Today I tried  

1devlin11 48M
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3/25/2006 10:46 pm
Today I tried

to organise and clean my one room cabin. It didn't work. Once again I got a phone call that lasted for hours. So there is still a massive pile of coats, sweatshirts and uniform pieces in the corner. I also threw away my vcr since it totally croaked when I tried to get it to stop rolling.
Excited yet?
Now for the good news, the real news in my life. I am nominated for a very expensive class for work. One that takes a year and a half to complete with trips allover the western us to do it. If I get the class I will be able to compete for the higher level jobs.
I also have been told that there may be a way for me to compete for some of them right now. The problem with that is I may have to move to McGrath, but it will take 6 years or so of my ladder climbing.
And last but not least, i will be in fbnks from April 23 or 24 through the 29th, and may 6 through the 12th for sure. I MAY also get to be there the weeks b4 and after the may dates. We will see.

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