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Bill's submission

Bill was getting ready to go through a nasty divorce. Bill was a pretty nice guy but Marilyn, his wife, was a total bitch. We had them over for dinner a couple of times but Marilyn
was demeaning to Bill that my wife said that she didn't want to be around them.

Late on Thursday night I saw Bill loading a moving van. This surprised me because Marilyn had moved out a week or two before. I stopped to help him out. Bill said that he had decided
to sell all of the antiques that Marilyn had collected over the years. He said that he hated antiques and loved the idea of pissing Marilyn off when she found out he sold them.

After we had packed the van with furniture, glasses, and several sets of china Bill asked if I would mind joining him. Bill told me that he was going to an antique fair in Atlanta and would need someone to help him unload the van. I felt sorry for the guy because he seemed so defeated. I agreed to go along with him.

The next morning we left at about 6 a.m. I just rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I threw a pair of jeans, another pair of shorts and a tooth brush into a small tote bag my wife and I use for weekend getaways.

Before we left town we decided to gas up and get coffee. While he was pumping gas I went in the store and bought us both some java to keep us awake for the 6 hour drive. Bill was in the
van when I came out. I got in and offered him the coffee. Bill was overly appreciative. He kept thanking me and I told him that it was less than two bucks. He appreciation was was over the top.

As we drove Bill began telling me that he really didn't have many friends because Marilyn didn't like most of the people he hung out with. I told him I was glad that she was gone. I never liked her anyway. Bill made excuses for her. I couldn't believe that he talked so nice about
her even after she left him. Rumor had it that she left him for another man.

After about an hour and a half I asked Bill if he would pull over so that I could smoke. I knew he didn't smoke and wanted to be polite. Bill was insistent that I smoke in the van. He turned the air conditioning up and I rolled down the window. As we drove he told me all about his marriage. Evidently he didn't mind Marilyn being in control. He said that he had to be in charge at work and liked the fact that he didn't have to be in charge at home.

Half way through my cigarette, I lifted my leg and rested my foot on the dash of the van. Bill stopped talking and seemed to stumble for words. I finally noticed that he kept looking
down at my leg. When I looked down I noticed that my cock and balls were hanging out the leg of my shorts. I looked back at him. He was obviously embarrassed and started looking
in his side-view mirror. I chuckled to myself and slowly pulled the leg of my shorts down. The ride was awkward for a while.

We finally made it to the fair ground. There were lots of tents set up. Bill found where his booth was located and we unloaded the van. Once the larger pieces were unloaded Bill started arranging his sales area. I continued to unload
the van of boxes and smaller tables. On a trip out of the van I noticed Bill talking to one of the female vendors. She was an attractive lady about 60 years old. She was a regular
at these types of fairs. I simply nodded as I continued to unload the van. When I brought out the last box I noticed Bill was alone again and looked sheepishly embarrassed.

I asked Bill if he minded if we checked into our hotel because I really needed to take a shower. My t-shirt was soaked and my shorts were hanging heavy with sweat. I was feeling a
little self-consious because my damp shorts emphasized the bulge I was carrying since I didn't put any underwear on.

We found our motel pretty easily and went to the lobby to check in. The Bill told the man his name and offered a credit card. After a few minutes the clerk said that he needed to
call the card in. I really didn't pay much attention until the clerk handed Bill the phone. Bill mumbled some and then turned red, "What do you mean cancelled! How can she do that. Can you reactivate it?" Bill then handed the phone back to the clerk. He was red-faced when he explained, "That bitch. She cancelled all of my
credit cards. I guess we'll have to go back home."

I was too tired and too sweaty to deal with this. I handed the clerk my credit card and told Bill not to worry about it. Bill apologized repeatedly but I assured him that it really wasn't a big deal. We finally got our room key
and found our way to our room. It was a standard room with two full size beds.

The air conditioning was going full blast. Bill continued to rant and rave about Marilyn. Amazingly, he was not mad at her but mad at the credit card company for allowing her to cancel his card. He kept saying how embarrassed he was.
There was something kind of sexy the way he kept trying to make up for the inconvenience.

Bill stood 6'3" and probably weighed 230 lbs.
He was in great shape but seemed almost boyish in his embarrassment. I told him not to worry. I just wanted to shower and get something to eat. I started peeling off my t-shirt and shorts. Bill turned on the TV and tried very hard not to pay attention to me. I laughed to myself when I caught him staring at me in the mirror by the bathroom. I am very comfortable nudity and find it funny that he seemed so uncomfortable.

