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Serial emails.....

A while back I was emailing with this guy, and it was getting pretty interesting, until he just disappeared on me, didnt hear from him for over a month then one day he just pops up on the radar acting like nothing was wrong, when I asked him why he did that he says "because what you and I were doing made me feel things I hadn't felt in years and I felt guilty because it made me happy". LOL well I found out the reason he felt guilty was cause he was married and he was lying to me and his wife, LOL anyway We did have some pretty hot emails to share and I thought those of you who read me would like to see them......

Hope you had a great day at work,
>First hon dont ya think it is really WARM in this room? Here let me
>get comfortable.
> Oops there went my sweater and jeans, hmmm better but still am warm
>Arent YOU? Let me help you take of those pants and that
>that better?
> But I am still warm AAAHHHH thats better now that I have taken off
>bra and panties. Hey you still have your undies on, are you gonna
>stand there? Here let me help, with my teeth, I will slide them right
>MMMMMM now am nice and comfortable.. ah I see you are a little stiff
let me
>help you I know some great massage techniques....
>First just lie back on the bed there, uh huh thats nice and just
>your legs a little so I can wiggle my way up there closer.......
>OOOH you are stiff, rock hard even, that muscle is just awful tight....
>first we need some moisture so it will be easier for me to massage
>you...... hmmmm what can I use.......
>I know let me just lick it a little with my tongue.... doesnt that
>nice? I feel that you are not relaxing though seems it is getting
>hmmm what to do, here let me use my lips to give you a full length
>mmmmm all the way down and up the whole shaft....... mmmm the tip is
>warm and pulsing.. must mean my massage is working.
> You are breathing a little funny hon, can I help? Maybe if I just
>a little it will relax you more, mmmmm yea I am feeling it you are
>to really feel good now arent you?

Well then you are gonna love this cause I am gonna suck your balls into my mouth and massage them with my tongue. and if you like I will do both at the same time.....

Now I am cupping them with my hand while I slowly work my way back up the shaft of your now pulsing cock and start teasing a licking it till I reach the tip again.

Where I am gonna now take you in and slowly swallow you all the way down to the base into my throat and then start moving up and down slowly again every time reaching the base and you touching my throat.

And just when you are about to cum I am gonna really speed up cause I want it all in my mouth, and I want to taste you as you cum. Go ahead baby let go relax just let me suck you dry, MMMMMMMMMM you taste soooo goood.

Are you feeling it now? I can feel your balls starting to contract and you are flexing your cock , and your precum is wetting my tongue, mmmmm go ahead let gooooo.......ooooh yes I taste it now, you really taste good and boy it is a lot, I really like it when you cum in my mouth.....mmmmmmmmmmmm you taste so good it makes me hot and wanna cum toooo.

Whew, well Now I am relaxed how about you? Do you wanna start again?
Or would you like to rest a little before I start massaging you so I can climb on your hard cock and ride you? Well you think about it and I will continue for you tomorrow ........

I really enjoyed this email this morning. It got quite warm here in my
office. I would like to share some of my thoughts from last night.
We are both in your bedroom and I notice that your shoulders and back
bothering you from a long hard days work. Being the gentleman that I
am, I
offer to rub your neck and shoulders. I suggest that you undress so
your back rub feels better. After you undress, you lie down on your
and I begin. I first massage your shoulders, then work my way down
back and finnially to you butt. I gently move your legs apart so I
the equal amount of time on each leg.
As I am massaging your legs, I notive how wet you are becoming between
legs and I become very excited. At this time, I roll you over on your
and start kissing you very slowly. As I am kissing you, I massage each
your breasts one at a time. You move my head to your left breast so I
take your nipple into my mouth. Your nipple is already hard as I put
it in
to my mouth. As I am kissing your breasts, I place my hand in between
legs to softly stroke you.
At this point in my thoughts last night, I actually fell asleep. I was
really upset this morning that we had not finished. Would you like to
finish this encounter?
Your email was the highlight of my day.


