Bare in the Park.....  

1Bigbeautifullay 56F
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11/28/2005 11:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bare in the Park.....

I have a secret side to my personality. And semi - public sex and nudity are just the tip of the iceberg..... Just meeting me you'd think I am all apple pie and ice-cream... and real good girl.

But, those who have taken the time to get to know me have discovered something else entirely.

A guy I was dating several years back and I were fooling around in his living room one time, just groping and kissing like most do, when I told him about a fantasy of mine. I suggested that I dress up in the shortest skirt I owned, a skimpy tube-top and heels... so that I had a dirty-girl look... and we'd drive down to the public park on the lake and have sex anywhere and everywhere possible. He loved the idea and I rushed off to get ready.

He waited in the car for me, and when I stepped out of the house he nearly came in his pants. I looked dirty alright, but he said I couldn't shake the innocence and was the cutest looking slut of all time.

We drove for about 10 minutes, the whole time with his right hand rubbing my bare thighs and my left hand stroking his cock. We walked quickly to the most secluded spot of the park and he sat down on a bench.

I was facing him and lifted the hem of my skirt... I wasn't wearing panties. He wanted to fuck me so hard. I straddled him just then and sank down onto his cock. I bounced and swayed and lifted my top so that he could suck on my big nipples. We were loving every second of it, totally oblivious to the rest of the world. Just when he was about to cum he looked over my left shoulder to see a small group of young couples (three pairs of 20 something year olds) watching me ride him from behind a row of short bushes. He smiled at them and lifted the back of my skirt so that they could watch his cock sliding in and out of me. The girls all dropped their jaws while the guys just stared in disbelief. He must have cum for a good 40 seconds watching them enjoy the show...

We had so much fun doing it at that park that it became a regular theme to our dates. We must have fucked in every park in that town, several times each.

caressmewell 53F

11/28/2005 11:27 am

You go girl! I love sex outdoors and in public places it a rush. I have written about a few of them on my blog.

AtomicArtist0 45M
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11/28/2005 8:00 pm

oh...I've witnessed that secret're not as sweet as your profile implies. Keep up the great writing, babe.

frbnkslady 48F
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11/28/2005 9:32 pm

LOL, I love sex in public... ever tried a movie theater??? T


tprcrk 54M

11/30/2005 1:30 am

Yummm public last gf and I would have sex while leaning against the car, she in a mini with no panties, I would jus pull the zip down and insert. With carefully timed movements, to all who drove by we just looked like a couple in a pasionate embrace.....

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