I dramatically walked in front of him in order to get my travel bag. As I did Bill started fumbling over his words and finally stopped talking mid-sentence.

Bill was sitting on the bed acting as if he were watching TV. The smart ass in me couldn't help but to stand between him and the TV, "you want to take a shower first?" Bill started to look from one side of the room to the other. He was obviously uncomfortable with a nude man standing
in front of him. I repeated my question, acting as if I didn't notice his discomfort. Finally, after much stuttering, Bill told me to go ahead and take a shower. He said he wanted to watch TV for a while and that he would look for a resturaunt near-by.
I walked over to the sink and mirror and started running water. I could see Bill occassionally look in my direction. I opened my bag to look for a razor. As I pilfered through it I noticed that my wife had left some of our toys in the bag from our last weekend vacation. I finally found a razor and some shaving cream. I slowly started shaving as I continued to ask Bill questions. I watched him through the reflection
in the mirror. Everytime I asked him some he would look in my direction, start to reply, then stumble for words. He would eventually look back at the TV so that he could get his thoughts together. I was having so much fun fucking
with him. I stood 6' and about 190 lbs. Bill was larger than me but it was I who intimidated him.

I finally got into the shower. The water eased my aching muscles. It felt good to get the sweat and grime off of me.

When I got out of the shower Bill was hanging up the phone. He told me that there was a resturaunt in the motel that we could eat at. He again darted his eyes to avoid looking at my naked body. I slowly toweled off. I walked over to my bed and sat down. Bill once again turned to the TV. I purposefully was slow to get dressed. I laid back on the bed and started
asking him about what we should expect tomorrow at the fair. Bill rambled a bit and I lifted my head to look at him. I caught him gawking at my cock. One of the reasons I don't mind being naked is because I am nicely hung even when I'm
flacid. The size of my tool made Bill even more uncomfortable. When he noticed that I saw him looking at me, he jumped off of his bed and grabbed his bags. He quickly walked to the
bathroom. In a few minutes I heard the shower running.

After about 30 minutes Bill came out of the bathroom completely dressed. I was still naked and lying on the bed. I was enjoying the air conditioning on my skin. I sat up and told him I would get dressed. Bill just nodded and tried very hard to watch the TV.

We went to the resturaunt and ordered beers. We ordered steaks for both of us and told the waiter to put it on the bill. My friend was embarrassed again and promised to pay me back
when we returned home. We drank our beers and talked about what we thought the next day would be like. Neither of us had ever tried to sell antiques or even been to an antiques fair. The food was slow in coming and we ordered another

By the time our steaks arrived we had three beers each. Our waiter, who was stereotypically gay, hovered over us throughout our meal. He was quick to ensure that the beer flowed freely.
After about the fifth beer I noticed that Bill started slurring his words. The waiter cleaned our table and brought us one more beer. When he brought the check to me I noticed that he had written a note on a napkin. I busted out with laughter and handed the note to Bill.

The note read, "If you two want to have a third for fun just give me a call. I get off at 10 p.m. I'll be happy to get both of you off. Jason"

Bill was red-faced again. He asked, "Do we look gay? Why does everybody think that we're together? The lady at the fair asked me if we were together. Do I look gay? Do I act like I'm gay."

Bill's embarrassment made me laugh even more. I signed the check and we walked back to our room. Bill continued to ask if I thought he looked or acted gay. No matter what I said to him he kept doubting himself. He was obviously drunk.

When we returned to the room I pulled off my jeans and put on a pair of shorts. Bill purposefully kept his back to me as I changed my clothes. He continued to rant about everyone
thinking he was gay. I was tired of hearing him and encouraged him to go to bed. He surprisingly complied with my request. When I laid down I turned off the light.

Bill continued to talk. He said that Marilyn always liked to dominate. While we lay in the dark in separate beds he told me that he liked women to dominate him. He admitted that being submissive heightened his sexual pleasure. I told him to shut up and go to sleep. After a few minutes of silence he told me that Marilyn tried to fuck him the ass with one of her dildos. He admitted that he tried to let her fuck him but it hurt too much. He said that she was pissed
because he could take the dong in his ass. I just lay there in silence. His mumbling annoying me but I was getting hard. He kept asking if I thought getting fucked made people think he was gay. He kept saying that he tried to resist. He insisted that he wanted to make her happy but he just couldn't take the pain.

