warm up 2  

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10/25/2005 6:04 pm

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warm up 2

The next day after my "nature" hike I was feeling a little shy with my new "friend". I kind of avoided him the better part of the morning, doing things with the other gals on the trip and making sure we were never alone. I was afraid he would think I was some kind of nympho who just jumped any guy who flirted with me. But there was a chemistry with him I just couldnt hide from.

So when we all decided to get goin on a snomachine ride I was happy to be paired off with him, riding behind him on that big vibrating machine, hugging up against his back and ass made me hotter than ever for him. We rode through the trails for hours, and then stopped for a break in the early afternoon. Everyone had brought something along on the ride for lunch and we built a small fire to heat up some coffe and hot chocolate, and no there wasnt any alcohol, my friends and I are safe drivers, LOL. We saved the drinking for back at the cabin later....

After our short lunch break during which my friend spent most of his time following me around while I chatted with the other gals, LOL I think people were getting wise to us, we jumped back on the machines for the ride back to the cabin.

Once we all arrived back at the cabin we hopped into the hot tub, man did it feel good after all that cold riding. I was sitting with my back up against the side my head resting on the edge just enjoying the heat when he showed up. My friend and I had been sitting there just talking and relaxing waiting for her hubby and the others, when he came up behind me and asked if we minded if he got in.
I looked at my friend and she was like not at all that is what the tub is for and we are all here to enjoy it. So he climbed in and sat beside me.

we sat there making small talk for a while and the others came staggering in, someone had a couple bottles of a really good merlot and we all had some. As people started getting more buzzed they all started leaving the tub heading off to the main room of the cabin or their own rooms....

Pretty soon it was just me and him..... He moved a little closer and whispered, I really had a great time on our walk yesterday you are an incredible woman. I felt my face heating up and knew i was blushing and not from the heat of the tub or the wine. I said thanks hope you dont think less of me, I was caught up in the moment. He chuckled and said, I would love to have more moments with you like that.

He then started kissing me and pulled me in closer I could feel his hardness pressing up against my leg and let out a moan. He grabbed me up and pulled me on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He had the most amazing tongue. He did this little swirl and flick that no one else has ever done, made me want to just start suckin on it.... He stopped kissing me and pushed me back a little just so he could slip both hands into my swim suit top. As we sat there starring into each others faces he was cupping and rolling my nipples around sending the most incredible sensations to my southern area.

I was really getting hot and I started moving my hips against him. I felt his hardness pressing back. He reached behind me and undid my top and then leaned down and started sucking me, alternating between soft kisses and long hard sucks on each , every once in a while giving each a nice little nip with his teeth. I was really pushing my now throbbing button against him and through our suits was getting some great friction going down there.

He stopped suddenly and I asked if something was wrong, he shook his head and said we need to go somewhere more private for what I want to do to you, all night with a wink of his eye. I said well I am game but where? I am sharing a room with one of the other gals who came along without a partner, and you are bunking with another guy. He smiled and said I happen to know of a room unoccupied and it can be latched from the inside......

I grabbed my top and we got out of the tub, He wrapped a big towel around me and one for himself too and said cumere.... I followed him out of the gazebo and across the planks to the sauna house. When we got there he checked and sure enough there was no one around. We went in quickly and he latched the door. It was great, this sauna was all enclosed no windows and warm with large cedar seating so we had plenty of room.

He turned me around and took my towel. Then he undid my top and pulled my bottoms down saying step out of them please, I want to look at you for a little bit..... I stepped out and then turned around to face him.... the look in his eyes made me hot all over again... never had I seen such raw unadulterated lust and admiration, I was pleased that he found me that attractive. He reached out and tweaked me and smiled as it immediately stood to attention, he then did the same to the other, getting the same reaction. I sighed and he chuckled " you like a little more than just touching, huh?" I smiled and said yes, and he tweaked them a little harder..... I was just enjoying the sensations of this sexy man pinching me while alternately massaging my bum. When he said, sit. I went to the bench and sat down. He came over and I started taking his suit off him, it was a tricky process considering he was fully hard and erect and the fabric was stretched to the limit already. When I finally got his suit all the way off he said NOW Suck me! I was more than happy to oblige.

I took him in slowly, savoring his musky man taste and scent. I licked the head and slowly swirled my tounge around the shaft while sucking him into my mouth. He was fairly large but not so large I couldnt get him in far enough to feel him in my throat and swallow without gagging. He moaned and asked "where did you learn to do that?" I just kept on sucking on him. Starting to move him in and out of my mouth while keeping a constant sucking going on and swirling my tongue around it was getting the reaction I craved, his sack started to contract at my touch and he moaned and pushed further into my mouth, not quite thrusting but meeting my mouth as I moved. He grabbed my head and stopped me for a minute and asked if I would like to swallow or wear it, I couldnt talk with him in my mouth so I raised up off of him and smiled, I said I love to taste you but to wear you would be good too. He smiled and said he could oblige both..... I took him in my mouth and began to really suck now, flicking him with my tongue and swallowing with each thrust into my throat, he moaned he was there and I sucked him in once more, as he started to let loose his load I let him start in my mouth savoring his taste and then for the last of it I pulled him out and he let loose all over me. I went back and licked the residual off and began rubbing the rest into my chest and neck. He stood there watching me and said, that is the sexiest thing any woman has ever done for me. I smiled and said you havent seen anything yet......

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