J Giles ROCKS.........  

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11/29/2005 5:57 pm

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J Giles ROCKS.........

The concert was in an old concert hall, and there were clearly more people there than normally allowed. The crowd was packed in and I felt his hard body in back of me. As we stood packed close together, He reached under my jean miniskirt and touched my bare butt cheek. I didn't move or even turn around as he grabbed my ass.

He was hard pushing against me. I reached back to unzip his jeans, and allow his cock to peek out of the top of them. He reached under my skirt again as the crowd pushed and felt my bare ass cheek. While he felt under my skirt, he noticed that I had no panties on. He positioned his cock directly behind my pussy and lifted my skirt slightly as he put the zipper flap of his pants in my ass crack, and pushed forward with the crowd. I didn't turn around as he ground his body against me.

He lowered his body and the bare head of his cock touched between my cheeks, and I didn't even flinch. He reached forward and slipped a finger in my pussy from behind and I spread my legs slightly. He unzipped all the way and slipped his cock between my legs from behind. He rubbed his bare cock the length of the outside of my pussy. I was shaved ,smooth and incredibly wet.

He slipped his cock into my wetness and pumped slowly with the crowd pushing against us. We both came quickly, and he slipped out of my pussy, and zipped up. I then worked my way up through the crowd and got to the stage. I never turned around but I know who he was, BOY! What a concert!

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