His ramblings got my cock rigid. Finally I jumped out of bed and straddled his shoulders. My legs had him pinned under the bedsheets so that he couldn't move. He attempted to struggle but he was trapped. "Let's see if you're a fag Bill!" I shouted. I pulled my cock out of the leg of my shorts. I rubbed my cock head against
his lips. "Suck my dick, boy!" I ordered. Bill
wouldn't open his mouth. I kept rubbing my hard cock on his lips and ordering him to suck me off.

Finally I reached back and grabbed his own dick. I couldn't tell how big he was but I could tell that he was hard. "You do like this. You've got a hard on, boy!" I laughed at him. I pushed the head of my cock between his lips. Bill's jaw eventually relaxed and let me get the head of my dick in his mouth. It was warm and moist. His teeth grazed against my skin. I smacked the top of his head and squeezed his balls tighter. He moaned and opened his mouth widers. I pushed
my cock deeper into his mouth. I could feel his tongue on my shaft. Now I was really horny. I was going to take control of the man below me.

I pressed my fingers against each side of his jaw, forcing him to open wider. I slid my cock deeper into his mouth. Bill started to gag but that did not stop me. I started easing in and out of his mouth. Soon I was caught up in the excitement. I ordered him to remain still and got off the bed. I pulled my shorts down and then straddled his shoulders again. To my surprise, Bill did not move at all.

I returned my cock to his willing mouth. I leaned over him and started shoving my 8 inch cock deep into his mouth. I could tell that Bill was jacking off while I face fucked him. Occassionally he would gag when I shoved my dick too far into his mouth but he did not move. After a few minutes of fucking his mouth, Bill started moaning. I knew that he was liking this as much as I was. I almost started to cum
and quickly pulled out of his mouth. Bill sighed in disappointment. I laid flat on the bed and ordered him to continue sucking my dick. Bill quickly moved from under the covers and kneeled
over my cock. He grabbed my member and started jacking me off. He then sucked me deep into his throat.

"You like sucking dick, don't you boy!" I started to taunt him. This seemed to get him hotter. I continued to talk dirty to him, "Suck my big dick boy! You want me to cum in you mouth." He was really enjoying himself.
"Suck my dick you fag."

Bill started jacking himself off. He released my dick and started licking my balls. Although it was pitch black in the room, I could see his head bobbing up and down on my groin. I held the back of his head and started thrusting my dick
into face. He was an expert cock sucker. He sucked on me harder and harder as if he needed for me to cum. The more he sucked the more determined that I wanted this night to last.

I pulled his head up and reached over to turn on the light. I saw that he was on all fours while he was sucking me. I ordered him to remain still. I pulled myself from under Bill. I got
out of bed and found my travel bag. I scrambled around and found a small dildo and a bottle of lube.

The dildo was a small silver vibrator. I poured lube into my hand and greased the dildo. Bill remained perfectly still as I moved behind him. I pressed the tip of my index finger against his hole. He moaned but his ass was very tight.
He laid his head flat on the bed and his ass stuck up in the air.

"Please sir, I will do as you ask but please don't hurt me." His words slurred but I knew that he was anticipating being penetrated. I knew that he couldn't take the vibrator but I was going to break his ass in.

I slowly massaged my finger around his ass ring. He moaned loudly. I pressed and massaged and pressed and massaged. Eventually his ass relaxed and I was able to push the tip of my finger into his asshole. He moaned loudly. After teasing
his hole I started inserting my finger deeper and deeper into his ass. After more massaging I was able to push my finger all the way in. Bill's moan became louder and louder. Soon I was finger fucking him and his ass was pushing back
onto my hand. I heard his breathing become more rapid. I introduced a second finger which he easily accepted. I started using two fingers to fuck his tight asshole. Bill's moans became louder and louder. After the fourth time of
shoving my fingers into his hot hole Bill started shooting a wad of cum onto the bed sheets. "Fuck me sir, please fuck me!" he moaned. When he was done I moved over to my bed.

Bill started apologizing. "I'm sorry that I did not please you. Sir, I'm sorry." I laid back on my bed and Bill immediately straddled my legs and started sucking my cock deep into his mouth. He sucked me and jacked me off until I finally came. As I started cumming Bill wrapped his lips tightly around my shaft. As I started to spasm with joy, Bill swallowed my entire load.

When I finished cumming, I pushed him off of me. I ordered him to return to his cum stained bed. He comlied and we both fell asleep.

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