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MFM encounter

I flew to London to participate in a friend's wedding. It was a hurried trip and I arrived a day before the wedding. My friend and her husband took me on a quick sightseeing tour and then it was back to the hotel for the bridal dinner. Just before the dinner my friend came to my room. She told me that her husband was the jealous type and she did not want anyone to know that she and I had a brief relationship. Just before she left she told me,"I told everyone that you were gay. I'm sorry but I don't want my husband to be jealous and I know my friends. They'll spend the entire wedding trying to shag you. This is suppose to be my day and frankly I don't want the competition." I laughed and agreed that I would play along. I was somewhat disappointed because I was hoping to get laid over the weekend.

After the wedding, the reception was held at the hotel. The nice thing about the English is that they drink heavily even when they aren't celebrating. I drank heavily and started dancing. I wasn't dancing with anyone in particular but there was a couple who were dancing close to me on the dance floor. Laura stood about 5'10" with a slim was but a large firm tits. Her boyfriend Egan was an awkward looking guy about 5'6" that had a slight spare tire around his waist. The three of us were passing a bottle of champaign among ourselves. As I took the bottle from Laura she wrapped one arm around my neck and another around Egan and pulled us closer to one another.

"Michele told me that you were gay but you don't act like a poofter," she slurred in a laughing manner. Being drunk and not known for dipolmacy I replied, "No offense, but all of the guys here act gay to me." I poked Egan with my elbow and broke up the conversation. We finished the champaign and Laura left Egan and me dancing while she went to get another. Egan awkwardly apologized for his girlfriend and said that she was just kidding. Laura quickly returned and we resumed our dancing. The party started to break up after we finished off the third bottle of champaign.

Egan motioned me down so that he could whisper in my ear. "We have some hash in our room if you're interested, mate." I normally don't smoke but I was drunk and not ready to call it a night. The three of us made it back to their room which was one floor below my room.

Egan took out a brick of hash and started crumpling it. Laura kept saying, "I can't believe you're a poof. You're too handsome." I tried protesting so that I would keep my promise to my friend.

She laid on the bed and started taking the flowers out of her strawberry blonde hair. "What would it take for you to sleep with a woman?" she inquired. I looked at Egan who had just lit a joint, "Probably a really good looking man," I joked. Egan began coughing heavily as he handed me the joint. "Sorry mate, I'm not into that," he responded.

Laura lifted her legs as I handed her the joint. She began rubbing her calfs together and her dress slid down to her butt. "I bet you have a really big dick," she said after she took a toke. "I've never had any complaints," I responded. "I need to get shagged," she said looking at Egan. Egan smiled awkwardly, "Honey, we have company. It wouldn't be nice to kick him out before we finish this," he said holding up the joint. He took another toke and passed it to me.

She grabbed Egan cock and moaned, "He won't mind, will you?" she said looking at me. I continued to smoke and shook my head. She greedily started pulling on Egan's belt and started to unbutton his pants. Egan started laughing and half heartedly try to stop her. I continued to smoke as the two fought one another. Laura; however, became the victor. She managed to pull down Egan's pants and was greedily sucking on his little cock which was only about 6" hard. I sat on the bed and watched Egan's eyes roll to the back of his head.

Laura quit blowing Egan and asked if she could suck my cock too. "Sure," was the only thing I could say through the haze of smoke. She quickly abandoned her lover and grabbed my pants. After fumbling with the belt she managed to pull my pants down. "Ah ha! I knew that you had a big cock!" she exclaimed as my eight inch cock slapped her face.

She started licking my dick and knelt on the bed. She looked at Egan who stood staring and obviously stoned out of his mind. "Fuck me while I blow the yank," she ordered. It took Egan a few minutes to realize what he was being ordered. He got out of his pants and siddled up behind her. I laid back and watched as Laura bobbed up and down on my cock and Egan started pounding her pussy with his pudgy dick. She moaned loudly.

Laura then pushed Egan away and looked up at me. "I want you to fuck me now. Just lay there and let me ride you," Laura ordered. She was insatiable. She quickly rotated her hips and plunged down on me. Her pussy was hot and wet. I sat up so that I could use my arms as leverage.