As you stroke me my legs spread wider and I am already wet from you just kissing me and my breasts.... I am softly moaning and you begin to kiss lightly down my belly to my inner thighs which makes me squirm and moan more.

I feel you touching my breasts and rubbing my nipples while kissing my pussy lips and it send slight shivering shocks right to my clit which is already pulsing waiting for you to just lick it once.....

I almost cant stand the pleasure as you move inward with your exploration and begin to kiss and lick at my clit and inner lips.... I am dripping wet and almost ready to explode when you suddenly stop and begin to massage my legs again, you say dont worry it will cum, just a little longer......

As I lay there my thighs quivering in anticipation you move over me and begin kissing my breasts and then my lips, causing me to moan even louder in excitement, because while you are leaning over me your hard cock is proding against my thigh and causing me to get even wetter knowing you are that excited to be with me.

You position yourself between my legs and in one push are in me and the sensations begin.. I am filled with an electric shock with every thrust of your penis into me.... I cannot hold back any longer and begin yelling your name as I am overcome with an enormous orgasm that makes the muscles in my legs jump with every pulse.

You call out my name as you make one last hard thrust and I can feel your cum spilling into me as your cock spasms again and again.Are you ready for round 4?

As we lay there kissing and sharing our juices I start to caress and massage your chest and belly with my hands. I move around to your back and while my breasts and pussy are pressing up against your chest and cock my hands are massaging your back moving down and to your ass.

I am squeezing your cheeks and pushing my hips against you, pulling you close in a embrace of passion. I slowly rub a finger up and down your ass crack pausing just to tickle you a little in that special place. You begin to moan softly and your cock is making little spasmic movements getting hard against my pussy.

My clit is responding with its own little spasms and my wet juices are beginning to drip out of me running down the front of my thigh. You reach down with one hand and push it between us giving my clit a little tickle making my legs jump in reaction to it. Your other hand is under and around my backside massaging my ass running a finger up and down in my crack softly rubbing.

I move you over onto your back and begin slowly kissing you while I sit with your now rock hard cock slipped between my wet pussy lips. I move just a little so it rubs against my hard clit. I moan, and gasp as the sensations take hold of me. You are breathing in rythm with my hip movement, making me all the more excited.

You take both my breasts in your hands and begin rubbing my erect nipples. I shiver in expectation. You gently give each a little pinch and the electric shock of it is felt all the way to my clit. My pussy drips on your cock and I slowly rise up and move it into the position of it penetrating me, but not quite. You are now slowly licking my nipples and holding my breasts up and then sucking each in succession. I love it when you do that.

I begin to push down on your cock and just the head is now in my dripping pussy. I move up and down just a little and feel your cock getting harder. As I reach behind my ass and take a hold of your balls I drop down hard all the way on your cock, plunging it into my pussy. You gasp in your breath and thrust upward to meet me.

We begin to thrust hard against each other while with one hand I massage your balls which I can now feel getting tight with your cum, and the other hand is on my clit rubbing it in tight little circles making me moan even louder. You take your hands from my breasts and place each one on my hips grabbing me and pushing me harder onto you.

As you push my hips harder and harder I ride you. My pussy is so wet the juices are now flowing all over you and running down on your thighs and balls. I start rubbing my clit harder and faster and I feel the walls of my pussy tighten in anticipation of the orgasm I am about to have.

You begin panting and breathing my name, You yell for me to fuck you more and harder. I am overcome with sensations and say I am about to cum. You feel my pussy pulsating against your cock as you plunge upward against my downward stroke. You groan and yell you are about to cum and I can no longer hold back screaming in unison we cum together moving against each other as the orgasm peaks and ebbs.

I fall forward and lay my head on your chest while your cock is still in me our juices mingling and running all over our thighs and down onto the bed.


