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12/23/2005 5:34 am

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I meet you for drinks, it's been a hectic week and I'm ready to relax and have some fun. Conversation flows freely another drink and I begin to tell you some of my fantasies. You have a beautiful smile and I could get lost looking in your eyes. As we share our fantasies, you put your hand on my leg. Your touch sends a shock wave through me, it's almost as if you sense this and move your hand up my thigh. I take a drink and give you a smile. I turn towards you my low cut shirt teases you, as you try to see my breasts, I notice your interest and lean forward so you can get a better look. Now that I've turned facing you your hand travels further up my thigh, you smile at me when you find I'm not wearing any panties. I think one of my fantasies is about to happen. I slide up closer to you sitting on the edge of my chair as your fingers tease my pussy. The waitress comes over and asks if we need anything smiling I say no we're doing just fine. If only she knew! Your finger finds my clit and you begin to rub and pinch it then you slide one finger into my hot wet pussy and begin finger fucking me while your thumb rubs my swollen clit. I see you're enjoying making me squirm as you get hard. You keep rubbing my button and slide another finger in, my breathing quickens, I can't hold still. You smile and work even harder finally I cum, you feel me pulsing, feeling how wet I am, you bring your hand up to your mouth to taste me. I tell you I can't wait to get you home...

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12/23/2005 8:03 am

We think so much alike; let's meet in a bar someday.
Here's the fantasy I have posted on my profile:

You are sitting on a stool at the bar and I spot enough of a space next to you to squeeze my way in. I use the excuse of waiting to order a drink to stay next to you and get a closer look. I like what I see, very much. You look my way and I smile at you and say hello. You barely smile back then look away again. "I hope I'm not bothering you," I say, "but I've been watching you from over there and was hoping to talk with you a bit. Would you like another drink?" That loosens things up a bit and we begin to chat lightly back and forth.

Eventually I turn to you and say, "I've got to level with you....I came over here because I'm pretty sure that you aren't wearing any panties under your skirt and that kind of thing just drives me wild. I lose all control in that kind of situation and do and say things that I normally wouldn't." You blush demurely, but then after the slightest pause I think I see your legs widen ever so slightly. I become instantly erect. "Don't you wish you knew for sure?" you say with a wicked little grin. I shift my stance as I reach for my drink, using the opportunity to brush my thigh against yours. I'm very encouraged to feel a slight pressure on my thigh in return.

I turn back to my right to look at you and face you more directly and you smile into your drink and cut your eyes from me. My pulse has sped up to about 90 MPH at the thought of what I am about to attempt. I am nearly certain that you are going to slap my face and I'm going to get my ass kicked by someone, but I brazen it out anyway. I think to myself, "You only live once!" I reach over and place my left hand lightly just above your knee. You say nothing. You toy with the ice in your glass and do not move a muscle. Time stands awkwardly still for me. Finally you turn to look directly in my eyes and the slightest smile begins on your face.

Of course I take this as encouragement and settle my hand comfortably on your knee, moving it back and forth a bit, stroking you with my fingertips. I start to talk, telling you some dumb story I heard at work just to pretend that I am very casual about the whole thing. I keep losing my place because all I can really think about is my hand on your knee and how far up I can move it before you object. I put one leg on the rung of your barstool as an excuse to lean my body a little closer towards you and at the same time slide my hand much further up your thigh. Feeling like a high school kid I stop short of moving my hand under your skirt until I get some feedback from you.

You look me in the eye and brazenly part your legs further. Your expression is unmistakable: I can take this as far as you can. I grin widely and my cock is now fully erect and throbbing for attention. I take a drink from my glass and survey the crowd around us. These are nearly perfect conditions for what I have in mind--plenty of people, lots of noise, no one paying the slightest attention to us.

I look back at you, keeping eye contact as I boldly slide my hand up your thigh to place my fingers against your lips. They are quite warm, quite moist, and quite naked. My index finger moves up and down, working its way into the wetness and gently in between your lips. Anyone happening to glance over would know in an instant what I was doing and I don't care at all. Judging from the look on your face and the flush that has risen over it, I'd say you weren't thinking about that either.

You catch your breath and stifle a moan as my finger drifts up over the top of your clit. I play with my drink in the other hand and take a sip to maintain a reasonably casual appearance. This draws your attention to your surroundings, so you also take a look around to see it we are being watched. You lean forward and shift toward the bar in your seat, both to move closer to my fingers and also to restrict the view of casual onlookers. I get serious about stroking one, and then two fingers in and out of you. You are drenching my fingers and my pre-cum is drenching my boxer briefs.

With my fingers buried firmly inside you, I rotate my thumb around to stroke your clit lightly and repeatedly. You put one hand on my arm and squeeze it hard, your upper body contracting as your legs squeeze my hand tight up against you. I have to shift the angle of my hand as you move, so I use two fingers to spread the hood back from your clit and my middle finger to tease it back and forth. From the response of your body and your death-grip on my arm, I know I've gotten it right and settle in for however long is necessary to bring you to orgasm. Your body shakes slightly and your legs squeeze ever tighter together.

I'm regretting that I can't watch your face or hold you more intimately as you cum, but I am so turned on by what we are doing that nothing else really matters. I look around again to see if we have any onlookers because your body is moving more visible and our intensity could easily be drawing attention. Our luck holds. I don't hear your orgasm, or see any signs of it, but I do feel it travel up my arm, transmitted by you clenching down on my fingers and from the shaking of your legs. As you finally hold still and relax your legs a bit, I gently withdraw my hand. You sit back in your chair and look at me; I've chosen this moment to take my fingers in my mouth to taste your sweetness. We smile at each other.

You reach over on the bar and pick up a pen and napkin. Writing your phone number on the napkin, you tuck it in my shirt pocket. I smile broadly, "That was fun, I'm looking forward to continuing from there sometime soon. Good night." Then I walk away.

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