Worlds Colide  

1MegaMilf 51F
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9/7/2006 4:44 am
Worlds Colide

Yesterday, someone from my "regular" life ( I do have a somewhat normal existence) became aware of my AdultFriendFinder life and persona. We had lunch and he did seem to look at me differently. Not in a bad way but different and our conversation was very different than previous ones.

I am going to try to not let this fact affect my blogs and what I write here. I am going to try to continue to be honest and open about what is taking place in Milfville. The cummings and

I am going out tonight and will let you know what tonight's adventure be continued.

Could not get on cam this AM either.....thanks AdultFriendFinder

bushlapper69 53M  
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9/7/2006 6:42 am

How can one help but to look at you differently after realizing that under your clothing you are so damn perfect! Not to mention so damn sexual!

leo_tron 60M

9/7/2006 7:49 am

Hopefully Milfville will not become complicated

Kendou67 49M  
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9/7/2006 8:31 am

Sweetie, If you are comfortable doing this and being MegaMilf continue to do it. If it makes you happy do it. You're a very sexual person and your fulfilling your sexual urges now. As far as your male friend looking at you differently, well yah. If i had a hot friend such as you,and found out they were doing this. I would be intrigued, thinking how can i get some of that. LOL... As long as it doesn't affect your family life I wouldn't worry about. Once it crosses certain boundaries you have to sit back and see if it's all worth it.

ZZ_Todd 59M

9/7/2006 11:46 am

There's been a few in my "regular" life who have recognized me, but like your experience, not in a bad way. Different way, yes, and that's okay. (Yep... the cams on A.F.F. -- seems that if it's not one glitch somewhere it's another glitch somewhere else!)

Roke1479 37M  
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9/7/2006 1:20 pm

I've heard of people bumping into others in the 'real world' and recognized them through AdultFriendFinder. I've never had that happen to me yet except when I go to some TASA events, then of course I'm seeing people from AdultFriendFinder. Thanks for keeping your blog. I read it daily. Finally sucks to hear about problems with your cam. Hopefully it works soon.

bear0822 58M
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9/7/2006 10:32 pm

you know it it funny i think about what if someone i know see me and u know if u do know them or see them it kinda got to be a little uncomfortable. but u can guarnteethat he or she will be watching again. but i guess they tell friends and before u know it all your friends r watchin.mmmm guess that might be a turn -on. but a girl did contact me w3ho knew me and i asked would she go on cam but said that no because than i would no who she is. so i just left it at that. no harm done.ooops sorry so long. luv watching u.

tut1117 72M  
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9/8/2006 2:49 am

Hey, not to worry, I feel confident that when he gets to know you better either socially or from here he will adore you as much as we do. Hope all went well last night and you had a lovely time.

LordLOBO_I 54M
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9/8/2006 5:38 am

well MEGA, I too have run across someone I have known in the 'world' and, oddly enough, she was more attracted to me after she figured out who I was... She thought I was your average, old - boring guy...

Our date - well - that' a whole different story for another time...

By the way - Hope you had great fun and pleasure on your date - cannot wait to hear about it...

Enjoy !!!

noles05 45M
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9/8/2006 6:56 am

I can definitely relate to the wolrds colliding scenario! I have been on for a while and late last year a client saw my profile and let me tell you...though the conversations were held with a little awkwardness at first they soon turned to wink wink and now it is a funny topic!

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