Riding in my Tahoe  

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Riding in my Tahoe

I had just wrecked my car and had to perform the task I hate the most... buying a car. I had decided on Tahoe and went to my local dealer to check one out.

When I parked and got out of my car a young man about 25 came up to greet me. I told him I wanted to look at the Tahoe but was not in the mood for the car buying game. He showed me several and I focused on an emerald green one. I sat in and he reviewed the amenities with me. Then he started the regular spiel of "What do you want your monthly payments to be." I reminded him that I wasn't interested in the car game. I asked him for a price and he quoted some outrageous number. I got out of the car and said "thanks" and started heading toward my car. He tried to stop me and told me I could talk with his sales manager if I wanted a cheaper price. He continued running his mouth and I noticed another guy walking toward us.

The man turned out to be the sales manager. He reached out his hand and introduced himself, "My name is Mike, has Jeff not been helping your find the right car today?" Actually, I thought Jeff was a pain in the ass but Mike was hot! Mike stood about 6'2" and weighed about 180 lbs. He had neatly groomed salt and pepper hair and a nice white smile that dazed me. He dressed in khakis and polo. The thing that stopped me in my tracks were his green eyes. They were the color of the ocean in the Caribbean.

I mutter for a second and then replied, "I just don't like the car-buying game. I don't have the patience for it."

"Well, I'm not interested in games, I just want to sell you a car. I noticed that you were looking at the Tahoes. Its a nice car. Are you sure you wouldn't like to test drive one? Jeff here can get the keys in just a few seconds." He blinded me with his smile

"Actually, I'd let you take me for test ride. Jeff is just a little to eager and doesn't take direction well." I responded looking deep into his eyes.

He smiled but I caught him off guard. "Actually, I don't do that. I'm really not even working today. But only the salesmen are suppose to take customers off of the lot."

He smiled and turned toward my car. "I guess I just missed out on riding you around." I said.

He touched my shoulder and said that he would be willing to let me test drive the Tahoe if I was serious about buying it.

He sent Jeff to get the keys and walked me over to the SUV. He explained the several of the features to include in lay-down back seats. He said he would drive it off the lot and we could stop someplace and I could take it for a spin.

As hot as this man was the Tahoe was the last thing I wanted to spin. He drove me around for a while pointing out the radio, steering, and breaks. He finally pulled into a shopping center, popped the hood and got out. I he walked to the front of the car, opened the hood and started explaining the engine. As I walked behind him I noticed his tight, firm ass. I walked up behind him pretending to feign interest but I was really just interested and slightly brushed the crotch of my jeans against his Khaki ass. He continued to explain as if he had not noticed how close I was standing to him. He shut the hood and walked toward the passengers side, "Get in and I'll let you drive."

"I like to drive," I said as I got behind the wheel. I started heading out of town. I kept him preoccupied by telling him about my car accident, what kind of things I was interested in a car. He had to tell me to slow down a couple of times. I was just mesmerized by his eyes. In a few minutes we were in farm country. I found an empty field and pulled off to get some privacy.

"Sorry, but we're not allowed to take the vehicles off road." He said. He had a little hesitation in his voice. I liked that.

"This is off road vehicle. I just want to see what it can do." I floored the pedal and took a slight fishtail down the bumpy dirt road.

Mike continued to look nervous and said, "We really do need to get back on the road." I didn't say anything and drove a little while longer. When I knew that we were completely hidden from the view of the road I said that I would turn the car around.

I did a quick 180 as he grabbed both the handle on the door and the middle consul. "Shit man, slow it down a little! OK?" I could tell that he was nervous.

I stopped the SUV and put in park. "There's just one more that I want to test drive," I said losing myself in his green eyes.

"I thought you liked this. Don't you like the way it handles? What do you want to test drive?" He was stammering a bit.

I continued to stare into his as I reached over and forcefully grabbed his crotch. "This is the only thing a want to test out. Are you interested?"

He took a gulp of air and started to protest but he did not move my hand. I could feel that he was starting to stiffen. "I don't know. I think maybe we should head back to the lot." I heard the words but his stiffening cock told me something different.

"Let me try this out," I said as I squeezed his cock a little harder. He spread his legs a little further apart. He uncomfortably asked, "You want to suck my dick?"

I smiled and squeezed harder, "That's what I want. Now will you comply or lose the sale?"

