Touched, Taken, Used  

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1/10/2006 8:05 am

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Touched, Taken, Used

You know when you sit at that keyboard you are vulnerable, exposed, open to the touch of anothers hands.

I can feel your soft lips on my nipples, sucking them so sweetly, making them hard and tingling. If you suck them and play with them enough I wont be able to stop you from doing anything you want to me!

But, My hands and lips and tongue and (perhaps on occassion my COCK lol) can reach thru to you too. My fingers trailing along your warm skin leaving little goosebumps in its wake. I can feel you hardening or growing wet between your smooth soft thighs.

Just as I can feel your fingers enter me, or slide up and down my swollen throbbing dick - I can feel your body reacting to me to my touch to my cock entering you, parting the labia brushing over your clit and plunging into the warm moist clutching depths.

We are both exposed, a piece of our souls revealed. Our bodies are in some way the others play toy and we welcome it and return the favor.

How close do we dare allow the other, the player, the anonymous object of desire? Will they be a friend? Will there be real-time? Or, will we keep them at a distance, safe yet somehow shallow, missing the possibilities more imtimate knowledge provides?

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