Desire has me  

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2/5/2006 7:29 am

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Desire has me

He senses her presence as she enters the room, that unmistakable feeling that stirs him whenever she is near. Her sweet scent fills the room, igniting that most primal of fires that burns within him. Without a word their eyes meet, that well established connection they share, tells them both desire is in control.

Her body is warm to the touch, she melts at the feeling of his hands slowly but seductively tracing her wonderful curves. Their lips meet, he forces his tongue into her mouth teasing it. She feels the control he is gaining over her, enjoying the tingly feeling he has woken in her, slowly submitting to his will. Her breathing is heavy now, his warm hands slide themselves into her panties, caressing her ass, slowly moving towards the front, and her now eager pussy. She squirms in anticipation of that first touch, but he teases her instead, brushing ever so slightly past her swollen clit, returning his hands to her warm ass. She pulls his body closer, and through their clothes she feels his hard cock pressed against her clit. But he pulls away teasingly, making her want him even more.

He feels the hunger she has, as she sucks on his tongue, that deep craving she has for him. He moves his hand to her pussy, forcefully pushing them into her. She gasps from the feeling as he probes her, fucking her pussy with his fingers. She releases her first wet stream, feeling his breath on her throbbing clit while his fingers continue to probe her.
She cums again with the first touch of his tongue lapping up her wetness. Her squirming tells him that she is ready, so he lifts her onto his throbbing cock. She squeals with delight at the feeling of being so full, as he fucks her, first gently but slowly becoming rougher, harder, he grabs her ass again this time very hard, driving himself into her forcefully. She soaks him repeatedly, losing track of her orgasms. She feels him about to explode, dropping to her knees to enjoy the taste in her mouth. He grabs her head and drives himself exploding into her hungry mouth.

They spend the rest of their time together exploring their fantasies, with each session building upon the last, hot wet and nasty

tillerbabe 55F

2/5/2006 11:39 am

Ok.. you're HOT! This is HOT! OMG! Thank you for this!

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