat or drink. She gazed on the sun when he rose, and as he passed through his daily course to his setting, she saw no other object, her face turned constantly on him (gag). At last, they say, her limbs rooted in the ground, her face became a flower which turns on its stem so as always to face the sun. A little obsessive? Ya think?

Greeks cling on to myths to hold on to miserable hopeless relationships. But then again, there were a few Greek myths of bold women.

The goddess Artemis was known as a huntress and the goddess who could bring death with her arrows. She was a strong willed and powerful goddess. Artemis was free to pursue her interests, and was often found frolicking in the forests. Myths and legends show that the goddess Artemis was aloof and free-spirited, and not constrained by husband or hearth. Sounds nice but I also think she remained a virgin. Hmmmm . . . not sure that’s me.

Daphne abhorred the thought of loving. Her delight was in woodland sports and the spoils of the chase. So far, sounds good. Many lovers sought her, but she spurned them all, like having a bad day on AdultFriendFinder as you hit the delete key. Hating the thought of marriage as a crime, she ran to her father and said, "Dearest father, grant me this favor, that I may always remain unmarried, like Artemis." He consented, but at the same time said, "Your own face will forbid it." Sounds a little harsh, doesn’t it? Is that the cost of beauty?

Heroes, lovers, Cyclops . . . I think they’re all the same and I don’t think things have changed much since the days of the Greeks.

Transblucency 44M

6/20/2006 8:26 pm

Oohh classic post. Well, classical anyway.

Greek mythology is filled with spurned girls pining and withering away, for no apparently good reason.

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