So this is what my life has come to eh ?  

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7/14/2006 11:26 pm
So this is what my life has come to eh ?

Well here I am,a 36 year old man,quite good looking,fairly fit, looking for another outlet to express my fantasies.So how did I come to be on here when my life is soooooo good ? I mean,I'm happily married with 3 great kids,so why on earth am I craving my sexual fantasies elsewhere ?
I've lived my life to the full & had some fantastic sexual encounters ( let me say here that sex with my wife is also fantastic & that I'm not bored of it )but I do feel that life is for living & that you should enjoy it while you can.I also believe that there are men & women out there in the same boat as me.
So why are there so many of us that crave that little bit more than what we already have ?In my case it's not boredom,could it be that I/we like the excitement of it all,the thrill of chance encounters & not being found out ?Perhaps it's carrying out that final fantasy,I wish I knew,cos then I wouldn't be going out of my mind trying to find all you out there.We are all here looking for the same thing aren't we ?Does that make us selfish just cos we want to pleasure others & in return be pleasured,even though those closest to us could be hurt in the process ?
I'm not sure at what age a man is supposed to be in his sexual prime,but I'm feeling as horny now & as curious about sex as I did when I was 16 !!!! All I know for sure is that I sit at this computer everyday looking for someone like you,whilst you sit at yours whenever,looking to expand your life,live out your fantasies,relieve the boredom in your life & perhaps we've read each others profiles,but the thing is we'll never meet.I hope I'm wrong in saying that,in fact I'd love for you to prove me wrong,but the truth is we're more likely to meet someone in say,Tescos or the Pub on a night out than we are through here,which is a shame I think,as we all have something to offer each other & perhaps I don't want to go Tescos or to the Pub,but unless I do my friends,then I'm afraid my life will still be on hold,sat here chatting to you & still not fulfill my hopes,my dreams,my fantasies.
A very wise woman once said to me "If wishes were fishes,we'd all swim in the sea" Well perhaps I should have gills & scales cos I wish all the time,wish I could meet people like you,wish I didn't have such a sexual curiosity,but most of all I wish that I could live my life & not be ashamed of what I do/want to do & not be hurt or cause hurt to anyone else.
I love life,it's a wonderful gift given to us,there to be enjoyed & I refuse to go through it looking down at others or judging them,so why do others do it to me,just cos I want to live & have excitement ? I don't want mediocrity,I don't want to look back in 40 years time & think if only,I want to live for the now & if that means sitting here everyday looking to meet people just like you then so be it,cos this is me & I can't change.
Hope we all find what we are looking for & have fun along the way,be good all of you.

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