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5/29/2006 9:30 am

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It’s Memorial weekend and I’m weighing out my options. I’m so lucky to have options and I recognize this. I am truly blessed to have such good friends that include me in their lives. But here’s my issue . . . while I love my friends dearly, they’re married. I look upon the TWO of them and realize that I am so alone. I see their kids snuggle in their dad’s lap and realize that there is no dad for my kids to snuggle with when they're with me. While I am happy for my friends, watching them brings back haunting memories of a past life. As I look at my kids, I can see that they see the same images. Their eyes are large and they stand silently, just watching, and thinking.

But these were the choices I made in life and now I have to live it, no regrets. It’s times like these where I need to pack up my little bundles and go do something grand! A single parent still has many options. My kids are my world and it’s a great world to be living in right now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have peace, respect, and happiness as I’m surrounded with two young people that love me unconditionally, forever. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

Someday, when I’m ready to share, I will find a door that exists within these walls I have built up around myself. Someday, I will let someone in. Someday, I will venture out. Someday, but for today I have me and two little people that make me laugh, and they’re waiting to have a squirt-gun fight. What a great option.

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5/29/2006 10:14 am

Remeber to let the kids win at least won battle, have fun

rm_Ellenback 58F
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5/29/2006 11:19 pm

You're not alone, although it feels like it, and you made that decision for the best of you, and what you know of as you. Guilt over leaving does no one any good, least of all, the kids, and believe me, as one mom who SHOULD have left earlier, THAT particular guilt can consume you.

Look for the sun, kiddo, and believe me, I am now starting to learn about venturing out. Thank God for your kids, and for writing, huh?



rm_bjj8787 52M

6/2/2006 8:34 am

Nice to see you still have an open mind about men, despite the problems in the past.... I wanted to pass along a story to you.. in case you enjoy some light reading.. if not, simply let me know...


You have come home feeling a bit tense from a day of work. I whisper in your ear..

"Don't say a word... go into the bedroom.. take off
you clothes and lie face down on the bed.. be prepared for a nice massage.."

(you can't help but follow the instructions)

The bedroom is dark except for a small candle burning in the far corner of
the room.. just a very faint orange light.. which eases your apprehension
about being totally naked.. you lie face down in the middle of the bed.. The
covers were pulled back to reveal the cool softness of the flannel sheets... you
bury your face in them and are a bit surprised by their warmth.. they
smell as if freshly washed.. and you start to relax..

Your eyes are closed, so you don't see me approach.. but you hear me... I
climb onto the bed and straddle your body... your feel the warmth of my
thighs resting against yours... Feel my hands at your shoulders.. slowly
caressing them.. kneeding the tightness from them.. grabbing the muscles and
easing away all the tension. (you also feel my scrotum sliding down the
slope of your ass... and a heavy mass lying its weight on your left butt
cheek) It's warm and welcome just resting there.

I continue to kneed your shoulders.. stopping to concentrate on the left
side alone// then the right.. caressing, then kneeding./. My hands trace
your spine down... then back up... back to kneading the shoulders....

I lean forward and pull your hair to the side.. kissing your neck ever so
slightly.. my hands still caressing your back... I begin to kiss you slowly
over the neck and shoulders.. kissing each freckle with a passion.. as if
each one were a long lost lover.. you realize the warm mass has shifted
from your cheek to just inside the crack of that gorgeous ass.. concentrate
and you can feel my heart beat on your back... feel my chest hair on your
back as I continue to make love to your freckles... kissing and licking.. my
cock has somehow slid into the crack of your ass... I move slightly lower
now and begin to kneed the skin on your lower back...
both hands pressing away the stress... my cock again shifts to between your
legs.. it's not touching you..
but you can feel its presence.. it's heat.. it's growing mass...

I am now devoting all my attention to your ass... slowly caressing at
first.. then kneading... holding each cheek in a hand... caressing as hard
as you like.. listening for possible sighs.. or moans of pleasure to guide
them in any direction... As I continue to kneed lower and lower.. your ass
starts to rise toward me.. a sure sign from you of more needed attention
elsewhere... I bend down and kiss your spine.. starting at your neck.. then
moving slowly downward... kissing and licking... down.. down... I am at the
top the curve of your ass and I pause to nuzzle in between both cheeks with my
nose....sliding down ever so quickly and slightly to breath on your pussy
lips.. then back up to where I was...

