Body Shots  

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11/16/2005 8:55 pm

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Body Shots

I had been without sex for a long time. I went to the bar one evening & visited with some male friends, none of them had ever appealed to me. We lived in a very small town where everyone knows each other. Aside from the bartender, I was the only woman in the place. James (his name has been changed to protect his identity) came into the bar and started visiting with my friends. He worked in town and lived in another town. I was immediately attracted to him. We made eye contact and soon he was next to me at the bar.

We all began drinking shots. I shared one with James. He asked me if I had ever had a body shot. I asked him what it was, and he told me to get on top the bar. I politely declined. After a couple more shots, James took me over to the pool table & told me to get on top. The table was in a darker area of the bar near the bathrooms, so there were people going by. I laid on the table and James unbuttoned my pants. He was between my legs. I was hesitant and somewhat concerned about what he was doing. He poured the shot into my belly button and began licking and sucking my belly button. He pushed his hips into my crotch. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed back. After a few minutes, a guy came from the bathroom and stood and watched us.

We went back to the bar and got another shot. I told James it was my turn. I took him back to the pool table and he laid on it. When I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants he got concerned. I poured the shot into his belly button and began to lick and suck. James told me he was getting excited. I reached into his pants and pulled out a very hot and hard cock. His cock was dripping with pre-cum. I had to taste him. I sucked his hot wet cock into my mouth. He tasted so good. The pre-cum was flowing from the tip of his cock and his cock got even harder. We noticed the guy who had been watching us earlier come back. James said he was uncomfortable. We went to my car for the 10 mile trip to my place. James played with my tits and crotch all the way. We almost wrecked a couple of times as we were kissing passionately.

When we got to my house, he grabbed me from behind and ground his hips into my ass. I could feel his hardness and the heat of his cock through our clothes. I wanted this man inside me. I wanted to feel the weight of his body, the smoothness of his skin. I was soaking wet. His cock was dripping pre-com. James said it had been two years since he had been with a woman. It had been eighteen months since I had been with a man. I needed this man inside me. We tore our clothes off leaving a trail to the bedroom. There I threw myself on the bed telling him how much I needed and wanted him. When I felt his cock finally push inside me, I started to come. We were so wet and slick with our juices. James pulled out to put a condom on so he could come. I told him to hurry, I needed him so much. I had forgotten how good a man truly felt. After a few strokes, James stopped to take the condom off, he was not as sensitive with the effects of the alcohol and the condom. I again pleaded with him to hurry. I never wanted or needed a man so much.

Our sex was sloppy with all our wetness. James moaned when he came. It was not good sex. It was greedy, hot, and drunken sex. It was the best sex. We fell asleep in each others arms. Even in our drunkenness we woke up three more times to fuck each other over the course of six hours. Our sex got better each time as we took the time to get familiar with each other. I took James back to town the next morning. He was late for work.

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11/19/2005 10:42 pm

Sounds like you had fun gurl....
Just to let you know.. I have stopped visiting the chat room.. tired of the damn drama and petty jealousy BS that is taking over.. will be in blogs though... T


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