Mardi Gras in Mobile  

1funguy59 57M
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3/7/2006 4:34 pm
Mardi Gras in Mobile

Been a while since I had an adventure. I was lucky enough to get to warmer weather recently and escape the Ohio cold. For those of you who don't know, Mardi Gras is a 2 week celebration famous in New Orleans but started in Mobile, AL. I went down for the week before Fat Tuesday, played golf and partied quite a bit.

I was supposed to meet up with an old co-worker but he had to cancel at the last minute. We had planned to meet at a regular bar of his with lots of interesting people. I figured what the hell and went there anyway.

I met a sweet 26 yr old at the bar and bought her a drink. We hit it off really well after we found out we had the same last name. She had planned to go to New Orleans but couldn't find anywhere to stay. She ended up in Mobile where rooms were cheaper and available.

We moved from the bar to a little booth and had a few drinks. I was really getting horny looking at her small breasts with huge nipples poking out of her top. This was quite a welcome site after looking at women wrapped up in winter woolens for the last several months. She knew what she was doing as she kept rubbing up against me. We kissed a little in the bar and she finally drove me nuts by rubbing my cock through my shorts.

I couldn't take it very long before she made me cum in my pants. By then she was getting really hot herself. We left the bar and went back to her hotel room. This girl was really hot for sex. She stripped as soon as we got into the room, flopped on the bed and begged me to lick her pussy. I was eager to dive in. There's something about a young, shaved pussy that can drive a guy crazy. I think she came 3 times before lifting my head from her crotch.

Now I'm still wearing my cum soaked shorts when she pulls them off and starts licking me clean. Enough time had passed that I had a huge (for me) hard on again. The she climbed on top and rode my cock. What a great feeling. I was in heaven with this young, hard body on me with my cock in her hot, tight pussy. This time I lasted a lot longer.

I finally blew my load when she screamed. What a wonderful afternoon. I had a party to go to that night but took the time to treat her to lunch. After she just asked me to drop her off back at the bar. We had a few long, passionate kisses and she left my car. I'll never see her again but I'll never forget her either.

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