2 Pee or not 2 Pee . . . That is the Question  

1girlrevolution 47F
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3/19/2006 1:17 pm

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4/19/2006 7:07 pm

2 Pee or not 2 Pee . . . That is the Question

Just What the Hell am I Looking For? I ask myself this question almost every day. When it comes to men and dating, what are we looking for?

Personally, I’m not the least bit lonely, really. I enjoy my time alone in my fortress, love that girl time, but then it hits me . . . while my vibrators take me to places I’ve never been, there’s something missing: the touch of a man against my skin. The search begins. I hate the insensitivity of a one-nighter because it’s almost impossible for a man to please me sexually in just one night. I need a lover, a true lover that makes me feel the passion that dwells in a woman’s soul. However, here’s the catch . . . I’ve been through enough in my past that I know I cannot tolerate the obsession, jealousy and obligation that comes with most serious relationships. This would also take away my options when it comes to the wonderful varieties that different men offer.

So, are there any men out there that will accept women in small wonderful doses? Will men gladly share a good woman knowing that he’s not her world but just a small part of it, then, still treat her with respect and dignity? Does such a situation exist? If so, where are you? Males by nature are very territorial. The male animal instinctively marks his territory by urinating on what he thinks is his, therefore, does this apply to women also in the human race? I’m not talking about water sports here but the true acceptance of the independent woman. To pee or not to pee . . . that is the question. What say you . . . men???

rm_indul_gent1 56M
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3/19/2006 3:20 pm

To pee or not to pee ... brilliant!
I think teritoriality is an instinctive act, the subliminal manifestation of thousands of years of evolution. But it's not necessarily a trait that should have survived. Can men have a relationship with a woman while resisting the urge to express ownership? I would say yes ... absolutely! But it takes a conscious effort on behalf of the male to respect the freedom you so crave.
Let me ask you something.
Could you have a relationship with a married man?

1girlrevolution 47F

3/19/2006 3:40 pm

I've been approached by married men, some wanting to be discreet and some who claim to have an open marriage with blessings from the wife. I've given it some good thought and so far have not crossed that line. I do value high standards and try to have a set of my own, even though I consider myself to have low morals at times. There is a difference! At this point in my dating life I cannot go there. Always thinking though!

rm_funtime9962 54M
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4/19/2006 3:06 pm

The expression of ownership and control is a sympton of insecurity. If you respect your lover and her feelings you have to understand that she may seek variety. If you have difficulty with that then you shouldn't be together. Honesty shouldn't come at a price or conditions. I respect your honesty and find your posts some of the most refreshing perspectives I have ever seen. You are brutally honest and not afraid to share your deepest emotions. Incredibly healthy. If we had more honesty like that imagine how the world would change. Our society has become disposable. We dispose of relationships (i.e. marriages) like we discard paper plates. The law even endorses that with no-fault divorces. Our generation has changed and we are unfortunately passing these lessons onto to the next generation. Our parents lived in the same house their entire life, changed cars every ten years and stayed with one company until retirement age. Now corporate America is partly to blame because loyalty is a ancient concept. People don't work for Home Depot or Coca Cola, they work for Wall Street. The Street is full of MBAs who never stepped foot into a manufacturing facility or spent one second understanding where the suits they wear or the food they eat comes from.

Perhaps as a result we all struggle to find something to own which is incredibly sad. People are to be respected and when honest not judged or cast off.

Love your perspective. I bet a conversation with you would be mind blowing.

1girlrevolution 47F

4/19/2006 7:07 pm

Hey funtime - thanks so much for reading my blogs, AND understanding them. You also have a unique perspective and I appreciate your views/comments.


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