Long Weekend..... Yay!  

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6/9/2006 8:54 pm

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Long Weekend..... Yay!

Welcome to my weekly blog lol The long weekend, at last it is here! Finished my last delivery at 8am this morning, no work til Tuesday now wohoo!! This will be my first real 2 day weekend in months!
(In case you can't tell i have been counting the hours lol)
Spending tonight with a friend in a fancy hotel, wohoo how spoilt do i feel just to be invited
Will be on my best (and worst) behaviour lol
Don't worry you won't see any TV's fly out the window, although that is a rock fantasy i would like to fulfil someday lol. Some other time though....

Split Enz live tomorrow! Never thought I would ever see them actually, missed the boat as it were. Thank the powers that be for reunion tours Quite a few of my "wishlist" concerts have happened because of a reunion tour lol
Still a few to go on my list , mainly teenage favourites, so of course the more years tick by the less likely a tour becomes for some of them.
And in some cases, tragedy has intervened such as with Alice in Chains (vocalist Lane Staley died of a heroin overdose several years ago.)

Anyway i digress...

One of the biggest gothy nights of the year tomorrow night , which is also another reason i am pleased. For once I'm not worrying about work the next day. Will be interesting to see what state i am in on Monday morning lol
We are real night owls, so if we go to an event like this, it's ALL night for us. Very rare for us to leave before 6am. Should be a good night.....

Have a good weekend everybody.
**makes a mental note to call Step-sister for birthday**

julesrob 47M/51F

6/11/2006 4:35 pm

I hope it was a good as you were hoping for( as im sure it would have been )
cant wait to read all about it

Jules and rob

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