Trucker Sex, or the Night Ride......................  

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11/11/2005 4:45 pm

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Trucker Sex, or the Night Ride......................

So I was sitting here thinking about being horny and not having a partner and remembering, as I usually do, what it was like to be spontaneous and just a little risky.

I had a boyfriend a while back who just loved doing it in vehicles. He drove truck at night and I used to surprise him every once in a while on his route by showing up at one of his stops. Sometimes we would just sit in the cab of the truck and I would give him head, other times we would climb into my van and throw down some sleeping bags and spend hours fucking.

There was this one time when I met him at a loading stop that we got so involved well....

The truck pulled into the parking lot where I had already parked my van. I could see his face as he pulled past me and backed into the slot for his truck at the loading area, he smiled that crooked, "I know what you want" smile he had and I grinned back. He got out and opened the back of the truck and pulled out the ramp. I walked over to the door and stood there waiting for him. He turned to me and said "come here, it has been too long" Then he pulled me into his arms and kissed me a long deep tongue entwined passion filled wet one.

When he let me go my knees were weak, and I found I was breathing just a little faster. I knew He wanted me bad and I him.

He loaded the truck while I stood there watching and we chit chatted during the 20min or so it took. When he was done he threw the ramp in closed the door and said " your rig or mine?". I smiled and said, "definately mine, you have lots of lost time with me to make up for".

He chuckled and grabbed me by the hand and we ran to the van. I had already laid out the sleeping bags and he grinned when he opened the side door, "werent eager or anything ?" he said. I just smiled and got in wiggling my ass in his face as i climbed to the back seat and started taking off my clothes. He jumped in and started helping me with my sweater and bra leaving a trail of kisses as he went. I started unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off him as he was yanking at my jeans. I flipped his belt buckle open with one hand and had him unzipped and was massaging him with the other. He moaned, I kissed his belly and started pushing his jeans down, licking a trail as I headed south. He pushed me back onto the floor and removed his pants, he was pulsing hard.

I reached up and pulled him down to me, he said "wait lets go slow" I said "not this time, I want you in me now, and hard" He pulled my hips up to him and plunged into me with one thrust. I was more than ready for him and his eyes widened in surprise at my wetness. I moved against him and he started matching my hip thrusts. I was so turned on it was only minutes before I started cumming. As I began moaning he knew I was there and he reached down and pinched my nipples. I moaned louder and he increased his thrusts and I knew we were both going over the edge. I yelled for him to do it harder and he plunged into me further. We were both cumming now and moaning loudly our pleasure.

We lay there panting and massaging each other and soon he was hard again. I leaned down and began to suck on him. Swirling my tongue around his cock, and massaging his balls. He moaned and said "you know I wont last long with you doing that to me", he was extrememly sensitive when I gave him head, he always came fast that way. I slowed down a bit and looked up at him, He smiled and I rose up and turned around, saying " do me doggie". He got up behind me on his knees and said "lean over the seat". I moved forward and leaned face down on the seat with my ass in the air infront of him. He started fingering me and massaging my ass. I was getting really turned on and wet. He licked his fingers and pressed his hard on up against me. I Moaned for him to put it in me. As he started to press in, he wiggled his fingers up and down on my clit. I pushed backwards at him and he slid in fully. I moaned when he hit that special spot inside and began to rythically bounce back as he thrust into me. Harder I cried, he smacked my ass and pushed further. I was really into it and yelled for him to fuck me like a bitch in heat and he began moaning. I knew he was cumming and I started to cum too.

Sweating and shaking we both collasped to the floor of the van. I looked at the clock in the van dash and saw that 3hrs had gone by, and said "you are going to be late to your next stop". He said "I need a breather before I can drive that rig".

Laying there catching our breath we realized we could hear voices outside the van. I peeked up over the edge of the front seat and could see several guys milling around on the loading dock. I ducked down as one looked over and pointed.

He started laughing, "dont worry, they already heard it, being shy now isnt gonna change it." I was laughing too, I guess it just was a shock to know we might have had an audience. We got dressed and he went back to his truck waving to me and the guys on the loading dock as he pulled away.

I found out later from him that the guys hadnt seen anything, as the windows of the van had been so fogged from our heavy breathing, but they had heard plenty and teased him a bit about it later. I never showed up at that particular stop again, but we met many times later along his route.

hmmm I miss that truck driver sometimes on the long cold alaskan nights......

helpheriwill 54M

11/11/2005 5:16 pm

Im very proud of u for treating a trucker right next time try a rest area, and total strangers for your fun. you probably can get some of them to suck each other (i would) for u to watch

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