After cuming inside of you, I gently slide beside you. I stroke your
with my hand and softly kiss your lips. After kissing me, you raise up
your elbows and down to my cock. You begin to lick my cock, tasting
our cum
together and then kissing me so I can have a taste. I place you back
on the
bed and position your leg wide apart. I put my right hand under you butt,
sucking you clit and taking our cum into my mouth. While I am sucking
clit and pussy lips, I slide my right middle finger deep into your
going in and out. You're breathing is starting to match the pace of my
finger going in and out of your pussy. I remove my finger from inside
and turn you over on your stomach. I lift your hips, spread your legs
and place my cock against your pussy lips. With one thrust, I am deep
inside you. As I am going deep inside of you, I am explaining to you
wonderful my cock feels and how excited that you are making me. Your
are getting louder and you start telling me "Fuck Me Harder". I pick
up the
pace as I have been commanded until you are almost ready to cum. I
turn you over, place my cock deep inside your mouth, and start sucking
pussy as fast as I can. We both cum at the same. After we're through,
both kiss and share our jucies.

(ok somewhere in here I lost the HOT shower email I am still lookn for it if it shows up I will edit it in later)))

After we get out of the shower we towel each other off. I suggest we go out and grab a bite to eat since we haven't had anything in 24 hrs.....

We head on out to my favorite Mexican restaurant Acapulco's. Did you know that the spices in Mexican food are aphrodisiacs? Chili peppers cause women to excrete more fluids...makes our special places HOT....

The restaurant is full except for one big booth but the waitress seats us there..... We snuggle around to the middle so we can be close. We order our food, the fajitas combination, with chicken, beef and shrimp, and the waitress brings us a basket of chips and two salsas.

One is mild the other hot she says. I giggle cause that is what I am thinking about us....As she walks away you whisper in my ear you think I am hot and it makes that little tingle begin in my pussy...

I reach under the table to caress your leg and feel my way up to your cock, which is starting to strain against your pants already. I rub a little harder and it really begins to swell. I pop open your pants and let your now hard cock out of its confinement....You are kissing my ear and whispering to me about how you wish we were back in bed and I smile and say I will be right back.... I head for the bathroom. I am back quickly and slide back into the seat beside you....

I lean over and whisper to you that I have removed my panties and you should check under my skirt to make sure.... You reach under the table and start rubbing my inner thigh and then up to my pussy lips which are already moist in anticipation....

Did I mention that there are no tablecloths to hide our actions?

As we set there caressing each other the waitress brings our food. We are now so engrossed in playing with each other we are no longer hungry. But we do have a few bites in between our caresses. You pick up a piece of steak and feed it too me as I plop a shrimp in your mouth and you lick and suck the juices off my fingers while I do the same to you.

I lean over to whisper I am going to the bathroom again and ask would you like to come watch? You moan in answer, and I tuck your cock back in and zip up your pants.

I walk to the back of the restaurant where the bathrooms are and wave as I go in the door, since I didn't lock it, it has barely closed and you are sliding in. I raise my skirt and sit on the toilet. You are standing in front of me with your cock hard pressing against your pant. When I reach up and unzip them it pops out and I grab it with my lips.

I slowly ring the head of your cock with my tongue and sip of the drops of cum seeping out. You moan in pleasure. I then take off my blouse so you can play with my breasts and tease the nipples into even bigger harder peaks.

Now I take your whole cock in and begin sucking really hard you are bucking against my mouth causing your cock to plunge into the back of my throat, I begin moaning from the sensations of my breasts and your cock together.

Just as You say you are ready to cum, I stop, get up and tell you to sit on the toilet. You are barely containing yourself and tell me to hurry and fuck you.

I straddle your lap and with one deep plunge impale my dripping wet pussy all the way to the base of your cock. You start to moan loudly calling my name and demanding I fuck you hard. I oblige by almost standing up and slamming my pussy down again and again onto your pulsing cock.

You reach to my clit and with one touch send me reeling into orgasmic spasms which cause me to really sit hard on you and In one frantic push you and I cum together screaming each others names.

Minutes pass and we do not move, I sitting there on your cock which surprisingly is relatively still hard, and we get our breathing back in order.