You curve your ass higher in the air.. in an almost pleading motion... I
bend back down and kiss your cheeks... one, then the other.. kissing back
and forth... lower.. lower... now kissing your thighs... back and forth....
feel my hands caress your thighs.. the backs of your thighs becoming tense
with the rise of your ass.. I gently guide you back to a laying position...
I nudge your lips with my nose... you are already so moist...

I lay totally against you... the warmth of my body bringing a slight chill
to you as you feel it all.. my chest against your back... my legs on the
backs of your legs.. my cock growing ever larger between the cheeks of that
wonderful ass... my breath on the back of your neck as I kiss and give a
little suck.. I work my lips to your ear... "don't rush Gorgeous, you deserve

I kneel beside you again and gently persuade you to roll over.. facing me..
although you are a bit apprehensive, the darkness of the room.. and my
inviting chest.. smile... and body give off an invitation you can't

I begin to caress your shoulders again... and watch as you close your eyes
to take it in.. I caress both shoulders.. then work my hands... the backs of
my hands down the front of your body... glancing them across your hardened
nipples.... then slowly turning them around to caress their fullness..
caressing your breasts... you feel my cock on your tummy... growing
harder... feel the slip of the skin as it grows.. and the softness of my
scrotum.. which is clinging as it has fallen between your legs..

I then reach to your sides and take your hands... placing them on your own
breasts.. an offer.. if you feel uncomfortable you can just use them to
cover... but I secretly wish for you to show me how you pleasure yourself..

I begin to kiss your stomach.. nice and lightly... on each side. again
making each inch of skin feel as if it is the one I have been longing for..
I find wonderful freckles on the skin as I continue down... I reach the top
of your pubic hair and nuzzle it with my nose.. taking in the tickle.. the
scent.. I nibble on the hair with my mouth... and gaze up to see you
playing with your breasts... caressing their roundness and encircling the
nipples.. which are standing straight up in the air... I catch your eyes...
watching me.. wanting me to continue my exploration.,., and I do...

inching my nose down through your pubic hair... getting closer to
paradise... circling down feeling every strand of hair... smelling,
touching... wanting.... I reach the top of your pussy and nudge for the clit
with my nose.. it becomes moist as I do so... I bring my mouth up next to
you lips and breathe on them... you open your legs to let me do as I
wish.... I nudge my nose from top to bottom.. and back... taking it all in..
then my tongue darts in.. quickly getting a taste.. and wanting sooo much

Feel my tongue as it slowly slides from the top of the lips to the bottom...
a little beyond.. then back again... I reach my hands under your ass and
bring your wonderful pussy closer to my mouth.. slowly kissing the lips as
if it were a mouth.... nibbling on them.. licking between them... sliding my
tongue back and forth..

then I spread your lips slightly with my hands and slide my tongue all the
way up again.. finding your hardened clit.. I flicker there.. fast..
faster... I can't help but look up at your face.. in wonderful ecstasy as I
lick you... on and on... flickering again and again.. You can't help but let
an orgasm go... sending more moisture my way... I grab your ass and feel
your entire body quake as I continue to lick you... fast.. then slow.. and
slow.. making love to your clit.... I suck the juices from you. wanting
more.. licking more... your shivering has passed... so I rise....

I straddle your tummy again looking down at the sheer pleasure on your face
as I move toward you.. your eyes drop from mine.. looking down my body.. and
as happens when I give you such pleasure.. you can see that I am quite
excited as well... my cock is rising above your stomach stretching toward to
ceiling.. a large purple head.. reaching out for the attention it needs... a hardened
shaft standing and waiting it's turn..

I grab my cock with my hand and begin to caress it... stroking slowly up
and down as you watch... I bring it to your nipples.. caressing hardness
with hardness... .letting your nipples trace the head.. you feel the same
two sensations at the same time.. steel and velvet.. hard and soft..

