Christmas busride  

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12/4/2005 4:45 pm

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Christmas busride

It was Christmas break my junior year in college and I was going home on a Greyhound bus to Waterford. The bus was filled with rowdy college students all headed to their homes all over Michigan for the holidays. Most of the guys were acting like completely idiots. Not that it mattered because at the time I had a serious boyfriend back at school.

However, I couldn't help notice the guy across the aisle from me was quite handsome and reading quietly. We ended up having a conversation and I could tell we were attracted to one another. During the trip we kept eyeing each other

Our Bus trip was a 2 dayer and I found out he was riding almost the whole way with me. After a dozen stops we finally had a long break in a small town we were laying over for about 2 hrs and it was good to get out and stretch our legs. We all got off the bus heading either to the little cafe to eat or go potty, or the stores for reading materials. I ran into him again at the Cafe. He was with some other guys and being loud but still charming and very funny. He looked even better out of the dank dusky light of the bus. I intentionally sat down in a seat facing him and made sure we made eye contact more than once. He finally broke away from his friends and came over to me. He said would you like to take a walk? stretch a little before we have to get back on the bus. I nodded, dropped a couple bucks on the table for my fries and drink which I hadnt finished and headed out the door with him. He grabbed my hand and we walked in the direction of the bus station. When we got there we saw no one else around so we stood there leaning against the bus talking. Suddenly he leaned over and kissed me, and I could feel his erection against my leg. He asked me to get on the bus with him I let him lead in without a second thought.

In the bus we kissed passionately. I was incredibly horny. The bus driver was no where to be seen so we got bolder.

I knew I would most likely never see him again. I was not acting like myself. I slid this boys hand between my legs. He pulled my underwear aside and began to finger fuck me. It was humid in the bus and I could smell my pussy. I started to grind into his hand.

When the bus driver popped his head into the bus and looked at us we smiled and said hi. He said it was gonna be another 45 min or so before the bus was ready to go again and if we wanted we should feel free to wait there or go ahead and wander around town. We told him thanks we would wait there and he waved as he left headed for the cafe. We groped each other more getting even more worked up. He grabbed my hand and said follow me. He pushed me into the bathroom and pulled my jean skirt up around my hips and pulled my panties down around my ankles sat me on the sink and began to eat me out. I was in heaven.

I pulled him up and removed his pants. I noticed a pre-cum stain low on one of the legs. It turned me on. He had a fantastic cock. Close to seven inches long and very very thick.

He turned and sat on the toilet and I started to suck him off while massaging his balls. He held my head and gently thrust into my mouth. I knew he wouldn't last long. His cock was slick with precum and my saliva. I pushed my pinky against his asshole and jerked him off violently. My hand hardly fit around his shaft. I've never seen so much cum in my life. He came everywhere. I found some later that trip in my ear.....

After, he was still hard as a rock. He pushed me back out the door and into the long back seat,and began to kiss my body. Our private areas were hot and musky in comparison to rest of our skin which was cool from the bus door being open. He sucked and bit my tits. I could feel his dick brushing my leg. I wanted it badly. I grabbed it and steered it towards my pussy.

He nudged the head of his cock inside of me. It was so thick I remember catching my breath. My pussy was aching and drenched with juice. There was very little friction or resistance. I arched my back to take more of him in but he was teasing me and would only gave me a couple inches. It was driving me crazy, but felt amazing.

I got on my hands and knees and he began to fuck me doggy style. He slowly worked all of his cock inside of me. I was overwhelmed with lust and pushed my ass back to meet his thrusts. He took control and pounded me slowly and then more quickly. I could feel his balls slapping against my cunt. My body shook and I quickly came once and then again.

I didn't know if I could take much more but he kept going. He gripped my ass and spread my cheeks to get deeper penetration. I screamed and moaned that I was cumming again. He pulled out and jerked off all over my back.

He massaged all his cum into my ass and back and just as we were finishing getting dressed and back to our seats the first of the other travelers climbed aboard. We both smiled as he said "so are you ready to continue the ride?"

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