The Stranger  

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12/10/2005 9:58 pm

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The Stranger

Death will the body
And the body's hope of time;
Death will undo
Faith that depends upon another's word
And has not felt the fire
Credulity that passes for belief,
The airy gallantry, the phantasies
Of the enthusing spirit,
Promise and pretension and pretences--
Death will undo all these.

All these are gossamer.
There yet remains
The indestructible principle, the stranger,
Little regarded in the masque of life,
But now, as blood turns cold,
One by whose eye we see
Essential things, One by whose nature
We know ourselves undying,
One by whose word, had we but heeded it,
We might have understood much earlier
What only now we know.

Death frees the stranger in us. He is I


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