Christmas past... pt two the climax  

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Christmas past... pt two the climax

I was so wet now that with every stroke in and out of me it was dripping down onto his balls and making that delicious sloshing sound. He reached back to grab my ass and started pulling me down on him harder. I was close to cumming again and he could feel the muscles in my pussy tightening around him. He moved his hand to my wet and then started rubbing his finger around my hole. The sensations were more than I could take and I started shuddering. He plunged in harder and I orgasm ed for what seemed forever. He kept pumping into me and was moaning now himself. I pushed myself off and turned around again so I was facing away and sat back down on his now extremely hard and pulsing cock.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me back against him. He then reached up and grabbed my breasts pinching and rubbing my nipples. He whispered I dont want to cum in you yet, let me lick that wet paradise you have.

I reluctantly got up off him and we switched positions. I sat in the chair and put my legs up over the arms. He smiled and said my what a sight I think you have just given Santa the best Christmas gift he ever got. I laughed and said I am not done yet. He then kneeled in front of me and started licking lightly all around the outer lips of my wet pussy. I watched him take his tongue and start slowly at the base and lick in upwards motions to my clit, but not quite touching it. It was exciting and teasing all at once. He pushed against my thighs to spread my legs more and then plunged his tongue into me. I moaned at the pleasure of it. He started pumping it in and out of me and licking up my juices, then he moved up to my clit and with just little light flicks moved all over it. I was moving my hips now with the rhythm of it. He started pushing a finger in and out of me while licking and I was lifting up off the chair to meet his movements. He slipped another finger in and pushed a little faster, then another, and I was amazed at the sensations of his tongue massaging my now hard pulsing clit and his fingers moving inside me. I grabbed his hair and really started moving against his mouth. He started sucking on my clit alternately licking just the tip of it as he did. I felt my orgasm building again and pushed harder against him. I started really fast moving his fingers in and out and I went over the edge again. I screamed as I came, the juices flowing all over his face and fingers, he stopped and quickly pulled me onto him on the floor, I sat straddling him as he pumped up to meet me. Harder and harder I rode him, my orgasm continuing with each stroke, he was moaning that he was gonna cum and I was telling him to. He pushed up one good hard stroke and I could feel his cock pulse as he started his orgasm. I let him start shooting his juices then I pulled off and let it spray all over my belly and pussy. I was again amazed at the amount this guy had to give me. I watched from above as he lay there just oozing and pulsing. When he finally quit I moved down and licked his cock and balls dry.

He sighed and got up on his elbows and said why did it take so long for you to come visit Santa? I said well it was because I had been so busy with work and that I didn't know He would be able to give me such a great gift so soon. He laughed and said yea and it would have helped if I hadn't been so shy. I smiled and said well now that we have been introduced what IS your name?...........

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