Can you guess?  

1994DesireeDawn 32F
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12/19/2005 11:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Can you guess?

We have a lot of fun playing our game. Let us know if you've done it before with anyone else. Or let us know how you'd like to do it with us. If we masturbate to your post we'll let you know.

rm_evan1969 48M
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12/20/2005 9:51 pm

closest i came to your game was a time a girl i was getting to know wanted to have a fmf far as she knew, we were just meeting at a hotel to be together, only ourselves. we met at the hotel bar, and had a few drinks, talking about what i wanted to do w/ her that night. i told her i wanted her to totally trust me. that what i had in mind was going to be very erotic and she needed to give herself totally to me. i could tell she was more than curious, and a little nervous.

we finished our drinks and went up to the room. in the elevator i pressed into her ass as we rode up w/ people in the hand was also running down her side to the bottom of her skirt. slowly moving my hand under it. when we reached the room, we closed the door and started to take each other's clothes off. it was more me taking control, pressing her against the wall, my hands all over her. i dropped to my knees and started to suck her pussy through her thong. turned her around, bent her over to lick her from behind.

i took her to the bed and while laying on her, i told her it was time to trust me. i had her so worked up at this point all she could do was nod. at this point, i reached under the bed and pulled out a blindfold and put it over her eyes. we then started to kiss deeply again. i reached to pull out a silk rope to tie up her arms to the headboard. after she was tied up and blindfolded, i poured some oil over her body and started to kiss my way down from her lips, especially over her nipples. i then went down on her, licking the outside of her pussy, watching her hips ride up trying to press into my mouth.

what this girl didnt not know is that i had a friend waiting in the closet. at this point she was coming out and she replaced me between the girls legs.

let me see your network pictures, and i will tell you the rest of the story...

rm_evan1969 48M
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12/21/2005 5:48 pm

your pictures are definitely worth the rest of the story...want to meet me in ft lauderdale?

to finish the story...

as i left off, my friend replaced me between her legs. she did not know at first that someone else was sucking on her pussy. she was so wet and moving her hips up and down thatit did not dawn on her there were 2 people in the room. as becky licked her pussy, i moved up on the side of her and straddled her face and lowered my cock onto her mouth. she was stunned and laid still for a moment. becky then started moving her hands up cheryls legs and slowly inserted a finger into becky's pussy. the cheryl opened her mouth and took my cock in and started to suck on my cock. within seconds i was totally hard and i started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth. becky had 2 fingers in cheryls pussy and cheryl started to cum while her mouth was around my cock. i started pumping faster and started to cum in her mouth as she was finishing her orgasm.

after i came i moved off cheryl and wispered in her ear that we were not done w/ her yet. i untied 1 hand and told her i wanted her to lightly rub her pussy while beckysoftly licked and kissed her pussy. at this time i took out my camera and started to take pictures. i could tell that cheryl was turned on while being photographed. i told her to stick a finger or 2 into her pussy and grabbed beckys hand and moved her around to cheryls side. i wispered in beckys ear to sit on cheryl's face as i took more pictures w/ my digital cam. it didnt take long before cheryl had becky close to cumming. i stood up and bent becky down so she could start to get my cock hard again while she came. after becky came, she continued to suck on my cock and it bacame hard again. at this time i slipped my cock into cheryls pussy and put her legs over my shoulders and slowly moved my cock in and out of her. becky moved to cheryls side and started to play and suck on her nipples while i was slowly fucking cheryl. after a few minutes like this, i pulled out my cock so i could untie cheryl. after untying her, i took off her blindfold so she could see how sexy her first girl was. they started to kiss and then i started to lick cheryls pussy from behind. i asked becky to lie on her back, and positioned cheryl start to suck beckys pussy. i then put my cock back into cheryl from behind and started to pick up the pace. cheryl was getting ready to cum again and i picked up my pace as she came again while buried between beckys legs. after she came, she kepy sucking and fucking becky's pussy w/ her fingers very fast. it didnt take long fo becky to cum again. after they both came, we all laid on the bed for about 20 minutes to catch our breath and have some water. i then wanted becky to ride my cock as cheryl sat on my face. becky and cheryl decided to both suck my cock at the same time to get me hard again. then the both climed on top. we stayed like this for a while when i asked cheryl if i could stick my cock in her ass. i knew it was her first time and that she was thinking about doing anal. after she said yes, becky and i rubbed a little oil over her ass and slowly worked her ass, reverse cowgirl position, onto my cock. after she was in, she was able to slowly work her way up and down, squeeling from the experience. at that time i told her to lay back against me and i asked becky to get her strap on. becky did so and the positioned herself over cheryl and stuck the strap on into cheryls pussy. cheryl was sandwiched between us as we both worked in and out of her. it didnt take long before cheryl and i came. i felt it was only right to have becky cum again so i moved around so she could 69 me. i told cheryl to use the strapon on becky and she loved the idea. after she put on the strapon and stuck it in becky from behind, it didnt take long for becky to cum and i licked her pussy while cheryl fucked her.

