A Long Lost Favorite PassTime  

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8/15/2006 7:56 pm

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A Long Lost Favorite PassTime

When I was in my teens I used to draw a lot. It was mainly still life, I guess sketching is the right word for it. I would sketch the garden in the back of the house, and the fence, trees, my sister, and I sketched the cat twice (while she was sleeping of course, otherwise it wouldnt be still life because she'd be jumping off the walls... running backwards)I sketched a lot of other things too, in art class. I wonder what ever happened to all those drawings? I use to love to draw, and still do, but havent bother to keep up the practice in ages. I always wanted to get into oil painting. Always loved the idea of just getting into the car and taking a road trip somewhere, with my paints, and canvas, and brushes in hand, to a mountain scenery, a river, a garden, or find a little cottage in the woods, and just paint it. Capture the view on canvas and take it home with me to look at when ever I wanted to just get lost in it. Especially during the Fall, with all those amazing colors that take my breath away.

I enjoy doing "artsy" things, and being crafty and imaginative. Pottery is another thing I'd really like to try my hand at. It'll have to do one thing at a time I guess. I think they're both a good way to get some quiet, alone time to recharge myself and unwind while being creative. I love to have "alone" time.

I've thought about taking some art classes again to brush up on some really rusty skills, and to gain new ones. I have to figure out if and how I can fit it into my schedule. Maybe a Saturday class might work.

rm_alotofPlzr4U 106M

8/16/2006 4:50 am

I bought oila and some new canvases last fall... thinking the winter would be my time to get back into it.. they still sit. I too, need to get back into it.
I know some incredible places to set up and take in the earths beauty...

DO it LB....
You'll enjoy it so much...
And I'm sure you have a much more refined eye and hand now as to when you were a child...

I bet your parents have some of those old pieces you did... I know when I go to my parents house it's always something resurfacing!

BassoStagsPears 43M

8/22/2006 8:09 am

Working from home this morning, so I thought I'd check out your latest blog posts.

I love art. I am particularly fond of B&W photography, as well as pencil/charcoal/ink drawings. I really love the simplicity of shapes, textures, and tones without the clutter of colors (not that I have anything against them). I would love to photograph you at some point in a 40's art deco setting. I think your style and look would lend itself very nicely to that time period. By the way, art deco photography is probably my absolute favorite (and it lends itself well to b/d and s/m).


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