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1/29/2006 8:42 pm

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After a day and a half well spent we find ourselves once again at a point where we must part ways for another 5 days. The sense of want and responsibilty once again tugs at us; wanting to spend that extra time together and knowing that the right thing is to part for the 5 day ordeal. A HARD CHOICE TO MAKE....

We know that our time is always well spent so that is what makes it so much harder to part. We search for that happy medium, a balance of want and responsibility. And our quest continues... maybe soon we will find that point till then we will struggle to balance it.

We so enjoy going to the meet n greets together him to see old friends her to meet new ones (everyone always welcums me, S, with open arms & uh thanx smokie for the boobie kisses & NC make me laugh till hafta pee, no more back scratches for you NG lol)It does my souls good to see & be around people that are happy & happy we found eachother it makes being couple so much better knowing we have good friends between us ( luv to have more between us lol NG ) & to meet & make more friends real paope, gotta luv that!


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