I straddle higher on your body and let my cock's head rest on your inviting
lips.. your tongue darts out to say hello.. licking underneath the curve of
the big purple head... licking down.. your hand reaches up and grabs it's
mass... you feel the long vein that runs down the back.. again steel and
velvet.... you take the head into your mouth.... licking the bottom with
your tongue as you continue to slide it in... (I can't help but watch as
the site of my cock going into your mouth is soo HOT!!!)

You take a bit more.. caressing the sides of my cock with your tongue and
taking more and more in and out... sliding slowly... feeling the head at the
back of your throat... I take your hand off of my cock.. and whisper.. "I
want you..." you let my cock from you mouth.. knowing that it will soon
be inside you elsewhere....

I lie down on top of you.. you feel my chest hair on your nipples... feel my
thighs slide between yours.. feel the clumsy, hot mass of my cock as it
slides around.. searching the wetness for a way in....motioning around the
lips.... feel it searching.. steel and velvet... it has reached the
opening... I begin to kiss you.. our lips meeting at the same time as the
big purple head pokes through to paradise.. POP!... you let out a low
guttural sound... full enjoyment of the mass now inside you.. and more to

I begin to slowly work my hips... grinding toward you... getting another
inch of my cock in.. and another... sliding in and out.. slowly working
together... I reach down behind you and pull your ass up.. allowing easier
entrance for the rest of my cock... sliding in... hardened like steel... you
begin to feel that big vein on the back rubbing perfectly against your
clit.... feel it slide... in and out.. in.... even further.. and out...
mmmmm I raise your ass again.. and push it all in.. mmmmmmmmm yes....
feeling it all moving in and out... the vein tickling you more perfectly
than you can yourself... back and forth.. back and forth... our mouths are
still locked in a kiss.. that I break in order to listen to you.. hear your
pleasure... hear you moan... hear you plead for more and more... feel the
juices of your pussy sliding down my cock... hear my balls slapping on your
ass now.. as I move faster and faster...

I pull back and look you in the eye... "I want to cum for you...":

"YES" you say... somehow working the word in between gasps of pleasure..

I begin to ride high and hard.. slamming.. my balls slapping.. my cock
slamming against the back of you.. moving... faster... faster.... harder....
grabbing your ass to make sure it is all inside you.. rocking.. slamming..
"I'm.. cummming..... " I gasp and hang on for the rest of the ride..
oblivious to the tremendous squirming of my cock inside you.. spurting
out.... my ass continues to motion as if programmed.. and you too have
reached an orgasm.. our bodies now just reacting to each other.. riding the
waves... letting it all go...

I lean down and kiss you long and passionately.... "I hope that took care of
your stress beautiful!"
I kiss you again... "Now, would you mind if we see what we can do about MY stress?"


UrFuckBud 61M  
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6/4/2006 2:26 pm

Its the most under-rated job in the world, the single mom. The one that is the true strength of our country.

Sacrifice and compromises on how to spend your adult time on a schedule that puts the kids first. Putting up with guys that are no where near the Brady bunch fantasy, protecting your kids from them. Protecting your heart from them.

This coupon redeemable for one no strings attached and no funny business backrub.


1girlrevolution 46F

6/4/2006 2:55 pm

Hey rev - the kids always win! You know that.

Elle - yes! Kids and writing . . . enjoy them both.

bjj - thanks for sharing. I do believe it's important to keep an open mind.

UrBud - single parenting is probably the toughest thing I've done so far in my life. It's important to prioritize you time and keep level headed about what's important. Thanks for the coupon! People need more coupons like that one.


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6/12/2006 3:12 pm

Hey girl look I keep thinking the same, here I am married with a new house a wife and no bills, but Im still not happy I feel like the wife and I are going to separte locations at times but Im trying, but should I stay married because socitey says so or should I go with what I feel. Theres more envolved here but at times ( As the song goes) If I could turn back time ( What if, I could have, Just maybe)Oh well I dont write much on these blogs but I just whanted to Vent.!!!!!!!!!! Ciao

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