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I've decided I need a break, normally I'd go to the beach, even in the winter I find peace and relaxation. But I haven't been back to visit the small town I grew up in for a couple of years now. I just want to reconnect with some old friends and make plans to visit again this summer.
They say you can't go back (home), but I have to say I can, in a way. The people I've befriended over the years that still live there welcome me home and it's like I've never left. Especially true with my male friends, they're always happy to see me. And the one saying I do agree with, is some things get better with age. The men are much more attentive and want to make sure they make their women happy. I've run into a few guys from my past and we get together when I visit. They were incredible when we first hooked up, now they are even better, we've had some mind blowing experiences! And for a few hours you I forget about the years gone by, it seems like just yesterday, since we were together. I find myself feeling the same rush as I did back then. Going to a public place wondering if anyone sees us or if they like what they see, some have asked to join, who am I to say no!?! I have a favorite park I love to go to, I watch the sunset, sometimes by myself, sometimes one of my friends breaks away from his life and joins me. I always have my blanket with me. Something about the sun setting on the lake bathing everything in a warm glow. I make sure I dress for the occasion, a skirt, no panties, a blouse, no bra. The first time I did this I thought he was going to lose it before I got started. He brought me my favorite wine, asked me if I would like some company, well of course! We sat there taking about old times when he leaned in for a very passionate kiss, it was like a fire rushing through my body. He cupped my breast through my gauzey blouse my nipples were rock hard and when he felt them he looked at me and smiled. He teased me, pinching and rolling my nipples between his fingers before he unbuttoned my shirt, I was already wet, but he wasn't through playing with my nipples, he took one in his warm mouth while pinching the other one, I let out a little moan which encouraged him, then he took the other hardened nipple in his mouth suckling and gently biting and nibbling. Seeing my reaction he slowly put his hand on my thigh pulling away looking for my approval, I just smiled. He smiled back sliding his hand up my skirt until his fingers found me hot wet mound, he smiled even broader when he realized I wasn't wearing any panties. He kissed me harder and moaned as his fingers lightly rubbed up and down my slit. I caught my breath as he started to put a finger inside me, I opened my legs wider and his finger found my clit, he slowly began to rub my nub as I opened my legs farther apart his fingers pinched and rubbed my clit and made a circular motion. My body tensed, he caught one of my nipples in his mouth, I moaned and he drove first one and then two fingers in me keeping his thumb stimulating my clit I came almost immediately. He tore my shirt off yanked my skirt off and went down on me lapping up my juices while fingering my wet pussy reaching to find my G-spot, I came again. I told him I wanted him to fuck me it was incredible, the minute he slide his thick cock in me I came again. Then I did my "little thing" girls I'm sure you know what I mean, guys, you'd love it I used my muscles and grabbed his cock with my pussy with each thrust, almost in a milking fashion, it didn't take him long and he moaned, told him that's it, fuck me, fuck me hard, I want you to fill me up, I want to feel your cock throbbing inside me with that we both exploaded cumming so hard. Once he caught his breath he asked me how long I was going to be in town, I told him for a few more nights, he asked if we could get together again....
So I say yes you can go back. More Cumming home stories to post.

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