What really is love?  

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5/22/2005 3:01 pm

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6/19/2007 11:58 pm

What really is love?

What is love? Everyone talks as if love has one meaning, but in real life, it's a very BIG word.

#1. First there is family love. It's the love you have for your mom, dad, sisters, brothers. We can call it "blood" love.

#2 Then there is the love with have for animals. It's a very different type of love. A love that feels like real love, but we never really know if the animal loves us back or just wants another cracker or bone.

#3 Then there is "puppy love", not to be confused with animal love. This is love that you have when you first meet someone and everything feels so perfect. You feel it's real love, but it's really a love of "emotions" and needs to be tested over time.

#4 There is "idol" love, which is when we fall in love with movie, rock stars & famous people. It more of a imaginary love because the "idols" have no idea who we are!

#5 The new love is internet love. It's when you chat with someone on the internet and become so close you feel you have fallen in love. Of course, this love is not real until you can confirm it in person. And as we all sadly know, 99% of the time, it's never confirmed.

#6 And last of all, we have TRUE LOVE. It's love that has been confirmed and tested over time. It's grown up puppy love! It's the love that we all want "love" to be. But TRUE LOVE is rare to find and harder to keep. It rarely last forever. TRUE LOVE means, you are willing to give EVERYTHING you have...mind, heart, body and soul,(and yes, I mean money too!) to your loved one and your partner is willing to do the same. No rules, no boundaries. No limits.

How many of us have experienced this type of "TRUE LOVE"?

rm_ny_guy60 57M
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6/11/2005 1:05 am

I DO.And I was hurt too much and that's why I stopped looking at any women and just joined this site for some reasons,fun,fun,fun.But when I saw this lady's profile damn she stolen my heart.

TRUE LOVE is somewhere,anywhere,it doesn't need for a location,it happens unexpectedly.And asianlady4love,you are really a very interesting woman.Now I know some of you.But I want to know more.

Hey Charlie,goodluck man and glad that she is just your friend.
Keep on blogging.

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2/28/2007 1:20 am

= guilty of internet love ...

~ The New & Improved Cocksucker ~

1charlieusa replies on 2/28/2007 2:09 am:
dear, internet love + plane ticket = real love

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