i realize this was not a "what i would do to the two of you", but i wanted to tell you about the best sexual experience i have ever had.

please let me know if the 2 of you came while reading this. keep in touch if you like.

rm_24PLAYTIME82 58M/F
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12/23/2005 12:31 pm

Yes, we played your little game once, but not nearly long enough for my satisfaction! Chuck and I were in the N. Ga. mountains with a new playmate, Brenda. First we took her to a little shop to pick out candles, oils and lotions together. It was nice and it let the sexual tension start to build. We were all flirting and touching in the shop, nothing too obvious, but we got some great looks from some of the other customers!
We went back to the chalet and TRIED to start dinner, but the sexual tension was just too much! When Chuck moved behind me and I could feel his cock push against me, I turned around and kissed him deeply. I felt Brenda move up next to me and we broke off our kiss and reached around her to pull her close. Chuck started kissing her as I nibbled on her neck. Then she and I started kissing and then all 3 of our tongues were playing together. For the next two hours we licked and sucked and fucked each other crazy. She and I both lost count as to how many times we came! Now you need to know that Chuck has AMAZING stamina. For two hours his cock was in our mouths, our pussies, or our asses and he never came and stayed hard the whole time!
We took a break, fixed and ate a great dinner, feeding each other here and there and drinking some GREAT wine!
After dinner we got on either side of Brenda and started working on her together. Then Chuck pulled out a clean handkerchief and blindfolded Brenda. We had put the queen sized matress in the middle of the floor, so we laid Brenda down on her back blindfolded and asked her to guess who's tongue was where! I lightly flicked my tongue over her clit while Chuck's tongue circled her nipples. Then Chuck told her to pull her knees up as far as she could exposing her pussy AND her cute little rosebud asshole. I'd lick her pussy and clit while Chuck licked her rosebud and then we'd switch, or we'd both be on her clit (she REALLY liked that!!) and she was moaning "I don't care who's tongue it is, just don't stop!!!!"
I wanted my turn with the blindfold and I REALLY wanted to put it on Chuck, but I'm not sure what happened much after that. She had an amazing orgasm and wanted to take a break to let her pussy recover. I wanted another drink and when we started back we had moved on to something else and frankly I don't remember much more about the rest of the evening except that when Chuck did finally cum he had us put our cheeks together and play with our tongues and he shot a HUGE load on our tongues, faces, and boobs and we licked each other clean...yummy!!!
I hope you liked our little story! We would LOVE to finish the game with you two!!

sn2882 34M

12/26/2005 4:20 pm

I would start the way you described in your profile, with one of you playing with yourself to the sound of the other one cumming. Then I'd get you both in there and we could play a few extra games. . .

JazzNatl 45M

12/27/2005 6:46 am

wow, great story!

BWI_Guy 44M

1/3/2006 4:15 pm

When I was Married My wife played that trick on me.
She went out with some friends and I fell asleep watching TV.

I awoke to a woman on top of me kissing me . We started to get into it humping each others legs then after a fer minutes I reached for her head to guid it to my crotch when I realized it wasn't my wifes hair I was touching.
I pulled her away and she said guess what. I'm Not Marnie (who was my wife)
I said no shit where is she? The woman looked over to the left and there was my wife with her fingers burried in her pussy watching the show.
I came a few good times that night. Her friend sucked me off once.
I fucked my wife once and did her lady friend while she ate my wife's pussy.
The woman used a strap on we had on my wife. we normaly used it when she wanted to feel DP'd , the she used it on me as my wife sucked me off one last time.
My knees and back ached for a week but god it was worth every second of pleasure.

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