home for the holidays pt2  

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11/14/2005 3:36 pm

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home for the holidays pt2

It was New Years Eve, and we had been party hopping since about 7pm. A bunch of us were carpooling from place to place and It was around ten in the evening when we decided to head for our last party stop at the friends apartment where my first "threesome" had happened (see home for the holidays pt1). My boyfriend and I sat in the back row of the van. We didn't get a chance to fuck all before the night had started and we were really hot for each other.

Seeing that most of our friends were otherwise occupied with either making out or getting stoned, He reached under my skirt and started massaging my clit. I tried to push his hand away at the start but he just kept his fingers in my panties. I finally allowed him to play with me. He later started to pull down my panties trying not to make to much noise. He continued to stroke me until I finally came.

Not to be outdone, I unzipped his Pants and swallowed his dick. I started licking the head and slowly went up and down the shaft. After a couple of seconds, I looked up to see if anyone was paying attention, Jeff, the driver was the only one not getting high or making out and he was intent on driving. I pulled up my skirt and sat down on his hard and wet dick. It went into my pussy easy since we were both wet. I ground down on him and it didn't take either of us long to come.

As the van pulled up to the apartment building where our friends lived we were back in our respective seats with big grins on our faces.

Neither one of us could wait till we got inside to the party, both of us remembering the hot time we had the last time in the apartment......

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