And the Band Played on.....  

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11/6/2005 10:56 pm

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And the Band Played on.....

My best friend and I were coeds at Michigan State
back in 1979. She and I had been friends since 2nd
grade and We had been in college for a year and it was
the height of the disco era and streaking was still a
big thing.

Many a football game or swim event "flashed by" during
our first year there.

We had always talked about running nude accross the
commons and into the field area just outside our
dorms, but never seemed to have the guts, well I had
the guts but my friend was a little shy.

You see I almost believe I was born a nudist. From
the time I was very young I was forever taking off my
clothing in public, used to embarass my mother to no
end. She was always telling me to put some article of
clothing back on when ever we were out in public.
when I was ten I got in trouble for running in the
sprinklers across the neighborhood, not because they
werent ours but because I was nekkid and all the boys
were out watching me. LOL I dont think mom ever found
that bathing suit.

Anyway, I finally got my friend convinced that it
would be no big deal and we should have a go at it, so
I rolled up a fatty, got her a good buzz and handed
her a beer. Then I said take yer clothes off we are
going jogging.

She insisted on carrying a towel, and I said ok. I
stripped down to nothing and she did like wise. We
headed down the hallway. No one even said a word to
us, why would they it was a womens dorm and we usually
headed for the showers either half dressed or nekkid

When we got to the commons door she balked a little.
I said come on, it is mostly girls out there anyway,
they arent gonna say anything. So she dropped the
towel and away we went.

Of course I am such a slut for attention I was waving
and yelling hi to those I knew along the way, She on
the other hand was just looking straight ahead
rounding the tables for the door to the outside. I
noticed that where were a few people sitting in the
reading area right by the door, a couple of guys and a
few of the girls from our dorm floor. I waved and
smiled as I went by.

We got to the door and to my surprise my friend bounded
right out. I followed her out and started looking
around. Not many people were walking around the
grounds and I was kind of surprised our dorm was right
on the way to the diving pool and the soccer fields,
usually there were lots of guys and girls scurrying
here and there during the day.

No matter we had agreed to a once around the soccer
field and that is where we headed. We were beginning
to relax into a steady jog now and were just coming
around the hedge on the end of the soccer field when
we noticed the sound of music. I Looked at her and
said, "what's that about"? she shook her head as if
to say dont know and we rounded the corner.

There before us was about 100 people in band uniforms.
She came up short and I about ran her over. We
stood there for a minute and then just started jogging
around the field. As we made our way around I noticed
that band was turning to watch as we ran. Not one of
them said anything but someone started a song and the
rest chimed in..... They were playing the stripper....

We finished the jog around the field, which probably
took all of 5 min, but felt like an hour, not because
of the attention but because neither of us were
athletes and running was not something we did often.
and as we headed down the path and out the hedge we
heard the band cheering and hollaring.

She laughed and said I think they want an encore, I
said well? you game? I am. She smiled and turned
around with me right behind and we circled for our
victory lap waving as we ran.

When we got back to the dorm there were about 10-15
more people in the commons, and One of the guys i knew
from chem class waved and said come have a bite to
eat with me. I told him sure as soon as i got my
crazy nekkid friend up to our room I would be back
down. He laughed and said crazy friend? You're
nekkid too, I laughed and said yes but it was just to
make her happy. She stopped in her tracks and turned
to him I thought I was in trouble again but was
surprised when she said, yep she was just chasing me
down and lost her clothes, she ran so fast.....
Everyone busted up laughing and we headed for our

AtomicArtist0 45M
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11/8/2005 12:41 pm

great, great story! wish I was there to see it! ah for it to be 1979 again!

frbnkslady 48F
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11/10/2005 8:16 pm

LOL 1BBL>.... sorry it didn't work out.... But chin up Chicky....T


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