Another Beautiful day in the desert!/Nasty Folks!  

1funlustfulgirl 56F
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1/19/2006 11:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another Beautiful day in the desert!/Nasty Folks!

Perhaps I am being redundant, but when men or women read my profile, don't I make it painfully obvious that proper hygiene and good grooming are of the utmost importance to me. Why on earth do I recieve e-mails from the nastiest looking people? Not to be cruel, but do you think they do not realize they are nasty? Now, I am painfully aware that my physique is not up to snuff. I acknowledge this and accept any and all remarks regarding this subject albeit I do not find them to be kind they are usually accurate. Fine! I do not misrepresent who I am. But Nasty men with untrimmed hair or long mustaches and dirty clothing items are NOT a turn on. Perhaps I am missing something. Also Skanky women with numerous tatoos and piercings do not entice me either. I suppose I can be liberated sexually, but I am still a slave to proper attire and hygiene!

gonefishing2000 59M
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1/23/2006 10:48 pm

Amen...remember when everyone dressed up ? Now, even at the nicest restaurants I am always seeing people who look as if they just finished doing yard caps and all ! Don' get me started on manners.

lovesps 56M
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1/24/2006 11:41 pm

I suppose it's hard to be liberated and old fashioned at the same time. Most people would probably categorize themselves that way -- that they hold on to some "old school" things while cutting loose in other ways. The nasty skanks you describe have probably cut loose from convention -- liberated themselves -- in all sorts of areas including work, grooming and hygiene, while they probably hold onto some things they think are old school -- cars, music, other tastes, prejudices. Read some of the other blogs and people's musical preferences, for example -- the Stones, Zeppelin, etc. There are so many nonconformists out there that think the same way that they have created their own conformism.

Which brings me to your post (the original one) and this one. (Full disclosure: I haven't read your profile.) But, are we barking up the wrong tree? Maybe AdultFriendFinder isn't for everybody -- so it sounds like you were slapped (via e-mail) for expressing some pretty clear preferences that rubbed people the wrong way. Maybe AdultFriendFinder is for those "other" conformists out there -- the true free-lovers with their "ol' ladies" on the back of their hogs, 'do rags covering their ratty grey pony tails, cigarette in their remaining teeth and women that eat that up and not people like you and, probably, me.

My dad growing up in the '50's used to complain about the same thing -- the guys who got the girls either smelled like sweat (the jocks) or gasoline (the greasers) and not well scrubbed guys like him that were great talkers and better dancers. Same for the girls then (now women) -- a well-known slut could always get fucked (but would pay for it, as you described) but a "secret" slut had to really work at it -- after all, she was dancing the fine line between holding on to her reputation and getting satisfied sexually. And was relying on the 1950's boy to help pull the whole thing off!

Growing up back east I had many friends -- but only a few girlfriends -- that went to a handful of the Seven Sisters schools. These were smart, hardworking, cute (in some cases gorgeous) and often wealthy college girls. I still wish I could have fucked every one of them. But find a guy easily? Fuhgedaboutit! The combination of having standards and dealing with the kind of guy that was willing to throw himself at them drove a lot of them crazy. They wanted to be asked but they wanted to uphold their standards, too. Believe me, it didn't make it easy on the poor college guys, either.

Or, alternatively, maybe AdultFriendFinder is more like real life, and we're projecting our same standards, fears, insecurities, etc. on this virtual community just like in real life. So it's no real shortcut to getting laid and, perhaps, takes work just like (up/down/out?) there. I'm new and haven't posted much so far, but I've read a lot of posts in the chats and in the blogs, including this one. The most common question is, "does this really work?" (Read: is this really going to get me laid?)

Finally, maybe the whole thing is some big sociological experiment, where the idea is that you're supposed to fuck the freaky biker guy with the giant dick and I'm supposed to find (fill in the blank) and that the joy is in the mixing of cultures and points of view along with bodily fluids, standards be damned. (But I don't see you going for that theory .)

So far the whole thing -- AdultFriendFinder -- feels to me like a junior high dance -- and I'm as guilty as anybody as a Standard member with no photo posted -- where everybody seems to waiting to be asked to dance while trying to maintain the right to reject the asker. Meanwhile, the greasers, the jocks, the skanks, whatever, are on the middle of the dance floor fucking each others' brains out.

tis117 41M
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1/30/2006 2:56 pm

ok, so then i have a question.

now i totally understand a appreciate the importance of cleanliness. But here's the thing. Why do so many women discriminate by age. I am very clean and very presentable; work out 4-5 days a week; make a descent income...but everytime i try to chit-chat with a woman who is older than i am, there is an immediate reluctance. What precisely are the guidelines that make hygene important but age even moreso?

1funlustfulgirl 56F

1/31/2006 7:42 pm

Now about the age thing! I personally like younger guys, but I believe that most women are looking to be protected and supported. From what I understand, my friends want older men who display a track record of financial stability. I think this is wrong between the sexes. Women expect that from men, however they are unwilling to provide similar expectations. I really just want a boy toy!!!!

It is how older women were told by society this is what is supposed to happen and how they are supposed to repond.

Another horrible reason drive! We women begin to lose our sex drives in our forties as estrogen, progesrerone and testosterone begin to go away as we approach menopause. New studies and our gynocologists tell us by doing the suplemental hormones we could be putting ourselves at great risk for breast and uterine cancer. So we choose which is most important: Living or screwing!

Men on the other hand can go and get testosterone shots or use viagra and continue a normal sex life until they are 90. So some women are looking for security and others are insecure about themselves. These are some of the reasons older women avoid younger men in my humble opinion.

lovesps 56M
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1/31/2006 11:51 pm

I don't know. Most of the women I know in their 40's and 50's still have great sex drives, and a lot of the men I know at that age have resigned to talking about it a lot. I'm finding that as I get older (I'm now 45) men talk about sex in the abstract but have become embarrassed about talking about themselves sexually. Hence, viagra?

loadeddice05 44M

2/12/2006 7:56 am

I can't see how age and cleanliness could be related? I think it's the way society has gotten used to that scrubby, mountain man carring his latest kill on his shoulder look! I recently cut off my oh so Brad Pitty, Legends of the Fall mane of long hair! It's done wonders. I'm handsome again although I have always shaved and powdered at least twice a day. Who would want to get intimate with a smelly unkempt person??? Oh yeah! Should I tell you how many times I work out? LOL??? Will it help!? I look fine let's leave it at that! Anyways! Have a great day! Keep us younger guys in mind!

iwantu79912 54M
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5/16/2006 9:54 am

I don't think women lose their sex drive in their 40's because of changes in hormone levels. I know a lot of older women who have quite healthy sexual appetites. I understand and agree with the comments on cleanliness and dress. Men want and expect women to make themselves look attractive but many are unwilling to reciprocate. When husbands get beer bellies, no wonder their wives lose interest in sex. Maybe they don't lose interest in sex, just their husbands. That's where AdultFriendFinder comes in. Guys who don't take care of their looks are at a disadvantage for sure. I like to look and smell clean and fresh everyday, since I never know when I will run into a hot woman that is crying out for great sex. I will be ready and willing to oblige whenever that happens and attractive enough that I wont be turned down.

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