Christmas one  

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12/12/2005 8:19 am

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Christmas one

The Christmas before I moved to Alaska I was working in a mall at a Deli. It was the holiday season and had been getting party invites from all my friends and coworkers and was having a good time all around. But the best Christmas present i got was from the local Santa at the mall.....

The Santa house sat in the area across from where I worked. And everyday from Thanksgiving on this Really cute guy would come in and get lunch. He was always nice and polite, even a little shy. He would stand there and wait and make his choices slowly, till he got to order from me. I didn't really notice at first, but then it seemed he was always my customer.....and I started to wonder where he worked.

We chatted briefly every day over his choice of food and drink but not much else until a couple days before Christmas. He mentioned that he would be moving on to another job after the 25th and I asked well what are you doing now? He laughed and said I am Santa. I was totally surprised cause usually the Santa's were older men who were nice enough but not sexy! I laughed and said well now I am bummed I haven't sat on your lap this year, maybe I need to make a list and come see you.

He smiled and said well Sure you should, everyone needs to visit Santa before Christmas. I told him I would be by then, list in hand later that day.

When I got off work that evening it was just about time for the Santa house to close, and I almost didn't show up but thought what the heck there aren't any kids standing in line why not? So I walked up the ramp and the little sign on the door said Santa is out feeding his reindeer be back in 5 minutes. I was bummed and turned around to leave. Just then the door opened and there was Santa, white beard and all saying come on in little girl you can tell me what you want. I laughed and went in.

He went over to his chair and sat down, his helper elf was still there tidying up the shop and putting things away. She smiled and said Hi did you want a picture? I laughed and said Sure why not I haven't done this in I went over and sat on his lap. Imagine my surprise when I got poked by Santa and it wasn't his finger,..... He smiled at me and I grinned back, little did Santa know he was already halfway done with my wish list. The girl took the pic and said it will be about 5 minutes til it is ready. I paid her the $5 and she went back to tidying up. Santa and I sat there chatting and soon she came back with my picture. She said she was leaving and that Santa should lock up when he left. He smiled and said sure thing and as soon as she was down the ramp he turned the latch.

He then turned to me and said so whats on your wish list this year? I smiled and said well I dint really have a list right now but there is one thing I am wishing for ....... and I walked over and started kissing him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a big long wet kiss that made my knees weak. Even with all the costume and padding I could feel him pressing hard against me. I was panting when he moved away and took my hand. We went back to his chair and he sat down and pulled me in to set on his lap facing him. He started kissing me again and rubbing his hands up and down my back moving lower to my ass and massaging.

He started unbuttoning my blouse and rubbing my already hard nipples through my bra. I was moving my hips against him as I sat there and could feel his cock pushing against me through the suit. I reached down between us and started to undo his pants and slip a hand into them. He said here lets get this done right. He lifted me off and stood me up and then he started to remove his suit. I said no wait just the pants. he smiled and said OK and when he dropped them to the floor I just stood there. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was standing straight out and was at least 10" and thick. He smiled and asked if I was scared. I said no just amazed. We both laughed and he reached for my pant zipper and pulled my pants and panties to my ankles. I slipped them off and moved towards him. His cock slid between my legs just at the right height. I was wet already and he almost slid right in but he stopped himself and just moved back and forth between my thighs for a bit while we stood there kissing.

Then he picked me up and sat me on his cock. I was a little tense at first, then I realized he was sliding in so easily that there was no worry. and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in all the way. He gasped and looked at my face. I was smiling and he said wow I have never had someone be able to do that for me. I told him I was surprised too but he seemed to fit OK and it wasn't painful at all in fact it was feeling pretty good cause I was beginning to drip.

He turned around and walked with me on him to the chair. He started to turn around to sit and I said wait, lets switch positions. he reluctantly let me slide off him and stand up. I turned and bent over the chair and said OK now ..... He didn't need any coaxing, he plunged right in and started pumping me like crazy. I was cumming after the first couple strokes and he kept pumping. I could feel his balls slapping against me with each plunge. and he was grabbing my nipples and rolling them around in his fingers while massaging them. I was so hot and I wanted to make him feel the same. I begged him to let me taste his cock and he pulled out of me and sat on the chair. I wasn't sure I could get much of him in my mouth but I wanted to try. I licked the big mushroom head and it throbbed in my lips. the precum was oozing and tasted so sweet. I licked it and started to suck him in. I got about half of him in and used my hands to stroke the rest. I was licking and sucking like crazy, I wanted this guy to cum in my mouth and on my tits.....he was starting to moan and said that if I kept that up he was gonna explode. I stopped just long enough to say I wanted him to, all over my face and tits. He smiled and said your wish is Santa's command.... I went back to sucking and stroking and could tell he was gonna cum fast and hard. I took one finger and slid it down between his cheeks and just tickled his ass. He started grabbing my hair and moaning here it cums. Then it started, he shot in my mouth and then down my face to my tits it seemed to be endless, I had never seen a guy cum so much. I licked up what I could and started rubbing the rest in all over. He was still hard after cumming and I jumped right on again while he was sitting there. He smiled and said hmmm you are a greedy girl. I just laughed and said but Santa you asked me to bring my list....

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12/13/2005 2:19 am

I want a visit to Santa like that!!! wooooohoooo!!!
Blog on!!!!

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