The man of my Dreams.....  

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8/28/2005 7:20 pm

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The man of my Dreams.....

LOL OK guys here it is, this is what I am looking for, tell me am I being unrealistic?

I want a man who is real, not some internet enhanced entity they think we want to see, I want a man who is self confident, emotionally stable, who is self supporting,(this means he can support all his own habits and expenses), a man who wants and needs a woman there to support him emotionally through thick and thin as a partner and can do likewise, a man who knows how to spoil his lady (this means knowing what makes her feel special, ask if you dont know, and if it costs something isnt it worth it?) and can do it without needing to be lauded for it, a man who isnt so sexually inhibited that he feels inadequate if his lady is aggressive in her wants and needs, I dont necessarily need marathon sex all day everyday but once in a while would be nice, a man with baggage is ok as long as he can handle it and if he needs help is mature enough to admit it and ask for it. Age is not really a factor.(but I would prefer someone between 30-50 so we at least have somethings in common) Neither is race or religion. I would prefer someone who is not attached to anyone else as I am looking for a relationship to be shared just between us two. I dont like sharing as I myself would not want my partner going out and finding someone else to fulfill some umidentified need I cant provide. READ MY PROFILE, I think I was quite honest in my dos and donts, Honesty is the sexiest quality

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