"I want to suck your cock!" She ordered to Egan. He jumped on the bed and shoved his dick in our faces. Laura took the stiff member in her mouth and started moaning. After taking him in her mouth she shoved the pudgy dick in my face. I understood that she wanted me to suck her boyfriend. Egan started to protest but she firmly squeezed his cock and balls and shoved them toward me. I complied with the silent orders and sucked Egan into my mouth. I could tell that he was pleasantly surprised because his ass started to quiver and he let out a gasp. I took his entire shaft into my mouth and then tried to take his balls as well. Egan grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. This turned Laura on and she started bouncing on my cock screaming, "I cumming, that big dick, I'm cumming!" After shuttering for a while she fell back onto the bed exhausted. Egan continued trying to help me get his cock and balls into my mouth.

Laura pushed herself to the head of the bed and started struggling to get under the covers. "Why don't you boys go to your room and let me sleep!" she insisted. Egan looked at me and said, "I still have some more hash. Are to tired yet, mate?"

Egan and I put our pants on and headed up to my room as Laura laid passed out on the bed.

Egan sat in a straight back chair at the desk as I sat on the bed. He continued to break up the hash and started rolling another joint. "I hope you didn't mind me fucking your girlfriend," I finally said to break the awkward silence. "She did like your dick, bloke. You're a lot bigger than I am." he said as he lit the joint. He passed me a joint and I took a hit. "You have a pretty nice cock yourself." I said. Egan had a solid build, short neck, black hair, and green eyes. I was surprised how sexy he seemed to me.

He laughed and said, "I've never had a bloke blow me before but you were pretty good yourself!" I handed him the joint back and reached for his crotch, "You didn't get a chance to cum. I can finish the job if you like."

He unzipped his pants and continued to smoke. I greedily sucked his cock into my mouth. As I sucked him into my mouth I started pulling his pants down. He kicked his shoes off and let me undress him. He started taking off his shirt and my forehead pounded against his stomach.

"Damn your good!" He exclaimed. I unbuttoned my pants and managed to get out of them while I continued to blow him. I started jerking off as he held my head against his stomach. "You have a big dick for a yank!" I scooted him around and pulled him onto the bed. He laid back as I worshipped his pudgy cock. I took his dick out of my mouth and started licking his balls. He spread his legs. I pushed his thighs into the air and started kissing his asshole. "Wait! Wait! I'm not into that!" he protested. However, I refused to lower his legs as he protested. He quickly relented as my tongue started pleasuring his yearning hole. I could tell that he was jerking off as my tongue managed to plunge past his ass ring. He was moaning and grunting. I slowly introduced my index finger into his hole. He tried smacking my hand but was unwilling to stop jacking off.

His hole was tight but I managed to get my finger deep inside of himself. He was squirming and moaning. I could tell that he liked getting fucked. I let his legs down and looked deep into his green eyes. "I'm going to fuck you now." He was obviously worried. "I think that you are too big. I don't think that I can take it."

I straightened up on my knees and dropped my voice, "I want your legs in the air boy. You're going to let me fuck you! Do it now!" I ordered. Just as I suspected, Egan was used to playing the submissive role in his relationship.

He complied and lifted his legs. I spit on my cock and started lubing it down. I placed one of his legs on each shoulder. I slowly introduced my cock between his butt cheeks. As the head of my cock pressed into his hole his legs started to shake. "It's too big. I don't think I can't take it sir!" He pleaded. I convinced him to relax. He continued to smoke the joint and tried to relax himself. As the head of my cock broke through his ass ring he started to whimper. "It hurts, sir. You're so big!" I spit into my hand and lubed up my dick even more. He slowly started accepting me into his ass. His hole was searing hot and tight. After a long while he was able to accept more of my cock. He continued to whimper as I slowly pushed my shaft into him. I Started sucking on his toe and pushed deeper into him. When he felt the hair of my crotch brush against his ass cheeks he started gyratting his hips. "I know why Laura loved that big dick! Fuck me sir, I am your whore, Fuck ME!" I continued to suck his toes as I slammed my cock into him. He started jacking off and his hips met each one of my thrusts. He quickly started cumming all over his hairy chest. He grabbed my ass cheeks and held me deep inside of him.

"You really know how to fuck. That was great!" He rolled over and fell asleep. I snuggled behind him and slept with my cock buried between his ass cheeks.

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1/8/2006 12:47 pm

WOW! I never thought reading about two men would make me hot, but..............

Nice Story! What was Laura doing in all of this? LOL

Purry {=}


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1/8/2006 3:41 pm

ALl I can say is.....DAMN.

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