New years......  

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11/16/2005 8:45 pm

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New years......

We all went into the Apartment where the party was in full swing. Lots of talking, drinking and dancing going on. We mingled around but our minds were elsewhere, knowing how horny we both were we couldnt wait for the others to leave so we could continue more of what we started in the van.

We parted for a while, him talking sports with a few of the guys me chatting with some gals there I knew. It was almost midnight when my boyfriend came over and asked if I wanted to dance.

A slow song was playing and I said sure why not. I had had enough to drink I was feeling relaxed and was still thinking about what we had done in the van so when he started moving up against me I was just into it enough to press my pelvis back against his crotch and feel his hardon. We moved slowly to the music doing a kind of dry hump against each other while everyone around us went unnoticed. I was really getting into it, when the music stopped. It was midnight and someone had turned on the times square ball and the countdown began.

He grabbed me and started giving me the biggest wettest tongue kiss ever. He was really going at my mouth and rubbing my behind and grinding against me. I was so horny by this time I didnt want to wait for the others to leave, I grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom down the hall.

When we got in there, I pulled him to the bathroom shower, and turned on the water. He kept rubbing me and I told him to get undressed and I got out of my clothes first. We climbed in the shower and we started kissing then he slid his fingers down my tummy to my wet clit. He started rubbing slow at first then harder and faster till he made me scream and shake from an orgasm. Then he started finger fucking me with 2 fingers, while he was getting down on his knees to suck on my juicy clit. First he started licking it and licking my pussy with his tongue and sucking on my clit hard.

Then we get out of the shower and I lay him on the bed, still wet, and started sucking on the head of his hard cock as if it were a lollipop. I started sucking harder, licking it round and round, taking his cock in my mouth and licking his balls every time I went down. Next he pulls me up on top of him and slams his cock into my pussy. I push his body down and get on my knees so I can make my wet pussy slam on his hard cock. He flips me over so he's standing behind me and pounds my ass, over and over again. Then he flips me over on my back and throws my legs over his shoulders.

He starts playing with my clit and screams, "Baby, I'm cumming," as he slams harder. I moan and scream, "Let it go in me, I want you all in me."

We both let go and had incredible hard orgasms, the kind that make you shake and shiver, leaving your legs numb. As we laid there recovering we heard the party still going on in the living room, people were unaware we were even gone.

Or so we thought, after we got dressed and went back out we realized everyone was looking at us and grinning, I guess our private passion hadnt been that private after all, those thin apartment walls had told on us. No one ever said anything directly to us but their looks told it all........

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