I smiled back at me and said,"I really would hate to lose the sale." He reached for his zipper and pushed my hand aside. He quickly unzipped and pulled out a 7 inch circumcised cock that had a purple, hot head. I leaned over the middle consul and sucked it into my mouth. He started moaning. "Mmmm, that feels good." I started bobbing up and down on his now rigid cock. "You suck it good. Take it all the way in..." his moans became louder as I pressed into his ball sac.

I was worried that he was about to cum and quickly stopped. I sat up in my seat, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. "Now its you turn boy." He hesitated for a minute and I put my hand on his neck. I gently pushed his head into my crotch. He opened his mouth and I felt his warm, moist tongue taste my cock. He started sucking. "Good boy. That feels good," I prompted. I started rubbing his ass and my finger found its way toward his hot hole. He moaned with satisfaction. He continued to suck as my pleading fingers pushed into his crack.

He sat up in his seat and said, "That tastes good. Did you like it?"

I smiled at him and rubbed my thumb across his lips. "Why don't you get in the back and show me how to lower those seats," I requested.

He shoved his cock into his pants and quickly jumped out of the SUV. In a few seconds the back of the SUV was flat.

I remained seated and commanded, "Good boy. Now take your pants off and get back there." He started to hesitate but I continued to stare at him. He jumped into the back and quickly shimmied out of his khakis. I got out of the drivers seat and walked to the back of the truck. I opened the back hatch and climbed in. I crawled between his legs and sucked his 7 inch cock deep into my mouth. He moaned loudly and his body started to quiver. I continued to take him deep into my throat and then licked him from the shaft to the tip of his head. "So good," he repeatedly whispered as he tried to push my head onto him.

I stopped sucking his dick and started licking his balls. I could tell by the way he moaned that he was enjoying the attention of my tongue. I scooted him down so that I could access his balls. He continued to moan loudly and I wrapped my arms under his legs and raised them. He seemed to be lost in the act of sex until my tongue found his pleading hole. I quickly shoved my tongue into it. He shuddered and gasped. "Jesus, fuck, that feels so good." He quickly raised his legs so that I could continue my work. This boy was mine for the taking. I circled my tongue around his hole and then jabbed into the eye of it. "Yes, feels good, feels so good!" was all that Mike could say.

He started rubbing his dick but I slapped his hand away. I didn't want him to finish until I got everything that I wanted.

After a few more shudders of his body and ass I looked up at him and said, "I'm going to fuck you boy. On your hands and knees!" I shouted at him.

He hesitated. "I've never, I mean, I don't think I can..."

I looked at him and shouted, "On your knees boy! I'm going to fuck you and you're going to like it!"

He complied with some hesitation. I pulled my jeans down to my knees. I spit on my 8 inch cock. I rubbed my greased cock onto his hole. He grabbed the back of the front seat headrest.
"I don't think that I can." he reiterated. I pushed into him slowly. He started moaning loudly. I pushed until the head of my cock made it past his tight ass ring. He started to whimper. I remained still. He whimpering subsided some and he eased his ass back a little onto my rigid cock. He took another inch and began whimpering again. "It's so big. I can't believe that I am getting fucked. It's so big." He continued the mantra. He would swallow about an inch of my dick, stop, whimper some more, gasp for air and push his ass farther onto my pole.

After a few minutes of this ritual I was buried deep inside of him. "Fuck it hurts. It so big. You are so big inside me!" He slowly started moving his ass in and out. "So big! Fuck me sir.!" I could tell that he was learning to accept a man. I could tell that he liked the test drive I was giving him. I could tell that Mike was having the time of his life. He started slamming his ass onto me so that my nuts were slapping his ass. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder." He started pumping his own dick and begging to be rammed.

I shoved deep into him and pulled out so that only the head of my dick was inside of him. He quickly scooted back as if he was addicted. He was panting heavily. I could tell that he was about to cum because his ass tightened and his moaning became more pleading. I shoved deep into his gut five more times when Mike started shaking and screaming, "Fuck ME! I'm cumming!" Fuck me please!" He started shooting jis onto the carpet of car. His hand grabbed the back of my ass to ensure that my cock would not escape his pleading hole. HE eventually fell onto his stomach holding my ass so that I would tumble onto him. He shuttered one more time and said, "Can I write this up?"

I took him back to the dealership. He maintained a smile the whole way back. I ended up buying a car but not on this visit. I had to test drive a few more vehicles before we found the right one, but that's another story.

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