I begin to get up to straighten up my skirt and blouse when you grab me and turn me around and plunge your cock again into my pussy. You tell me to lean over and grab my calves and as I do you begin fucking me even harder. I am already cumming and I scream so.....You continue for several more minutes while I am just continuing to have one long orgasm, when you suddenly let go and yell I am cumming again....

We both sit back down on the toilet, breathing in unison panting from the intensity of the orgasm we have shared.

At this point we realize we have been very loud and the restaurant seems very quiet.. so we get our selves together and head back to the dining room.

As we enter we get a standing ovation and everyone claps..... and our dinner is on the house.


After a short breather in the car I remove myself from your lap. Since it is still relatively early in the evening I suggest we go out to see a movie. There are a couple good ones playing right now and I would love to see Constantine.

You kind of look at me with a leer and say sure a dark theater and you, what an idea. I laugh and say well then lets drive.

As we drive to the theater I am still thinking of our adventures in the restaurant and at the lake and it makes me even hotter. I start to rub your cock through your pants and am pleased with the reaction I get. It amazes me that you are still able to function after all the exercise we have been getting. I get even wetter thinking about it.

Just as I am about to pull your cock out and suck it till you cum in my mouth we arrive at the theater. You are hard and when we get out of the car so you keep me in front of you to hide your erection. I can feel it rubbing against my ass as we walk, and I am getting wetter with eachstep

As we stand in line I lean back against you and rub my ass against your erection. You reach around me and act like you are hugging me, but in fact you are pressing against me with your hard on while teasing my nipples with your fingers.

We get to the ticket window and they ask us what movie, we have been so involved in our teasing we forgot to look and see so we tell them whichever one starts now or has started. They look at us funny but out pop the tickets and we pay and go in.

We forgo the popcorn and soda and head right for the theater. We walk in the door and stop, waiting for our eyes to adjust to the dark, while standing there you become bolder and start moving your hand around on my ass and under my skirt sliding forward on my thighs to feel the wet that is now there. I hear your quick intake of breath at this discovery, and it makes me shiver.

After looking around we realize the place is full and there are not any seats together, so we look around to see what we can do, maybe we will have to go to another place. No wait this theater has special "baby" rooms for people who come with kids and need to separate themselves from the public for whatever reason. I peak in the door and find the room empty.

I grab you and pull you in and lock the door. The whole front wall of the room is Glass, looking out at the movie screen. And knowing that anytime all 100 of the people out there could turn and watch us is extremely exciting.

I start to take your cock out of your pants and you say wait, I must do something for you first. I say Ok what, you say take ofF your top and bra and press your tits against the glass. I smile and begin removing my clothes, I walk over to the window and not only press my tits but spread my legs lifting one up and press my lips against the window.

You groan and come up behind me, you have already removed your pants and your cock is now rock hard against my ass. You tell me to just lean against the window and stick my ass at you. I do as I am told and can feel your hot cock starting to press against my pussy, one push and you are in. I am so wet I can hear it sloshing as you fuck me and I scream to fuck me harder.

You do as I command and as we are really pounding away suddenly your cock slips out and up and slids into my ass. I am surprised as you are but it is not what I expected I am so hot and turned on that your cock was so lubed it slid in fast and was not painful. I tell you keep moving, and you oblige me. You start moving slowly and taking your time, I am begging you to go faster, faster. I want it faster and harder, please fuck me hard I scream, I am cumming and cumming hard and just as I scream that I am cumming you cum too screaming my name.

In a couple minutes we are starting to realize that the movie is over and has been for a while and the people are all leaving the theater, but no one has acknowledged us, we are confused. Wondering was it that bad of a performance? No, no I remember the wall of glass is ONE WAY ONLY, they cannot see us, so all those poor people missed out on our grandiose show.

We begin to get dressed and I reach for the door when you grab me and passionately, deeply, Kiss me, I say what is that for? You reply IT IS JUST the beginning ...

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