Childhood Days  

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4/2/2006 7:12 am

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Childhood Days

Today is such a beautiful sunny day, absolutely perfect, I can’t help but reminisce on my childhood days. There are a lot of wonderful memories. My sisters and I were very close and did a lot of things together; I miss them dearly from time to time. Our favorite things to do was go bike riding and roller skating. You'd always catch us on one or the other. Always going around the block with our bikes, and to the lake with our skates. Especially those hot summer days, skating past the hundreds of people having their cookouts on the picnic area, or sunbathing, or fishing, with the sun shining down on us and the cool breeze on our faces. Ah, it was heaven. This park we would go to all the time had a very nice view on the horizon of downtown and its really tall buildings, it really was a nice view. One day as we were walking by the pier (there were lots of huge boulders between the pier and the grass you had to cross through) we passed by this man who was chiseling away at one of the rocks. From the look of his bare back, this man must've been under the fierce burning sun since the crack of dawn. His back was painfully red (he looked like a lobster) but didn’t seem to bother him one bit, he was so much into what he was doing. So we walked up to him to check out his masterpiece. He had chiseled a miniature version of the downtown buildings onto this boulder, it was really awesome, an exact replica. He had taken the time to put so much detail into each building. It just came out beautiful. Thinking about it now, I’m going to make it a point to go down to Lake Erie this summer when I visit my family and see if I can find it.

I also ejoyed taking road trips with my mom. This woman is pretty adventurous and loves to travel. We'd often take trips to Chicago, IL, NY, NJ, and Canada. Sometimes they were planned and the anticipation kept my sisters and me very excited. Other times, out of the blue, we'd wake up on a Sunday and she'd say, "Hey you want to go to Niagara Falls?".. 'sure!'... "OK, then get ready." The drive to Niagara Falls was only about 4 hrs, at the speed my mom drove.

The first couple of yrs of my life that I lived in Puerto Rico, I remember going to the beach a lot. Those days driving to the beach were so awesome. I remember when we were very close to getting there, reaching the very top of the road and seeing the first signs of the warm, sparkling blue water in the horizon and start chanting "playa, playa, playa!" (The beach, the beach, the beach)

There was also some raspberry bushes in the back of the house I used to live in, in PR. I enjoyed going through them and picking the berries. Going up the hill where our house was there were 2 trees, side by side, with their tall branches coonecting on top. My sister and I had so much fun climbing that tree. We'd start at the bottom of one, hanging on to the stronger branches, all the way to the other side of the other. I think my sister fell off one time and my uncle came and cut some of the branches off so we wouldnt climb anymore. That sucked because we had those branches memorized, we knew exactly which ones to hang on to, which one to grab a hold of and the next to put our foot on. But, cutting the branches off did not stop us! We were up for the challenge to find a new way to climb the trees and we did it!

The Cleveland and Cincinatti Zoo, Cedar Point (amusement part), the Art and the Hystory Museums and Sea World were also great places to visit as a kid.

I remember my mothers garden! She had so many roses of a dozen different colors. They were beautiful, and every summer I would enjoy displaying a small vase on my bedroom dresser with a couple of her roses. The little Italian lady we had for a neighbor had a very nice garden too. She grew tomatoes as well and made her own sauce. I remember her occasionally making her famous italian cookies and bringing a plate over for us.

Expecting the arrival of my dad for his vacation was always an exciting moment for me as a child. He was a merchant marine and so was away working more often than not. Waiting in the airport for him to arrive or for the taxi to drop him off at home at 10:00PM was the happiest feeling.

Ah, those wonderful childhood memories, so simple and yet so satisfying. Lets hope to create those same unforgettable memories for our children.

sassybelle21 32F
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4/2/2006 9:02 am

Aww that is so sweet!! Me and my siblings used to fight a lot when we're kids. Now we have a closer bond and always hang out together during the weekends for lunch and movie.

1LovelyBrunette replies on 4/2/2006 12:39 pm:
Oh, we definitely had our fights Sassy, but for the most part we got along, always had each others back, covered for each other (from our parents *S*) etc... Lunch and movies during the weekends would be great... if they were closer. Talking to my sister one day we were joking and said, "hey you want to meet for lunch?"... "sure, great idea. I'll meet you half way through Pennsylvania!"

WildWon1982 34M

4/2/2006 10:51 am

I used to live near Lake Ontario, but I never had such lakeside adventures as you. Most of my childhood fun times centered around frog fishing trips near a back creek and pick-up baseball games.

1LovelyBrunette replies on 4/2/2006 12:44 pm:
Frogs, huh WildWon!? My mom caught a frog once in a little creek in a park we were at. She's like that, wants to rescue and bring home every animal she can. She brought the frog home and we actually had it for over a year. We eventually got tired of it and set it back in the river. I really hated having to buy crickets for it and putting them in the fish tank, yuk!

manextraordinare 41M

5/30/2006 4:58 pm

i must have read over this one to fast the first time. it answers a lot of questions i had. after hearing your voice i knew you couldn't have been born in ohio. 'cause if they talk like that in the great corn state i might have to consider moving there.

we used to black berries. there was a patch of wild ones in an abandoned lot at the far end of the neighborhood. it was always wicked hot when we walked there. the roads weren't pavement or concrete...they were more a mix of tar and sand (lots of sand in east texas). the sun would heat the road so much that if you stood in one spot to long you would leave a foot print. the berry patch was the best and we would fill up pillow cases full to the top and almost not be able to carry them home they were so heavy. there were always a lot of bees flying around but i never got stung and someone was always yelling SNAKE!!! but truthfully i don't think we ever really saw one. sometimes it's just good for the blood to have a good scare, don't you agree?

i can relate to your mom with wanting to save every animal. we had just about everything as a pet at one time or another. i remember once finding an emerging cicada. we used to call them locust back home but there really not. they make that classic long drawn out chirp you hear in the trees on hot august days. they live most of there lives underground as a grub but then they emerge and shed there shell and sprout wings and off they go to mate...well, i found one one morning that was just starting to come out of it's shell. i stayed with it almost all day helping it through it's troublesome task. it's wings all shriveled up and tiny soon fanned out as i blew on them to dry them off. it was time for it's first flight we were both very excited. i raised my hand and it climbed to the tip of my finger and HOARY it flew...straight into the mouth of a blue jay that came swooping from a near by tree! oh how i wanted to cry but i didn't and i remember being so proud that i didn't.

1LovelyBrunette replies on 8/8/2006 7:53 pm:
OMG J, I didnt see this comment thats been sitting here till NOW, I cant believe it, so sorry. This was a great comment and I loved reading the whole part about the cicada and the evil blue jay Cicada's... dont they come out of the ground like every 15 or 17th year or something? I dont know if its the same in Texas.

manextraordinare 41M

5/30/2006 5:02 pm

if you find the miniature version of the city still carved in the rocks be sure and take a picture. that sounds bad ass. i admire people with the patience to do things like that.

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